About Discerning Cyclist

“We don’t want cycling clothes. We want stylish clothes we can cycle in.”

The concept of ‘Discerning Cyclist’ sparked into life during the lunch breaks of work colleagues, Ste Johnson and Peter Reynolds, in Spring 2012.

Ste was the office’s token cyclist – renowned for his early starts, bulging backpacks of clothes, profuse generosity when it came to tea making and a great sense of style.

Pete, meanwhile, liked the idea of commuting by bike, but was put off by unfriendly cycling routes, the seemingly mandatory ‘Lycra-look’ and the idea of lugging around a spare wardrobe, and so, instead opted to travel by car or public transport.

After jabbering about cycling and, in particular, cycling clothes, a conclusion was quickly agreed: there shouldn’t just be cycling clothes and stylish clothes; there should also be stylish clothes that you can cycle in.


And so, the pair set out to change the world. Well… create a blog.

After a few months of planning, the website, thediscerningcyclist.co.uk, was launched in late August 2012. The primary aim of the site was to promote and showcase stylish clothes that are also practical and functional enough for people to cycle in, with Discerning Cyclist providing honest, impartial reviews on a range of products currently on the market.

The blog grew a strong following over the coming months, characterised by the illustrations from Ste which accompanied each blog post, with ever increasing traffic levels and strong followings on social media sites.

A year later, Ste decided to take a back seat from Discerning Cyclist in order to focus on his freelance illustration work with Ste Illustrates, leaving Pete to take primary control of the site.

Since it’s launch, millions of people have visited Discerning Cyclist, with the site now getting over 100,000 visitors per month.

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If you would like to get in touch, make an inquiry or share your riding styles with us, we’d love to hear from you, so please feel free to contact us.

Our Team

Pete Reynolds

Rohan Joseph

Matthew Chandler

Carol Vine

Kevin Glenton

Charlotte Broughton

How Does This Blog Make Money?

Did you know it costs over £3000 per year just to keep the wheels of Discerning Cyclist turning? And that’s before we even pay our writers or indulge in our coffee addictions.

In order to help cover our costs, therefore, Discerning Cyclist makes money in three main ways:

  1. Banner advertising
  2. Affiliate partnerships
  3. Sponsorships

You may see banner adverts on Discerning Cyclist, which Mediavine pays us to display. These ads change often and are based on complicated algorithms and may be related to brands you’ve previously searched for online.

Occasionally, we’ll also team up directly with brands we really like and display their ads. Typically this involves them paying Discerning Cyclist in advance, with their ads then displayed on the site for a period of time.

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Affiliate Partnerships

Some of the links on Discerning Cyclist are affiliate links. This means that if you buy something after clicking on one of our links, we may receive a small commission (at no cost to you).

For example, in our ‘Best Cycling Jeans’ guide, if you really liked the look of Osloh’s jeans, we may receive a small fee from Osloh for referring you to them.

However, we will NEVER recommend a product that we don’t absolutely believe in. Our goal is to help you cycle in style and we’d be slashing our own tyres by recommending bad products.

For us, affiliate earnings are a nice little bonus for sending potential customers to our favourite companies. So, if you click on an affiliate link and end up buying something, you’re helping to keep the wheels of Discerning Cyclist turning!

Very occasionally, we work directly with brands we love by either writing a post about them or simply them sponsoring a particular post.

We always disclose when a post is sponsored with a message near the start of a post saying something along the lines of “This post is in collaboration with [brand]”. This post with Chrome Industries is such one example of a sponsored post.

If you are interested in collaborating with Discerning Cyclist, click here.

Finally, if you’re a fan of Discerning Cyclist and would like to support us (and help us get our caffeine hit), you can also do so by buying us a coffee via the link below. Cheers!


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