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Do Cyclists Have to Obey Speed Limits?

Let’s start a revolution. Let’s move the story and the narrative away from speed. We don’t need to go quickly to commute from the train station to the office. We shouldn’t need to shower when we arrive at the office,...

Can Bikes Use Bus Lanes in the UK? [CYCLING LAW EXPLAINED]

Bikes are often permitted to use both with-flow and contra-flow bus lanes (which you can usually find on one-way streets). If you’re confused as to whether bikes are allowed, The Highway Code advises cyclists to only use bus lanes when...

Can Cyclists Ride Side-by-Side on the Road? [LAWS EXPLAINED]

You may have seen cyclists riding side-by-side on country roads or in towns, and wondered if they’re legally allowed to. Not only is the issue fraught with misconceptions, but it’s also a frequent source of tension between drivers and cyclists....

Do You Have to Wear a Helmet on a Bike in the UK?

Although it’s a hotly-debated and highly-sensitive topic, the short answer is that UK law does not require people to wear a helmet on a bicycle. The Highway Code recommends wearing a helmet while cycling, but that is a far cry...


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