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‘Is It Art?’: 5 Ingenious Bicycle Storage Solutions for Small Apartments

Bicycle Mounted to wall

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You’ve probably given up a couple of things as the cost of living soars—and NO, we’re not talking about those new carbon-framed road bikes.

Many of us have made sacrifices in the face of sky-high food prices and lofty energy prices – and there are some ambitions that we’ve had to shelve

Unfortunately, if you’re under forty, home-ownership might just be one of them. While we’d all love a spacious garage where we can stow away our treasured bikes, the reality is often a cramped rented apartment. Sometimes, even just a room.

But, a small space doesn’t have to mean tripping over your commuter bike every time you get out of bed.

In these tough times, cyclists are getting creative in keeping their bike tidy and tucked away. Stick around to see five ingenious storage solutions you can implement, often even in a rented space.

bicycle mounted to wall for art

1. Make it a Feature

Aero-dynamic monocoque or “one-piece” frames, cool geometry, precision welding – maybe we’re biased, but we think bikes can be works of art.

And what do we do with a work of art? We hang it on our walls, of course!

If you’re on Instagram or Pinterest, you’ve probably seen images of bikes taking pride of place above fireplaces and in loft spaces. What started years ago as an interior design quirk – think the ubiquitous fixie – is now a favored space-saving hack for many people.

 Are you worried you don’t have the space? Think about what wall space you rarely use. With many people streaming on tablets or phones, many tenants are choosing to ditch televisions, so you could consider mounting your bike where your old TV used to be.

If you’re using a shop-bought bracket, though, remember to follow the manufacturer’s instructions closely – and ask your landlord’s permission before drilling.

bicycles on pole

2. Divide it Up

Ask Kevin McCloud. For decades, partition walls have been synonymous with fireplaces or arty windows – but have you ever considered building one out of bikes? 

Come on! We’re not suggesting you get out a sledgehammer and start smashing through some structural joists, but you could invest in a bike pole. These low-fuss products are vertical bike supports, which can usually take upwards of two bikes.

Floor-to-ceiling, they typically clamp in place, meaning you don’t have to worry about scuff marks once your lease is over. They’ll divide up your space in an eye-catching way; making a change from the open-plan living that’s taking over interiors.

If you’re no stranger to a peloton or love a Sunday morning pedal around the park, it’s also insanely time-saving. Grab your bike and get going in a few seconds flat.

bicycle on bicycle stand

3. Take a Stand

Not every home is a forever home, and with this in mind, it doesn’t always make sense to embark on the Grand Designs-ification of your flat.

If your tenancy is short, or you’ve only got a few months left on your lease, consider investing in a purchase like the Delta Cycle Michelangelo Gravity stand.

We mention Delta’s stand, in particular, because the brand topped the New York Times’ product round-up, and we’re in awe of the simple design, which only needs one screw fastening and a Phillips screwdriver to install.

As the name suggests, the rack uses the force of gravity to stay put – and tough steel tubing adds an unexpected splash of industrial chic to your living space.

Of course, there are plenty of other low-volume competitors available, so think about doing a spot of research to see which might fit best with your needs.

bicycle in cupboard

4. Get Clever with Carpentry

Yeah. We get it. You haven’t touched a saw since Year 9 Woodwork, and even then your creations left, well, a lot to be desired.

It might seem like a big step up from that wonky wooden stool you made to building a custom bike cabinet, but we promise you, it’s worth it.

There’s a host of YouTube tutorials available that will show you how to make a cupboard in which you can store your bike horizontally or vertically, and you’ll be amazed at how much tidier your room looks once your bike is out of sight.

Of course, the best storage solutions are also multi-purpose, so if taking a chunk of space from your room with a cupboard seems counter-intuitive, remember it’s also the ideal space to store cycle shoes, helmets, and any other accessories you might have.

This is a welcome relief for anyone who has had to live with their own or their partner’s pile of stinky lycra in the corner of the bedroom.

folding bike

5. Trade it in

Before you come at us, we know this isn’t exactly a storage hack. But in urban centers, sometimes it can feel as if you’re crammed in like sardines.

We’ve certainly lived in rooms where you can touch both walls with arms out-stretched.

Good luck to anyone trying to wheel in a 29” full-size frame, so how about trading your full-size bike in for a folding bike?

Widely available through the UK’s Cycle to Work scheme, the most famous of the pack is, of course, the Brompton. It’s pretty hard to make it through a morning commute without seeing at least one city slicker on one of their A,C, P or T Line models – and some retailers will give you a discount if you trade in your old ride.

If you want to stand out from the crowd, there are other independent brands and designs available.

There’ll be a few sacrifices you’ll find yourself making: many folding bikes have more frame flex, fewer gearing options, and twitchier wheels than what you’re used to – but this will likely feel like a small price to pay for not getting yourself tangled in your spokes when you get up to make a cup of tea. Maybe you’ll even find yourself cycling more adventurously and further afield now you can carry your bike under one arm.

The Final Word

So your flat doesn’t look like something off Cribs. Frankly, neither do ours, but by implementing one or two of our storage solutions, you can free up space in your home and make sure your bike isn’t rusting out in the rain.

Whether that’s transforming your bike into an artwork or using gravity and innovation, give these a go, and let us know how you get on.

We bet you’ll free up space and live easier quicker than it takes to say “Ow, I just knocked my shin on my pedal again”.

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