Author: Pete Reynolds

Rapha Reflective Travel Backpack [Review]

Rapha is one of those brands that, every now and then, creates a product so damn beautiful that you can’t help but admit that you actually fancy it and would consider settling down with it to raise a family. Or...

Plus Bike vs Fat Bike: Differences + Advantages Explained

If you enjoy adventuring into the wilderness and living that #outdoorsisfree life then you’ll have seen the plus bikes and fat bikes rolling around your local outdoor spaces. Unlike the conventional cross country bike that’s been around since the 90’s,...

What Are Fat Bikes? [Pros + Cons Explained]

If you’ve seen a bike that had such big tyres that you had to give it a double-take, the chances are that you saw a fat bike (AKA a “fat tire bike”). And although fat tyre bikes have been around...

3 Most Stylish Professional Cyclists

Riding a bike is an art form that requires equal amounts of power and strength as it does elegance and style. Although there are some cycling uniforms and active wear out there that aren’t the most flattering, on the whole...


1. 🧥Rapha Lightweight Commuter Jacket
Stylish, waterproof and easy to throw in a bag.

2. 📍Sherlock Anti-Theft GPS Bike Tracker
Get alerted if your bike moves without you.

3. 👖DUER All-Weather Denim
Waterproof cycling jeans - need I say more?

4. 🪖LIVALL BH60SE Smart Bike Helmet
A helmet with lights that plays music.

5. 🥾Chrome Storm 415 Workboot
Waterproof shoes. No more soggy feet.