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Rapha Commuter Reflective T-Shirt – Review

When it comes to cycling in style, Rapha are basically the dream brand. Whether you’re a pacey road cyclist or an urban commuter, they’re sure to have a delicious collection of stylish cycling clothes to meet your needs. As more...

Vulpine Merino Henley T-Shirt – Review

Vulpine were the poster boys for urban cycling when they burst onto the scene with a beautiful selection of stylish cycling gear for commuters in 2012. Sadly, their promise wasn’t fulfilled, as over extension following a big crowdfunding campaign and...

Isobaa Merino 260 Lounge Hoodie – Review

Isobaa came to my attention at the end of 2019 and I was left with a very good impression after trying out their baffled jacket and merino wool half-zip hoodie. Neither item was built with specifically with cycling in mind,...

Fox Wilson Clapton Merino Cycling Jumper – Review

Confession time: I’ve always secretly admired turtlenecks. Despite this, I’ve only ever attempted to wear one once. Trouble was, I didn’t wear it with enough confidence and my co-workers recognised my insecurity, which was subsequently pounced on. I was therefore...

Best Stylish Cycling Shirts + Tees for Commuters

T-shirts and shirts are the centre piece of any outfit. So, just because you’re cycling around town doesn’t mean you can find a stylish urban cycling shirt you love. Discerning Cyclist is all about finding and showcasing stylish cycling clothes...

Ministry of Supply Dress Shirts – Review

I received a couple of new shirts before Christmas that feature, ahem, NASA technology. How many shirts do you own with NASA technology? Didn’t think so… peasants. Alas, though, I’m not about to join Tim Peake on the International Space...

Hackett Cooper Bike Shorts & Polo – Review

Tom and Jerry, Batman and Robin, Morecambe and Wise, Dwight Yorke and Andy Cole, Marmite and Cheese… you should probably add Hackett and Cooper to that list of partnerships that just, well, work. Who? Cooper Bikes make bicycles – cool...

Vulpine Merino V-Neck T-shirt – Review

One thing that really sets Vulpine apart, and something of which I’m rather fond, is their attention to detail. As soon as you’ve received your order you know you’ve got your hands on quality. My order for the Merino V-neck t-shirt...


1. 🪖Fend ONE Folding Helmet
A folding helmet that actually looks good.

2. 🧥Helly Hansen Hooded Rain Jacket
Stay dry in style.

3. 🧴Muc-Off Ultimate Bicycle Cleaning Kit
Keep your bike feeling brand new.

4. 👖DUER-All Weather Jeans
Waterproof cycling jeans. Seriously.

5. 🎒Rapha Reflective Backpack
A beautiful backpack that you can't miss.