Labfresh T-Shirt – Review: A Sweat-Free Cycling Tee?

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The biggest of banes in the world of t-shirts is sweat patches. Especially grey or light-coloured tees.

One second you’re looking suave, then the next you lift your arm and a glaring pond appears at your pit. It looks awful, but there’s little you can do to preventing sweating under your pits. It’s just a damn warm area of your body. After all, no-one in the history of humankind has ever said “ooo, my armpits aren’t half chilly today”.

Cotton is normally a major culprit of sweat patches in the t-shirt world, but Labfresh, based in the Netherlands, have worked their magic and managed to create a stain, sweat and odour resistant t-shirt made from cotton.

Stain-Repellent Cycling Shirt

Made in Portugal, Labfresh have lived up to their name and clearly spend a lot of time in the lab as they’ve come up with seven patented technologies in order to make their t-shirts some of the freshest in the world.

The main goals of Labfresh t-shirts are to:

  • Rebel stain
  • Fight odour causing bacteria
  • Reduce visible sweat stains

And they pass they objectives with flying colours.

Labfresh T-shirt
  • Fit
  • Function
  • Style
  • Value
  • Quality


The Labfresh T-shirt is a stylish and comfortable piece of clothing made from high-quality materials that resist stains and odors, so you can wear it more and wash it less.


  • Sweat-resistant
  • Stain-resistant
  • Quality material


  • Needs some care to prevent creasing

Stylish Cycling T-Shirts

Labfresh’s tee range come with no-nonsense minimalist designs. You don’t get funny graphics, there’s no logos, just a t-shirt that works brilliantly.

These aren’t t-shirts that have been designed with cyclists specifically in mind, they’re for all active lifestyles. But they are absolutely perfect of urban cyclists.

The only real criticism of this t-shirt is that they do start creasing after a few washes, although you fortunately don’t need to wash them as frequently as regular t-shirts due to their abundance on stain and bacteria fighting tech. So, you will need to whip out the iron from time-to-time.

At £41 too, I’d say this a very reasonable price to pay for a truly premium cotton t-shirt. I’d happily pack out my wardrobe with a bunch of Labfresh tees.

I went for the grey option (the ultimate sweat test challenge), but the stylish Labfresh t-shirts are also available in white, black, navy and ice blue.

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