Cycle in Style with the Fox Wilson Glynde Polo Shirt

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If you want to cycle in style and comfort, a good cycling polo shirt can provide you with that perfect fusion of form and function.

“Cycling polo shirt?” you may query.

Why yes, good Discerning Cyclist visitor.

Don’t get me wrong, you can absolutely ride in any polo shirt, but if you want an extra bit of comfort, flexibility and breathability, then a cycling polo can be a useful upgrade for your commute.

I’ve wanted to try out Fox Wilson gear for a long time, but getting my hands on their Glynde Polo Shirt was my first opportunity to do so.

On the surface, Fox Wilson is right up the “ride in style” Discerning Cyclist mantra, so what is it like to actually get hands-on with this polo shirt?

Fox Wilson Glynde Polo Shirt
  • Fit
  • Function
  • Style
  • Value
  • Quality


The Fox Wilson Glynde Polo Shirt is a versatile cycling and casual wear piece made of a breathable, moisture-wicking fabric that offers excellent comfort and style. It features a tailored fit, a three-button placket, and a collar designed to stay in place while riding.


  • Looks great
  • Light Merino wool material


  • Pricey

Urban Cycling Polo Shirt

Fox Wilson claim this polo “takes you from your commute to the office to an evening out – providing all-day comfort and style throughout your day”.

And first impressions of this polo certainly impress.

It’s very light and is made from fine Merino wool, which we know is an absolute godsend material for active people going about their everyday lives. Merino wool is very wickable and is odour-resistant.

The styling of this Glynde Polo is simple and seamless. Very satisfying.

The polo is plain, aside from a “FW” logo in a constrasting colour in the bottom right of the shirt, plus a similar subtle logo at the top of the neck (but in the same colour of the polo). They’re nice, understated touches. Other than that, it’s just a simple three-botton down polo.

Be cautious though, unlike the tailored Fox Wilson Clapton Jumper, this is a very slim fitting polo and the silhouette of any burger you have for lunch will likely be visible afterwards.

As you would expect from any Merino wool piece, this polo also offers plenty of flexibility, meaning leaning forward on your bike is no stretch (pun smugly intended).

The Glynde Polo comes in black, navy and grey and as it is a premium product, you’re also gonna pay a premium for it. You can find the Fox Wilson Glynde Polo Shirt at Orro Bikes for £89.

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