What Type of Bike Should I Get? QUIZ

Which Bike Should I Get Quiz

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If you’re overwhelmed with all the choice when buying a bicycle and you’re stuck there thinking “what type of bike should I get?”, this quiz is here to help you.

Answer up to four questions below and we’ll figure out what type of bike you should get.

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Buying a bicycle can sometimes be very overwhelming for new riders due to the sheer volume of bikes on offer and the multitude of different types available to buy.

The good news is that our quiz already made it so much easier for you to find your way in the “bicycle jungle”. Now let’s take the next steps in finding you your perfect bicycle. Whether you’re looking for a comfort bike or just a bog-standard everyday bike, we’ll help you figure out exactly which bike will best suit your needs.

What Type of Bike is Best For Me?

Hopefully, our quiz answered the question, “What kind of bike should I buy?”. But, of course, there are still lots of bike models and choices to make.

Next, you might be asking, “I want to buy a bicycle… now what?”

First, let’s look at the different types of bikes, then select which one to buy, which size is best for you, and where to buy it.

Choosing a Bicycle:

Types of Bikes

With so many choices, it can be confusing trying to navigate the main types of bikes available – so let’s break down six types of bikes that will help you decide which is the best bike to buy for your needs.

Hybrid Bikes

A sturdy bike that can handle bumps and is often fitted with baskets and racks, hybrids are the true all-rounder. They’re not the fastest and can be pretty heavy, but they’ll handle whatever you throw at them. As far as good starter bikes go, hybrids are great as they are very forgiving if you’re not too accustomed to taking on bumps or curbs.



Sirrus 2.0

The Sirrus 2.0 Hybrid Bike
  • UK Flag £487
  • US Flag $620
  • EU Flag €569

Prices are approximate

  • Sirrus features an alloy frame and steel fork construction.
  • It has powerful hydraulic disc brakes for safety and control.

You have places to go, people to see, and fitness goals to achieve. The Sirrus  2.0 will take you where you need to be.

Gravel Bikes

Gravel bikes (also known as “adventure road bikes”) are fast becoming one of the most popular bikes for commuters. They’re sturdier and heavier than road bikes, but they are still pretty nifty and are capable of carrying more weight on racks and panniers without any problems.



Diverge E5

Specialized Diverge E5 Gravel Bike
  • UK Flag £1,020
  • US Flag $1,300
  • EU Flag €1,190

Prices are approximate

  • A premium E5 alloy frame and a full carbon FACT fork.
  • Has plenty of rack mounts, including fork and top tube mounts, to ensure you can take what you need.

Perfect for escaping on gravel roads far from crowds and cars. The Diverge is one of the most versatile bikes on the road or dirt.

Road Bikes

Road bikes are fast and lean, but they also have gears at the ready for when you’re facing a hill. Road bikes are typically very light and are popular with people who have longer commutes and especially those who often ride in traffic.




Allez Road Bike
  • UK Flag £942
  • US Flag $1,200
  • EU Flag €1,100

Prices are approximate

  • 30 mm tires give you the flexibility to run lower pressures – smoothing out rough roads.
  • Hidden fender and rack mounts mean Allez can also easily handle your commute to work year-round.

Whether you’re looking for premium alloy, want a bike for weekend rides and fast commutes, or if you’re just beginning your road journey, Allez is a perfect choice.

Fixed-Gear Bikes

Fixies (AKA ‘fixed-gear’ or ‘single speed’ bikes) are the simplest of bikes. They’re super fast, light, and generally pretty cheap! However, you won’t get any gears to help you up hills and they don’t handle bumpy surfaces too well. But if you’re like zipping about cities, they’re a great option.



The Admiral II

The Admiral II
  • UK Flag £274
  • US Flag $349
  • EU Flag €320

Prices are approximate

  • High-tensile steel frame. Solid construction that’s built to last.
  • Keep it simple with one gear or get that real connected feel – use the flip-flop hub on the rear wheel to switch between the two.

Own your commute – the Single Speed / Fixed Gear Solé Bicycle collection is best suited for the daily commuter. This fast, stylish, and light-weight bicycle is tailored for speed and efficiency, our quickest and most responsive handling.

City Bikes

City bikes (AKA ‘urban’ or ‘leisure’ bikes) are a mainstay in many cities where there are lots of cyclists. They’re not the fastest, but they’re very sturdy and easy to get on-and-off. Also known as ‘urban bikes’, these bikes are often fitted with racks or baskets so that you can carry more stuff with you. These is likely to be your best bike for riding around town if the area is relatively flat and speed isn’t your main consideration. A great bicycle for adults who want an easy (re-)introduction to commuting by bike. These are the best “street bikes”.

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Bad Boy 3

Cannondale Bad Boy 3
  • UK Flag £1,000
  • US Flag $1,275
  • EU Flag €1,169

Prices are approximate

  • Lefty Rigid fork.
  • Shimano 16-speed drivetrain.
  • Shimano hydraulic disc brakes.

This is the ultimate bike for the urban cyclist. It has an elegantly aggressive style and is perfect for weaving through traffic. It performs best in town, on leisurely rides, on crowded streets.

Mountain Bikes

If you ride on all sorts of terrain or often find yourself off-roading, then a mountain bike can handle anything you can throw at it. They’re not the fastest, but with a full suspension they’ll take most of the force of any bumps you hit.


Arktos 125

Arktos 125
  • UK Flag £3,451
  • US Flag $4,400
  • EU Flag €4,034

Prices are approximate

  • Sine Suspension virtually eliminates ‘pedal bob’, providing instant, efficient, forward power to attack climbs, rollers and sprints.
  • The 130mm/125mm of FOX Factory, Kashima-coated front/rear suspension punches well above its weight. 

The New Arktos 125 is the perfect blend of fast and fun. It’s made to be ridden hard, and built up so it can take a beating. Beat your buddies uphill, then impress the group with some full-send-ability.

Which Bike Should I Buy?

You’ve now identified the bicycle which suits you best and have looked at the different types of bicycles available. When making your final selection it’s important to keep the following in mind:

Which Bike Should I Buy illustration highlighting purpose, budget, and experience

What is the Purpose of Getting a Bicycle?

Are you buying a bicycle for use during daily commuting or for weekends and relaxing? Road bikes, hybrid bikes, and city bikes are great for commuting, while mountain and gravel bikes are more for adventurous outdoor expeditions.


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What is the Budget You Have Available?

Select your budget and stick with it. There are lots of cheap adult bikes available to buy – both new and second-hand – so there’s no need to spend more than you can afford, with lots of good bicycle brands offering entry-level bikes that are absolutely up to the job.


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What is Your Experience Level?

If this is your first bicycle then start basic and slowly level up as you become more confident in your abilities. Your first bike doesn’t necessarily have to be the fanciest or most geared-out beast. You’ll get there, but at first, keep it simple.


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What Size Bicycle Should I Buy?

It can often be a struggle to decide just what size of bike to buy, especially if you’re shopping online and can only look at pictures of them on a screen. Unless you’ve seen them and tried them out previously, it can be a pretty big gamble.

Not least because it’s crucial to pick a bike with the right saddle height. If it’s too low, for instance, you can lose as much as 50 per cent force in your pedal power.

So, what’s the best way of determining what size to go for? With the help of this simple three-step guide, this should no longer be a problem for you at all.

Where to Buy a Bike?

Once you’ve got a clearer picture on what type of bike you want to buy and even which bike model you’d like, it’s find to find where to buy a bike.

Local bike shops are always great places to look as you’ll also be able to see the bicycles in “the flesh”. However, there’s also plenty of online bicycle shops around. Here’s out pick of the best:

  1. Massive selection

    Mike’s Bikes

  2. High-spec options

    Competitive Cyclist

  3. Great road bikes

    Performance Bike

  4. New and used bikes

    The Pro’s Closet

  5. Something for everyone

    Jenson USA

  6. Versatile selection


  7. Vast range

    Chain Reaction Cycles

  8. Decathlon Logo

    Best for cheap bikes


Check out our handy guides for more information of finding the best bike for commuting for your own needs.

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