Best Waterproof Trainers for Urban Cycling [Top 4 Shoes]

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Summer’s gone for another year, I’m afraid. Not that we had much of a summer this year anyway, with there being a global pandemic and all, but still, it’s time to prepare yourself for those darker, damper months.

Whether you’re a seasoned commuter or are trying out cycling to and from work, the shops or elsewhere to avoid public transport and safeguard yourself from coronavirus, the right footwear is essential.

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Sure, you want to look the part, but you don’t want to squelch through puddles or trek through downpours and end up with soggy, frozen feet.

With that in mind, we’ve picked out four pairs of trainers tailor-made for urban cycling, offering great comfort and stylish looks without compromising the wellbeing of your feet.

So without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the best waterproof shoes for cycling currently on the market, including both men’s and ladies’ waterproof trainers.

Best Rainproof Trainers + Shoes for Cycling

Tropicfeel Monsoon
Tropicfeel Monsoon

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Best Waterproof Cycling Shoes

1. Chrome Storm 415 Workboot

When it comes to cycling shoes, you can’t underestimate the good a stiff sole will do for you. The stiffer the sole, the more energy you’ll transfer efficiently from your legs and feet to the pedals.

Shoes from Chrome Industries are always a safe bet for quality in this regard – case in point: the Storm 415 Traction. It’s made of sturdy full-grain leather, making it especially durable, and its breathable waterproof features will keep your feet dry whatever the weather.

This is the third iteration of the 415 Boot and is as close to the perfect waterproof commuter shoe as you can get.

A super stylish waterproof boot for cycling. Looks great in day-to-day urban life and has a stiff sole to maximise your efficiency when pedalling.

🇬🇧 UK: £158
🇪🇺 EU: €179
🇺🇸 US: $160

2. Tropicfeel – Monsoon Range (£92.00)

Elsewhere, Tropicfeel offer a great range of ‘Monsoon’ fast-drying cycling trainers, available in black and white, all-black, chip grey, chive green or powder blue.

These odourless, breathable shoes dry quickly, slip on easily with maximum grip, weigh a mere 7 oz, and offer a ‘four-in-one’ versatility: they’re perfect as trainers, aqua shoes, sports shoes or for hiking, too.

The Tropicfeel Monsoon has been designed to be your all-in-one trainer – great whether your walking, exploring, bouncing around town. They’re tough, comfortable and dry in minutes, not hours.

Available in loads of different colours.

Great all-rounder

The trainer with 4-in-1 versatility: providing the benefits of aqua shoes, the comfort of sport shoes, the technical outsole materials of hiking shoes, and the styling of your favorite daily pieces.

3. Vessi Weekend Sneakers ($155.00 – only available in North America)

Unfortunately, these men’s waterproof trainers are only on offer to our friends across the Atlantic, but if that includes you, be sure to check out these trainers for Vessi.

Currently available in sizes six to 11, these shoes are 100 per cent waterproof thanks to its patented Dyma-Tex knit design, breathable – so your feet won’t get sweaty, stuffy or soggy – and machine-washable.

These stylish waterproof shoes for men also contain moulded insoles, with an anti-odour layer for good measure, offering much in the way of comfort. What’s more, they double up as trainers just as easily.

Waterproof style

Waterproof sneakers made from a breathable knit means your feet won't get wet from the outside or inside.

4. DYKHMILY Steel Toe Unisex Work Trainers (No products found.)


Last but not least, if you’re looking for something a little more affordable these shoes from DYKHMILY offer superb value for money at just £34.90.

Available in plenty of sizes from as small as a UK size 3 to a UK size 13, and in a number of different shades of black, its DkmilyDry waterproof technology will keep your feet perfectly dry, offering great comfort and breathability all the while – although maybe not with the same brilliant style of the likes of Chrome, Vessi and Tropicfeel.

Its midsole design is puncture-resistant, and as a pair of lightweight waterproof trainers, they’re also ideal for casual walks or hiking. Nor are they gender-specific; they make a great pair of waterproof shoes for women or men, in that respect.

No products found.

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