RoadRider: Another Cool Bike Tee Shirt from T-lab – Review

If you’re on the look out for a cool bike tee shirt or two, then a virtual drop-by at T-lab is recommend.

T-lab is a small British clothing label that offers a distinctive range of t-shirts (as well as some other clothing collections) that draw inspiration from art, popular culture and – very often – cycling.

Cool Cycling T-Shirts

After trying out the Stelvio design last year, my latest acquisition has been the “RoadRider” t-shirt – which again is a cycling-focused piece with a cool minimalist design that offers a solid nod to road roading.

The RoadRider t-shirt comes in a (very) navy blue colour or “diva” blue, with a inspiring cycling mission statement written in white across the front saying:






Or, if you find that difficult to read, “gear changin’, hill climbin’, truck dodgin’, wind cheatin’, leg shavin’, cable snappin’, wheel chasin’, leg burnin’.” Essentially an ode to the road cycling lifestyle.

While this cycling t-shirt has been designed with high functionality in mind (i.e. breathable, cycling fit etc.) it is a very hard-wearing tee and feels like it is built to last, made from 100% 190gsm cotton. The RoadRider t-shirt comes in a classic fit, so it’s wider than t-shirts I normally buy, but would be perfect for those with a fuller build.

The RoadRider t-shirt is available from T-lab Original for £27.

T-lab also have a few other cycling t-shirt designs, for both men and women, some of which you can see below.

Cycling T-Shirt Designs

T-lab RoadRider T-Shirt













  • Nice nod to cycling
  • Durable design


  • Lacks cycling specific functionality

Pete Reynolds

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