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Best Waterproof Shoes for Bike Commuting [Top 7]

As a cyclist, there are many irritating things about bad weather. There’s the discomfort of soggy feet that can literally start to feel like ice blocks if it’s wet and cold. The stench of wet feet isn’t so great, either. But there’s also the issue of how to retain your impeccable sense of cycling style if, through reasons beyond your control, your feet are in danger of becoming sodden.

There are all kinds of imaginative and cheap ways to keep your feet dry and warm on those all too frequent UK rainy days. But if you’re commuting, it may not be appropriate to tramp into the office with plastic bags on your feet, effective as they are.

To be fair, none of my work places would have minded this, but if yours (or you) have anything that resembles a style standard, it may be time to invest in a set of waterproof shoes that does the job, keeps you dry, and keeps you looking good while they’re at it.

Waterproof Shoes for Cycling Commute

When thinking about good footwear for bike commuting, you should be looking for shoes that offer comfort, versatility and support. They also need to be effectively waterproof. Given that if you commute every day, many of those days will be rainy ones.

What to Look for in Shoes for Commuting by Bike

  • Stiff/sturdy sole
  • Waterproof
  • Not too heavy
  • Comfortable materials
  • Support
  • Good grip
  • Design – important if you’re keeping them on for the working day
  • Something you can walk easily in

Top 7: Best Waterproof Shoes for Cycling to Work

We recently asked the Discerning Cyclist audience to recommend top tips for keeping their feet dry while commuting by bike. Below we’ve compiled a list of the most popular recommendations (including some quotes) so you too can keep your feet dry as you ride.

1. Chrome 415 Storm Workboot

100% waterproof work boot that is stylish, durable and breathable

  • Full-grain leather upper with vulcanized outsole
  • Contoured impact-resistant PU crash pad insole
  • Waterproof membrane with taped seams

Chrome Industries have been on our radar for some time now as manufacturers of cycling gear that is not only built to last, but looks great too. Style is the key here, and the enduring popularity of Chrome is testament to the fact that it’s possible to find premium quality cycling footwear that is versatile enough for pretty much anything.

Following on from the 415 Workboot, the Storm 415 Workboot offers next-level protection for foul wet weather without compromising on style.

The materials of this boot are tough enough for any scenario, with full-grain leather and 100% vulcanized rubber for lasting durability. And the 4-layer internal membrane is not only waterproof but breathable, adding to the overall comfort.

The stiff soles improve cycling performance but are still comfortable to walk in and don’t require a long period of breaking in. So, if you’re after a truly versatile and handsome shoe for all-weathers, on and off the bike, then this could well be the one for you.

“I used to wear Salomon shoes with a Gore membrane, but I found anything below the ankle will result in soggy feet because of water going through the socks. Now I have Chrome Storm 415 Workboot and they feel great!”

Wojciech Mazurkiewicz

Waterproof Rating

  • 9/10


✅ Waterproof oiled full-grain leather upper

✅ 4-layer breathable waterproof internal membrane

✅ Durable rubber heel cup with reflective safety hit

✅ 100% vulcanized rubber construction

Shipping Notes:

  • Based in USA
  • International delivery available


  • UK: £158
  • EU: €179
  • US: $160

*correct at time of writing

A super stylish waterproof boot for cycling. Looks great in day-to-day urban life and has a stiff sole to maximise your efficiency when pedalling.

🇬🇧 UK: £158
🇪🇺 EU: €179
🇺🇸 US: $160

2. On Cloud Waterproof


Performance shoe for urban adventures in all conditions

  • 100% wind and waterproof membrane
  • Outsole with Zero-Gravity foam
  • Advanced abrasion pads for superior grip

Available in four colours, the On Cloud Waterproof is a shoe that’s designed for all-day use, whatever the weather. Made for performance first and foremost, but with an understated simplicity and style, it’s something that you can cycle, run and walk in with ease.

This shoe is certainly not short on comfort. The outsole is rugged and robust, but the Zero-Gravity foam and Cloud technology provide cushioning for those urban streets. Advanced abrasion pads give an excellent grip, and the molded heel ensures a secure fit. The speed-lacing system, along with the step-in heel loop, makes it an easy shoe to slip on and off without fuss.

With a wind and waterproof membrane, the Cloud Waterproof is engineered to keep your feet dry and warm in wet, cooler conditions. And as wet weather often means dark and dreary, there are reflective elements for greater visibility.

Combining style and practicality, this is a shoe that balances versatility, safety and comfort – ideal for your commute, and everything else. An appealing package all round.

The best shoes I have found for keeping your feet dry in terms of trainers are the On Cloud Waterproof Trainers. They aren’t cheap but I changed to them around two years ago when they first came out and have never looked back. They are definitely the best in terms of trainers but you still need a good pair of waterproof trousers or you may find water may get in a the top of the trainer as they are a relatively low fit. If you would like something a little taller I’d also recommend the On Cloudrock Waterproof (I also have a pair of these) they are a bit more like hiking boots so now as good as the on cloud trainers in terms of everyday wear, are more expensive and are a bit bulky on spd pedals but still good.” 

Rebecca Norton

Waterproof Rating

  • 8/10


✅ 100% wind and waterproof membrane upper

✅ Outsole with Zero-Gravity foam and Cloud Technology

✅ Advanced abrasion pads for a secure grip

✅ Reflective elements

Shipping Notes:

  • Based in Switzerland
  • International delivery available


  • UK: £135
  • EU: €160
  • US: $150

*correct at time of writing

These are technically running trainers, but they look great and are extremely comfy too. The shoe has a waterproof membrane, so it should keep your feet dry from rain and puddles.

🇬🇧 UK: £135
🇪🇺 EU: €160
🇺🇸 US: $150

3. Adidas Velosamba Cycling Shoes


Iconic, Samba-Style shoe that is beautiful and versatile

  • Cycling-specific hybrid outsole
  • Reflective details on the upper and heel
  • Full-length internal plate

The Adidas Samba shoe is a classic beauty that has held its popularity over time, and has been reinvented in the form of the Velosamba – retaining the iconic style, with the inclusion of ingenious features specifically for cyclists.

We do love shoes that don’t ‘look’ like cycling shoes, and in this respect the Velosamba delivers above and beyond. It is a gorgeous thing to look at, coming in three colours – core black, wonder white and victory crimson. The reflective 3-stripes not only look great, but keep you visible in low light.

And as a cycling shoe, it delivers in abundance. The hybrid outsole is designed for cycling and walking. It has a reinforced, full-length plate for pedalling efficiency and features two-bolt cleat compatibility – so the pedal choice is yours. The secure heel fit ensures comfort and stability.

Adidas just seem to keep on giving. The Velosamba is a winner both in style and functionality, perfect as a commuter shoe. Available also in men and women’s sizes, it’s something that everyone can enjoy.

Are Adidas Velosamba Waterproof?

Adidas states that the coated leather upper “helps resist cold, damp weather”. Whereas these shoes may not be completely waterproof in torrential conditions, they should protect and keep the feet warm on an average wet day.

These are probably not shoes that you’ll want to hide from view with cycling overshoes, but you may want to invest in some decent waterproof socks for added protection in heavy rain.

Waterproof Rating

  • 7/10


✅ Samba-inspired design

✅ Full-length reinforced plate

✅ Reflective details on the upper and heel

✅ Secure heel fit with two-bolt cleat compatibility

Shipping Notes:

  • Based in UK
  • International delivery available


  • UK: £100
  • EU: €120
  • US: $120

*correct at time of writing

The Adidas Velosamba caused a storm when they were released and sold out everywhere very quickly – but now they’re easier to get hold of. Must be the most stylish urban cycling shoes of all-time and are capable of keeping off moderate rain.

🇬🇧 UK: £100
🇪🇺 EU: €120
🇺🇸 US: $120

4. Vessi Weekend Trainers


A fully waterproof knit shoe with casual urban style

  • 100% waterproof
  • Lightweight, breathable knit
  • All rubber tread

The Vessi Weekend trainers don’t disappoint. Firstly, as with all Vessi shoes, they look good – oozing urban style in their simple sneaker design. They’re also lightweight with a breathable knit that is 100% waterproof and machine washable.

We’re big fans of Vessi shoes at Discerning Cyclist. Indeed, the Vessi Cityscape shoes saw our co-founder, Pete, through a three-week Georgian travel adventure that included hiking in the wilderness, and were a triumph in all conditions.

The Weekend trainers combine style with comfort and convenience, for a shoe that is as happy on a bike as it is treading you through city streets, or up a mountain. There are also a huge range of colours to choose from, with five original colours and six limited edition, with sizes for men and women.

And that’s not all. These trainers are also made from vegan materials and have improved arch support. And this is (as a vegan who needs arch support), supremely exciting stuff. What’s not to love about these good-looking and eco-friendly shoes? Absolutely nothing.

The only downside is that Vessi don’t yet ship directly to the UK. However, UK-based customers can shop through the international Vessi site and use a parcel forwarding company.

Are Vessi Shoes Good for Cycling?

Vessi shoes are a great option for cycling, particularly if you want to look good while doing so. They’re not exclusively designed for cycling – but being lightweight, waterproof, breathable and easy to clean – they’re an excellent shoe for your bike commute, and much more.

“I have a pair of Weekend sneakers because they look the most casual and least sporty. They just look like normal sneakers. 100% waterproof, vegan and environmentally friendly. Brand is Canadian, currently don’t ship to Europe but they told me a way to get them shipped to America for free then using a P.O. Box service in America to ship to Europe which was straightforward and pretty cheap so only paid for shipping once. I’ve had them about 9 months so haven’t tested them in winter, doubt they will keep my feet warm (will wear warmer socks) but they are definitely kept dry. I live in the U.K. and so am used to commuting in the rain. Just think they look great you wouldn’t tell they are waterproof or technical by looking at them. “

Philip King

Waterproof Rating

  • 9/10


✅ 100% waterproof knit

✅ Lightweight and breathable

✅ Improved arch support

✅ Machine washable

Shipping Notes:

  • Based in USA
  • International delivery not available


  • UK: £95*
  • EU: €110*
  • US: $125

*correct at time of writing

100% waterproof trainers that just look like great looking urban trainers. Really comfy and come in lots of colour options.

🇬🇧 UK: £95
🇪🇺 EU: €110
🇺🇸 US: $125

5. Tretorn Chelsea Classic Wool Boot


A classic, everyday shoe for keeping warm in wet weather

  • Warm inner lining
  • Sole with extra comfort grip
  • Metal shank in midsole for extra stability

The Chelsea Classic Wool boot, with its wool/acrylic lining, is a warm version of the popular Chelsea Classic. Styled and made with typical Tretorn craftmanship, this can be worn for your cycle commute, and the whole day. Ideal, if trainers aren’t part of the office dress code.

The design is simple and elegant, but this is a quality, durable boot, built to withstand wear and tear. All of Tretorn’s boots are handmade, and the Chelsea Classic Wool has a metal shank in the midsole along with a natural rubber outsole for grip and comfort. With elastic on the sides and two pull tabs, it’s easy to pull on and off. Nothing faffy or complicated, here.

In short, this boot looks like a thoroughbred, but behaves like a workhorse, and will serve you well in all urban conditions.

Waterproof Rating

  • 9/10


✅ Elastic on both sides of shaft

✅ Warm inner lining of wool/acrylic

✅ Metal shank in midsole for extra stability

✅ Sole with extra comfort grip

Shipping Notes:

  • Based in Sweden
  • International delivery available


  • UK: £110
  • EU: €120
  • US: $140

*correct at time of writing

These are almost like stylish wellies that are also comfortable. Classic style and completely waterproof.

🇬🇧 UK: £110
🇪🇺 EU: €120
🇺🇸 US: $140

6. Ecco Citytray with Gore-Tex


Smart and water resistant, for any occasion

  • Crafted in full-grain leather
  • Gore-Tex waterproof construction
  • Rubber outsole for stability and grip

Exuding pure sophistication, the Ecco Citytray is a beautifully designed shoe for those commuters who have more “elevated office dress codes”, and don’t want to have to change their footwear. They’re also perfectly suited for more formal occasions, so you’ll literally never have to carry spare shoes to work again.

The Citytray is made with full-grain leather, and beneath the classic exterior, the waterproof Gore-Tex technology will ensure that your feet stay dry and comfortable.

And on the subject of comfort, this shoe goes the extra mile to keep your feet happy. The reduced-weight platform responds to the weight of the foot for a more natural feel, and the sole design is state-of-the-art, providing flexibility with Ecco Fluidform Direct Comfort Technology. And if that isn’t enough, for even more comfort, there’s a leather-covered insole (that can be removed).

“Just bought a pair [of Gore-tex shoes from Ecco] and looked great riding from Walthamstow to Soho on my new Ampler e-bike.”

James Prudhomme

Waterproof Rating

  • 8/10


✅ Full-grain leather

✅ Gore-Tex waterproof construction

✅ Rubber outsole for stability and grip

✅ Removable, leather-covered insole for added comfort

Shipping Notes:

  • Based in UK
  • International delivery available


  • UK: £150
  • EU: €160
  • US: $200

*correct at time of writing

If you need smart-looking shoes for the office, Ecco’s Citytray with built-in Gore-Tex are perfect, while also feeling comfortable (and keeping feet dry) on your commute.

🇬🇧 UK: £150
🇪🇺 EU: €160
🇺🇸 US: $200

7. Vans Ultrarange Exo MTE


Versatile, weatherproof shoe for comfort and confidence in all terrains

  • Performance treads for grip and protection
  • High quality thermal insulation system
  • Comfort UltraCush foam cushioning mid-sole

Vans created Mountain Edition (MTE) for adventure, with the attitude that adventure happens in mud, rain, snow, sleet and wind – as well as those occasionally sunny days.

The Ultrarange Exo MTE is crafted to be an all-weather shoe, and has a lot of technology to ensure that weather needn’t be an issue. Combining the comfort of the Ultrarange with MTE weatherproofing features – the result is a good-looking, comfy boot that is bad-ass enough to take on anything.

Available in grapeleaf/marshmallow (my personal favourite), and pewter/black, the colour options aren’t huge. But you probably won’t care, with features such as the high quality microfibre thermal insulation system, Ortholite sockliner and UltraCush midsole. This combination allows the air to circulate and keeps your feet drier.

Created for ‘ultimate versatility’, this innovative addition to the Vans range will support and protect you on your commute, and far beyond.

“My favorite recent water-resistant sneaker is the Vans Ultrarange Exo MTE (the MTE part is the water-resistance). They are supremely comfortable, have solid grip for winter riding (I use thin platform pedals and they work great), and come from a trusted brand with some retro style. I found them for $60 during a biennial sale, they usually run about $100. At that price point, they’re still a good deal. My feet haven’t been wet yet. Not great for a downpour, but anything less than that you should be okay.”

Drew Pearson

Waterproof Rating

  • 9/10


✅ UltraRange all-terrain treads

✅ High quality thermal insulation system

✅ Comfort UltraCush foam cushioning mid-sole

✅ HydroGuard wrap around shoe and over the toe

Shipping Notes:

  • Based in UK
  • International delivery available


  • UK: £110
  • EU: €130
  • US: $130

*correct at time of writing

Super comfortable shoes that are ready for adventure. Grippy, cool and will splash resistant.

🇬🇧 UK: £110
🇪🇺 EU: €130
🇺🇸 US: $130

Our Pick: Best Waterproof Shoes for Bike Commuters

A super stylish waterproof boot for cycling. Looks great in day-to-day urban life and has a stiff sole to maximise your efficiency when pedalling.

🇬🇧 UK: £158
🇪🇺 EU: €179
🇺🇸 US: $160

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