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Welcome to Discerning Cyclist. I’m Pete.

I’m here to help find stylish clothes you can cycle in.

The kind of stuff that feels good on the bike and look great off it – so you never have to carry a spare set of clothes with you again.

To get you started, I’ve created some style guides on where to find the best commuter gear.

Urban Cycling Clothes:

Office Cycling Clothes

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And if you struggle to find stylish cycling clothes and accessories, here’s a pick of my favourite urban cycling brands that perfectly combine style and functionality for cycling:

Where to Find Stylish Cycling Clothes

  • Rapha: The best-known brand in the “stylish cycling” space. Rapha’s Commuting & City range is one of my absolute favourites.
  • Chrome Industries: Probably the best brand devoted to urban cycling. They tread the line of style and functionality with their range of bags, shoes, trousers and jackets perfectly.
  • Unbound Merino: Not strictly “cycling clothes”, but their growing range of anti-odour merino gear is perfect for commuting.
  • Ministry of Supply: Want to ride a bike and look professional? Simply fantastic office-friendly cycling clothes.
  • Osloh (USA): Cycling jeans. Just check them out. [READ REVIEW]
  • Resolute Bay (UK): Best cycling jeans in Britain.

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Best Commuter Cycling Accessories

My Favourite Helmets:

  • LIVALL: Smart bike helmets. Built-in lights and built-in Bluetooth means you can combine safety with the ability to listen to music and make phone calls. [READ REVIEW]
  • Thousand Helmets: Beautiful bike helmets.

My Bike Lock:

👉 Read: Best Urban Cycling Clothing Brands [Top 13] 👈