Want to Look as Good as You Feel on Your Ride? Check These Beauties Out

For many, the cycle into work can pose wardrobe dilemmas, particularly when you’re angling for some post-grind socialising. 

Do I bring a change of clothes? Don’t fancy lycra, but also don’t fancy sweat patches. An embarrassing hole is developing near my crotch, but I’ve gone through so many jeans! At what point do I stop being a cyclist and start becoming an unintentional flasher?

Each anxiety is common, and there are others that linger beneath the cool, good looking, totally suave exterior (self-confidence is important, remember) of many a cyclist, so we’re stepping up, popping our head above the pulpit and tentatively putting together our suggestions for the perfect outfit to complement your extra-curricular fun.

Resolute Bay RB3 – Black Cordura Denim | £70

Flexible enough for a comfortable commute, smart enough to wear in work and cool enough to pull off in the local – these jeans are the ultimate multi-purpose pant.

To improve flexibility whilst you pedal, there is a unique zip-up yoke panel located at the rear of your jeans, which when unzipped, reveals a black reflective strip. This is also highly reflective when lit up in the headlights of a car at night, adding a useful safety feature. At the end of your ride, you simply zip up the yoke panel to return to the classic, slim fit 5-pocket jeans.

But that’s enough of the technical information – plain and simple, these are some smart jeans with tough, durable material, and are a must-have for fashion conscious commuters!

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Check out Pete’s review of the Resolute Bay Cordura jeans to see how much we love this brand.

Swrve Cotton / Modal® Long-Sleeve Classic Henley | £38

Featuring 100% natural, super soft fabric derived from beechwood trees and designed for ease of movement, this classic long sleeve polo is the perfect fit in all senses of the word. Boasting a trim and flattering fit, it makes for a welcome, warm and stylish replacement to those of us that want don’t want to go for the prim and proper shirt, but also find it too cold to sport a smart tee.  

It can withstand years of use, wicks away sweat from the skin and naturally resists odour – making it the textbook accompaniment to the stylish discerning cyclist.

Café du Cycliste Heidi Slim Fit Jacket | £124

Finish your top half perfectly and don a jacket developed purely with technology and sophisticated tailoring in mind. Available in a good range of colours, this slim fit number is ideal for those blustery autumnal and wintery evenings, thanks to an advanced Italian high performance fabric that uses a polypropylene layer to maintain your dryness and a polyester micro face to prevent any build-up of moisture.  It is further protected from the elements by opposing black quilted panels on the torso, shoulder and sleeve front, helping it act as a wind break and granting additional warmth.

It snugly hugs to your body thanks to its slim-fit design, while two cargo pockets and a large zipped pocket make for ideal storage space on those long rides to work.  As an added safety feature, reflective elements have been added to the material for extra visibility in poor light.

Huez Sock Game | £15

For cyclists, the biggest chunk of their day begins and ends through their feet. I mean, that’s just a scientific fact! So why not treat your pedal-pressing hooves to some comfortable and highly breathable socks – the type I wish my Gran had bought me for my birthday all those times.

Ergonomically intended to limit movement when cycling, the sock boasts a polyamide fabric that maintains a comfortable temperature in all conditions. A stylish Italian twist in design helps furnish any choice of outfit perfectly.

Want to see what really goes into creating your own cycling start-up? Read our Behind the Scenes at Huez Clothing post.

Rapha GT Shoes – Black | £300

Instead of taking your smelly astro-turfs into work and swapping them at the desk before you head out, come in prepared by wearing this naughty pair of GT Shoes from Rapha, built with the highest quality material on the market

Sporting a traditional feel but designed with cutting-edge performance in mind for those long commutes, they are made from yak leather – a multi-seasonal substance consisting of thin, compact woven collagen fibre and closed fine grain, helping to protect against warm summers and cold winters.

Breathable, durable and impossibly light, the shoes become even more comfortable over time, but maintain its sleek and stylish appearance, thanks to leather straps, fully inked edges and titanium D-rings. There is also a reflective Rapha logo on the heel, aiding your safety when cycling at night and notifying drivers behind you that you prefer to ride in style.

Café du Cycliste Traditional Musette | £14

Round it all off with the traditional musette – a bag that holds a fond home in the heart of many an old-school cyclist. Maintaining its rich tradition, it has been styled with a signature modern feel and boasts an underlined interior. The blue and white striped design harbour its French roots, while a red shoulder strap offers a striking contrast.

It has useful functionalities too, and is ideal for storing shopping, important paperwork or wallets and phones that you don’t want hindering your pedal pattern by taking up unwanted pocket space.

There you have it!

A full wardrobe – barring the particulars – for the male discerning cyclist to get stuck into. Comment below with your favourite every day clothes for cycling.

Happy cycling!

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If you're a fan of Discerning Cyclist and would like to support us (and help us get our caffeine hit), you can do so by buying us a coffee via the link below. Cheers!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Coffee funds may be converted into beers funds on Fridays.