Chrome Madrona 5 Pocket Pant – Review [The Best Urban Cycling Pants in 2020?]

I’ve been a long-term admirer of Chrome Industries.

They truly get what it is to a be an urban cycling brand.

They seem to have cracked the formula that seamlessly brings style and function together, creating urban cycling clothes that are simply stunning.

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Over the past couple of years, I’ve reviewed several Chrome bags, backpacks and shoes, but with the Madrona 5 Pocket Pant – this was my first chance to try out their clothing for an elongated period.

And what best place to start than the ultimate commuter challenge: find good trousers for cycling.

Chrome Madrona Cycling Pants

The best way to describe the Chrome Madrona Pants is that they’re like stretch chinos.

They remind me a bit of the Mission Workshop Division Chinos – and this is a big compliment, because they are an excellent pair of cycling trousers and ones that I wear every week.

Fortunately, while not cheap at €120, they’re nowhere near as expensive as the €225 Mission Workshop keks.

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But €120 is still a significant outlay for a pair of trousers, so what just are you getting?

Chrome Madrona Features

Well, they’re basically the perfect cycling trousers, featuring:

  • Five pockets (one with a zip)
  • Four-way stretch
  • Reinforced waist and gusset
  • Reflective detailing when you turn up the hem
  • Fast-drying

They’re dead comfy. Like really. They also fly through my Pete Reynolds® Squat Test™.

These are seriously stretchy pants. Perfect for cycling. But they still look like smart trousers. They match well with a t-shirt, or even a more formal shirt.

5 Pockets

At first, I was disappointed that the trousers only seemed to have the standard four pockets. But then I discovered the hidden zip pocket!

The zipped pocket can be found above your standard right buttock pocket and as it’s called the “passport pocket” you can get a good feel for how big it is.

Water Resistant Cycling Trousers

While these aren’t waterproof cycling trousers (this is pretty much impossible with a nice material), they are water-resistant cycling pants thanks to them being coated by DWR spray to help fend off light rain.

But if you do get soaked, the good news is that these Chrome pants will dry fast. Even after being thrown in a washing machine, they feel pretty dry when they’re taken out and will be completely dry if allowed to air for an hour or so. This fast-drying element is thanks to these cycling pants being made from a lightweight cotton/nylon blend, which makes them a great option for cycling in hot weather, as well as through the cooler months.

The Best Urban Cycling Trousers?

There’s no doubt about it: Chrome’s Madrona 5 Pocket Pant is in the running to be the very best urban cycling trousers out there.

At £125, they’re certainly not cheap. But you are getting a premium product that feel like they will last for years here. After all, it can be false economy to buy cheap trousers that wear out after a few months of commuting.

These are tough pants. And if want some really good cycling trousers for year-round use, they are definitely worth considering.

The Chrome Madrona Pants are available in Navy Blue and Black.

Chrome Madrona 5 Pocket Pants

£125 / $120












  • Very stretchy
  • Good pockets
  • Stylish
  • Can wear with more casual or formal attire
  • Discreet cycling functionality


  • Comes at a price

Pete Reynolds

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