Osloh Bicycle Traffic Jean – Review

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I have never seen a pair of jeans with so many pockets as the Osloh Traffic Trouser. It’s bonkers. There are three pockets on the rear, four on the front and even one on the side. That’s a lot of pockets.

As soon as you see these cycling jeans, it’s clear that they are super practical and sturdy. Not only is there a mega gusseted crotch on the jeans, there’s also protective on the rear right hand side of the jean, as well as on the lower inside right leg – basically all of the places that can get extra wear and tear while riding.

Having noticed all of these features built into the jeans as soon as I got them out of them packet, I was concerned that they might look a bit odd when you’re wearing them. I needn’t have worried.

Osloh Bicycle Traffic Jeans
  • Fit
  • Function
  • Style
  • Value
  • Quality


The Osloh Bicycle Traffic Jeans are designed for cyclists, with stretchy, moisture-wicking denim, reflective detailing, and a gusseted crotch for ease of movement. They also feature a hidden phone pocket and a reinforced seat for added durability.


  • Gusseted crotch
  • Strong material with reinforcements
  • Pockets galore
  • Excellent fit
  • Look great


  • Expensive
  • Could be more water resistant

The Best Bike Jeans for Winter?

As with any good quality jeans, the Osloh Traffic Jeans take a little while to break in. But, man, once you do, they’re so comfortable. It’s clear immediately that these jeans are built to last and will do a great job on your rides and as you go about your business.

They’re made from quite heavy 12oz Indigo Denim fabric, comprising 99% cotton and 1% spandex. That 1% goes a long way though and makes for jeans with plenty of stretch. They comfortably passed my squat test too.

These cycling jeans are also ever-so-slightly water-resistant – meaning you won’t be feeling wet as soon as a little drizzle hits. For example, these are better than your regular cotton chinos in terms of water repellency, but they certainly aren’t waterproof.

The Osloh Traffic Jeans are a real premium product and their relatively heavyweight design means they would be a great option for your winter cycling trousers.

Cycling Jeans with Nice Touches

No need for a belt: While the Osloh Jeans do have loops to insert a belt through, if you get your sizing about right you won’t need one. This is because there are two snap waistband adjusters, meaning you can easily bring in the jeans an extra couple of inches on your skinny days.

Detailing: One little touch I love is the purple stripe on the inside of the jean. Why do I love this? Because I like to turn up my trouser legs and this gives it an extra fashionable touch, rather than just looking like your trousers are too long for you.

Loops for hangers: As an alternative to folding jeans over hangers and them almost inevitably sliding off, Osloh have included a couple of purple hoops with which you can easily put the jeans on hangers with.

Where to Buy Osloh Bicycle Traffic Jeans

The Osloh Biking Jeans aren’t cheap. They come in at around $149 (USD) or £112  (minus $5 when you use our special promo code “DISCERNING5“) – but for that price you are getting a truly premium and durable pair of cycling jeans – and they’ll outlive regular jeans for cycling multiple times over, so in that respect there is an argument that buying cheaper gear would be false economy.

Osloh are based in New York, but they’re still available to UK customers as the company ships over stock to their British warehouse, so you won’t have to pay any additional customs charges.

Shipping is free for America customers (over $100), while UK customers will have to foot around $20 (about £15) in shipping costs and there can be a wait of a couple of weeks for a delivery if your size/model isn’t currently stocked in the UK.

That aside, the Osloh Bicycle Jeans are a truly top class product for urban commuters and one that I would highly recommend.

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