Mission Workshop ‘The Division’ Chinos – Review: Water-Repellent Urban Cycling Trousers

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When I received the very impressive Mission Workshop ‘The Hayes’ shirt, I also got a hold of the New York-based brand’s ‘The Division’ chinos.

For me, there’s no doubt that trousers are the most important thing to get right when commuting by bike. Therefore, if you were going to every buy just one item of “stylish urban cycling clothing”, I would 100% recommend something comfy for your bottom half.

I’ve covered urban cycling jeans, chinos and shorts in some detail in the past, so I was very excited to give Mission Workshop’s cycling chinos are a good try.

And I know it’s early in the review to say this, but, man: I was impressed.

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Mission Workshop 'The Division' Chinos
  • Fit
  • Function
  • Style
  • Value
  • Quality


The Mission Workshop ‘The Division’ Chinos are made from stretchy, water-resistant fabric with reinforced seams and gusseted crotch for comfort and durability. They feature a modern slim fit and hidden reflective details for low-light visibility.


  • Stretchy
  • Stylish
  • Water repellent
  • Good pockets


  • Very expensive

Stylish Cycling Chinos

The Division chinos, especially, are two things: they are incredibly light and incredibly stretchy.

They smash my “squat in pants” test that I like to do and they even look great. These chinos are also relatively smart-looking, although they’re a bit of a push in you have a more formal dress code at the office. These chinos are better suited to being worn in combination with a t-shirt rather than a shirt-shirt.

These chinos are made from four-way stretch nylon fabric, meaning they have lots and lots of give in them. This also means that they offer outstanding breathability and moisture management, while there’s even a reasonable level of wind and water repellency build in to the them.

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Not only are these urban pants great for cycling, they are also excellent for walking and even hiking in. You won’t be chafing in these.

As these chinos are very stretchy, this also means that if you put things in your pockets, they stretchier waist band is a bit more challenged and clinging to your waist. I, therefore, tend to need to wear a belt with these, although you can also size down if you want a snugger fit.

Pockets Aplenty

Pockets are an important – yet often overlooked – part of any good trouser, especially for urban cyclists who want to carry their phone, keys and wallet as they ride.

The good news is that The Division cycling chinos from Mission Workshop are adorned with a really good array of pockets. The two front hand pockets are deep, with a extra zipped pocket deep enough for a large smartphone on one side. Likewise, there’s two more zipped pockets at the rear. Perfect.

Simply put, these are fantastic urban cycling chinos. You won’t find many better pants that look good and feel good in all every day pursuits as The Division chinos.

Unfortunately, though, the most common problem in the world of stylish cycling clothes arises its diamond-plated head with these pants: the price. These Mission Workshop chinos cost a massive £190. Ouch. They’re great, but you’ll have to be paying more than a pretty penny for these.

Mission Workshop’s The Division chinos come in black, green, navy blue and grey.

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