Duer No Sweat Pants Review: The Best Active Chinos?

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The number one article of clothing for any urban cyclist should be a good pair of stylish, comfortable and functional trousers. A pair that fit well, look good and offer a good amount of stretch and breathability. Getting your legwear right is essential for making your cycling commutes comfortable and enjoyable.

Don’t get me wrong, you can wear ‘regular’ trousers or jeans or whatever, but 1) you’ll get awful sweaty down there, your movement will likely be restricted, you may chafe, and, if the material isn’t up to scratch, you may well end up with a hole in an embarrassing area when getting your leg over your saddle.

I’ve previously raved about Resolute Bay’s cycling jean range – and continue to be a big fan – but finding good cycling chino-style pants has proved troublesome.

So, needless to say, I was considerably excited when I discovered Vancouver-based Duer a few months back.

Having simply glanced over the range on their website, Duer quickly struck me as a brand that understands urban cycling. No novelty features and Blackpool illuminations in their designs, just a no-nonsense modern style that has created products suited to active lifestyles – in particular cycling.

Then I got my hands on the Duer No Sweat Pants – and I wasn’t disappointed.

Duer No Sweat Pants
  • Fit
  • Function
  • Style
  • Value
  • Quality


The Duer No Sweat Pants are made of a blend of cotton, Tencel, and spandex that allows for stretch and breathability. They are designed with a gusseted crotch and a moisture-wicking, anti-odor treatment to keep you comfortable and fresh all day long.


  • Flexible material
  • Nice design
  • Breathable material


  • Colour not as photographed

The fit of these stylish urban cycling pants is perfect. A slightly raised back on the rear and described as an ‘active slim fit’ that offers plenty of give.

The Duer No Sweat Pants also live up to their name with “TENCEL”, an organic anti-bacterial fabric that is super flexible and soft to the touch.

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I can’t quite overstate how comfy these keks are too. Just like your favourite jogger bottoms (except you’re not embarrassed to leave the house in them).
Round that off with a gusseted crotch and we’re on to a winner.

One slight criticism I would put towards Duer though, is that the colour of the pants don’t seem to reflect those shown on the website. I opted for the tobacco-coloured pants, but they seem to be darker in reality compared to the pictures, with an almost hint of green in them. I don’t mind the colour personally, but they’re not quite what you might expect.

Despite the colouring not being quite what you expect, these are super versatile trousers. Comfortable to relax, smart enough to go to the office or a bar in, flexible enough to ride in. They’re pretty much the ultimate urban cycling trousers.

So, the price… usually a touchy subject for this kind of gear. But Duer aren’t too far off the mark on this either, with the No Sweat Pants retailing at $120 (about £93 – depending on Trump/Brexit festivities – and free worldwide delivery is available on orders over $250). Not cheap, but you certainly get value considering the quality.

One downside though is that they’re only currently available in the States, so you’ll have to pay an import tax of about £10-15 on them too. Even with that though, I’d certainly recommend these trousers.

See the No Sweat Pants at Duer here.

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