Where to Buy DUER in the UK? (3 Best Places)

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DUER is one of my absolutely favourite brands. It’s not even “cycling” gear – DUER is a broader activewear brand, which just happens to make stylish clothes that are perfect for cycling in.

I’ve tested loads of DUER gear and I’m never disappointed, apart from one thing… damn customs fees! There’s not much worse that buying a product and then having to pay an extra charge when it arrives at your door. Even more so when you’re testing out a lot of gear!

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DUER All-Weather Denim Jeans

DUER are based in Vancouver, Canada. So if you’re based in the USA or Canada, you’re in luck – no hidden fees for you. But for those of us in the UK or Europe, buying DUER clothes can get extra expensive.

While DUER does ship to the UK and Europe, until they set up a European distribution centre, we’ll have to pay additional customs fees.

DUER UK Stockists

So, is there anywhere us Brits and Europeans can order DUER gear and not have to gear sent over the Atlantic?

Fortunately, there are a few options…

The most extensive range of DUER stock that I’ve found is Sigma Sports – they even have my beloved DUER All-Weather Denim Jeans (review here). At Sigma, you’ll find DUER’s core range of men’s trousers and shorts, but unfortunately (at the time of writing at least) they don’t have any women’s DUER gear. You can see our full guide to international DUER stockists here (including UK, Europe and Australia).

DUER’s Range at Sigma Sports

DUER Products at Sigma

  • Men’s Trousers
    • DUER All-Weather Denim Jeans
    • DUER Performance Denim Jeans
    • DUER Live Lite Commuter Jeans
    • DUER Stay Dry Fireside Denim Commuter Jeans
    • DUER Stay Dry Denim Commuter Jeans
    • DUER No Sweat Jogger
    • DUER No Sweat Slim Commuter Trouser
  • Men’s Shorts
    • DUER No Sweat Commuter Short
    • DUER Performance Denim Commuter Short
    • DUER Live Lite Adventure Commuter Short

Cotswold Outdoors

High street store Cotswold Outdoors is another good destination to find DUER products in the UK, although their range isn’t quite as expansive as Sigma. They also don’t have any women’s products, unfortunately.

  • Men’s Trousers
    • DUER Live Free Adventure Pant
    • DUER No Sweat Slim Pant
    • DUER Performance Denim Jeans
    • DUER Live Free Field Pant
  • Men’s Shorts
    • DUER Live Lite Journey Short
    • DUER Performance Denim Commuter Short

Amazon also has a limited supply of DUER products – although it’s not the most expansive range, nor do they have a lot of stock, sizes or variants available.

Best Place to Buy DUER in UK

Sigma Sports has the biggest range of DUER’s men’s products in the UK currently, while Bikester has the biggest range of DUER’s women’s products.

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