Ministry of Supply Kinetic Pant Review: Truly Stylish Cycling Trousers?

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If you’re commuting by bike, they’re probably the most important clothing consideration you make.

Wear a pair of heavy jeans and chances are your journey will be a hotter and more “chafey” than it needs to be.

That’s why urban cycling trousers are a thing. You can wear normal pants and get away with it – but if you want maximum comfort on your commuters, cycling pants are usually where it’s at.

And if you’re after a pair of stylish cycling trousers, Ministry of Supply’s Kinetic Pants are well worth a consideration – as we’ll talk about here.

Ministry of Supply Kinetic Pant
  • Fit
  • Function
  • Style
  • Value
  • Quality


The Ministry of Supply Kinetic Pant is a versatile and comfortable dress pant designed for active lifestyles. It features a stretchy and breathable fabric, water-repellent coating, and moisture-wicking properties. The pants also have a modern fit and a hidden waistband pocket.


  • Lightweight
  • Water repellent
  • Deep pockets
  • Really stretchy
  • Versatile style


  • Pricey

Stylish Cycling Pants

On the face of, the Kinetic Pants look like really smart office trousers. And that’s because that’s just one of the looks Ministry of Supply are going for with these pants.

But beneath the stylish surface, the Ministry of Supply Kinetic Pants are packed with functionality for urban cycling.

For starters, the Kinetic Pants are made from Japanese Primeflex polyester which offers incredible 4-way stretch – absolutely ideal for cycling. Indeed, they even fly through my patent-pending “Squat Test”.

They’re also natural wrinkle resistant, which is especially great news if you hate ironing and/or travel a lot. Oh, and you don’t need to faff about with special dry cleaning and what not, you can wash them perfectly well by just bunging them in the washing machine (although a cold wash is required if you want to keep them in the best condition).

All-in-all, that means the Ministry of Supply Kinetic Pants offer:

  • Lots of stretch
  • Lots of breathability
  • Water resistance


When it comes to trouser fit, people are often split. Some people like tighter fitting gear, while other prefer a slim cut. The good news with these urban cycling pants, therefore, is that you don’t have to compromise.

There are two fits available: “standard” (a contemporary straight cut) or “slim” (tapered from the thigh through the leg opening). I went for the slim fit, which nicely hug the legs without being skinny pants that take a lifetime to take off.

Pockets maketh the pant

When it comes to bike commuting, pockets maketh the pant.

Too often I’ve happened upon a great pair of bike pants only to be let down by shallow pockets that pose a real risk of my phone or wallet falling out of.

Luckily the Kinetic pants have got their pockets on point. They offer the standard four open pockets you’d expect on a pair of trousers (two front hand pockets, two rear pockets), but – most importantly – these are nice deep pockets. You’re phone’s not gonna just fall out of these.

Office-Friendly Cycling Trousers

The interesting thing with these pants is just how versatile they are – I don’t just mean with regards to stretch. The Kinetic trousers fit in in a formal office set when matched with a shirt, a smart-casual jumper/jacket pairing, or even just chilling out on a casual t-shirt/hoody day.

In Summary: Ministry of Supply Kinetic Pants Review

These pants are awesome.

They’re versatile in terms of stretch and style which makes them a staple of my wardrobe. I got them in black, but they’re also available in two shares of blue (navy and “indigo heather”), as well as charcoal grey.

The Kinetic Pants are a pretty penny at $145 (c. £110), but for that you’re get an absolutely premium pair of cycling pants.

Unfortunately, Ministry of Supply are only based in the United States, which can make delivery/import a bit expensive in Europe and the UK. If you do want overseas shipping to the UK, the best option is to utilise the “Flat Rate Duties Paid” option when shipping – which combines your shipping and import charges in to one upfront fee (typically starting at $25 – about £20), so if you’re a fan of Ministry of Supply gear, it might be worth ordering multiple items in one go or if you have a friend who’s also a fan, ordering together.

All-in-all the Ministry of Supply Kinetic Pants are outstanding urban cycling trousers. They’re comfy as hell, feel great on the bike and look fantastic off it – even in an office environment.

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