Velocio Recon Snap Jacket – Review [Most Stylish Cycling Jacket Ever?]

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Have you even been browsing the web when you just stumble across something where you go: “I need you in my life”.

It happens to me more than I care to admit. Normally it’s some fancy gadget. But on this occasion, it was a jacket: Velocio’s Recon Snap Jacket.

Just look at it.

On style alone it had me. Navy blue, slim fit, button up.

But this wasn’t just a normal jacket. It’s a jacket built with bike commuting in mind.

Breathable, extra stretch, zipped pocket.

Take my money.

Velocio Snap Jacket
  • Fit
  • Function
  • Style
  • Value
  • Quality


The Velocio Snap Jacket is a lightweight and packable cycling jacket designed for changing weather conditions. It features a windproof and water-resistant fabric, breathable mesh panels, and a streamlined fit. The jacket also has reflective accents for visibility and can be easily stowed in a jersey pocket.


  • Beautiful
  • Lightweight
  • Weather resistant


  • No hood
  • Very expensive

The Most Stylish Cycling Jacket Ever?

Luckily, I managed to get hold of the Velocio Recon Snap Jacket for review and it didn’t disappoint.

The first thing you notice about this cycling jacket, too, is just how light it is. It’s like a fluffy cloud.

Indeed, despite being so light, the inside of this jacket is fleece-lined, meaning it does a surprisingly great job of keeping you warm.

So what is this super-lightweight-yet-warm-jacket made out of?

Well prepare some fancy sounding materials…

Velocio Snap Jacket Materials

  • Pertex Quantum Air shell: windproof, water resistant, stretch
  • Polartec® Alpha® Direct insulation: high warmth-to-weight
  • Woven forearm patches for added abrasion resistance in high wear areas
  • Casual/Trail cut for comfort on and off the bike
  • 3 YKK Vislon zippered pockets: two front hand pockets, one chest pocket
  • Microfleece lined collar
  • DWR treated inside and out for quick dry and added weather protection

Stylish Hoodless Cycling Jacket

As a water resistant, windproof and stretchy jacket that it also warm, there’s no doubt that this jacket could be a contender for the best autumn cycling jacket (or even a winter cycling jacket if it doesn’t get too cold where you live.

Now, one area that may split opinion among stylish cyclists is the lack of a hood on this jacket. For some a hood is nothing but a drag (quite literally), a potential parachute that fills up while you ride and can also tarnish the elegant styling somewhat. However, if you live somewhere that rains a lot (ahem, Manchester) then a hood has obvious benefits.

In my ideal world, a jacket would have a discreet compartment for a hood in which you could keep your guilty hood pleasures a secret, but then keep your noggin dry in an emergency.

If this was to be your only jacket for winter, therefore, the lack of a hood may be a deal breaker. But if you can have another lightweight jacket with a hood (such as the Rapha Lightweight Commuter Jacket) in your bag/wardrobe, then interchanging between the two as needed is also a great option.

Button-Up Jacket

Another bone of contention may be the fact that this is the button-up jacket.

If you’ve been living in a world of zips, it may feel a bit slow when fastening up the jacket sometimes.

But this is outweighed by the benefits of these buttons, in my opinion.

For one, the buttons enable you to “customise” how you wear your jacket. By that I mean that you can just fasten just the top button for a Batman-meets-cyclist style that can be pretty comfortable when riding.

The other thing I love about the buttons is that you can release your inner stripper (admit it, we all have one… right?) and just rip off your jacket in dramatic style whenever you want.

Cycling Jacket Functionality

It’s also worth noting that this a slim fit jacket – which I’m also a fan of – and results in a nicely fitted look which looks smart when you’re going about your business.

Indeed this is one of the those special piece of cycling clothing that you would never guess is cycling clothing on the fact of it. It’s simply one of the most stylish jackets I’ve ever seen – regardless of being a “bike jacket” or not.

This Velocio jacket also have three zipped pockets, two hand pockets and one chest pocket. These are pretty big and the hand pockets should comfortable fit your phone or wallet.

In Summary: Velocio Snap Jacket Review

Having fell in love with this jacket on first glance (on the web), I’m surprised to say that my high expectations were met as I got my hands on it.

It’s lightweight, warm, windproof, water resistant and looks stunning. No messing, this is a beautiful cycling jacket.

As well as the navy blue option (which I love), this jacket is also available in green with orange detailing, or black with orange detailing.

There is one issue though. It’s not cheap. Far from it, in fact. This Velocio jacket weighs in at a hefty €267/$289 (or about £240 in the UK).

Obviously, that’s going to be out of the budget for a lot of people. But if you won’t mind splashing the cash on a jacket you’ll love, you won’t regret the Velocio Snap Jacket.

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