Ministry of Supply Dress Shirts – Review

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I received a couple of new shirts before Christmas that feature, ahem, NASA technology.

How many shirts do you own with NASA technology? Didn’t think so… peasants.

Alas, though, I’m not about to join Tim Peake on the International Space Station anytime soon. But my bike rides over the past couple of months have enjoyed this fancy sounding feature, which basically equates to really good temperature regulation. You know the stuff: keeps you warm when you’re cold and cool when you’re warm.

This (let’s say it just one more time…) NASA technology is one of several great features that Ministry of Supply have instilled in their range of smart shirts that have been built with riding and style in mind. Essentially smart clothes that can look good in the office (or any more formal setting), but are also great to cycle in. The dream combo.

The shirts I’ve been trying out have been Ministry of Supply’s aptly-named Apollo Dress Shirt ($98) and the Gemini Casual Dress Shirt ($148).

Ministry of Supply Apollo Dress Shirt

Features that I like on both shirts – even more than the extra-terrestrial design – are the practical ones. They are moisture-wicking and resist wrinkles – so no ironing required! Both can also be washed cold, so no faffing around at the dry cleaners. You know the way to my heart, Ministry of Supply.

The design and fit of these shirts are also right up there with the best cycling shirts I’ve tried out too. The Apollo Shirt features four-way stretch, and the Gemini a two-way stretch (the Gemini also has subtle underarm venting for added breathability which functions well). You can really tell a lot of research has gone into these products, as the shirts are a dream to cycle in. They don’t strain, they give you freedom of movement and breathe really well.

In terms of differences between the pair, the Apollo has a silkier, more fluid feeling, yet quite a thick material, while the Gemini is a more crisp fit that also has a button-down collar (which I’m a fan of). The Gemini has a discreet slip front breast pocket, which the Apollo lacks.

Ministry of Supply Gemini Casual Dress Shirt

Ministry of Supply have also catered for personal taste and comfort too, offering the shirts in both regular and slim fit. In terms of colour options, the Apollo is available in blueberry, lavender, light grey, Oxford blue and white, while the Gemini also comes in an assortment of colours.

The crucial aspect of these shirts though, is that they work on and off the bike. They really do look good. The look ‘normal’ – in the good way. The untrained eye certainly wouldn’t recognise that this is cycling fodder. They just look like good quality shirts. Wear these and you can be Superman on the bike and continue being awesome when you get off – but, unlike the Man of Steel, you won’t need a costume change.Ministry of Supply Gemini Dress Shirt

Check out Ministry of Supply’s shirt range here.

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