Ashmei ‘The Lombardia’ T-Shirt – Review: Urban Cycling T-shirts

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I make no secret of the fact that I have no knowledge and limited interest in the sport of cycling.

I just love riding a bike as a convenient and enjoyable way of getting about town.

Normally, therefore, brands like Ashmei, who are devoted to performance cycling wear have little interest for me. However, UK-based Ashmei have dipped their toe into the urban cycling market in the past year or so with the introduction of the excellent t-shirt which I reviewed in 2018.

They’ve followed this up with a similar t-shirt, this time with a bigger nod to the sporty cycling world.

Ashmei ‘The Lombardia’ T-Shirt
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The Ashmei ‘The Lombardia’ T-Shirt is a lightweight and breathable performance shirt made from a blend of merino wool and carbon yarns. It features a slim fit, raglan sleeves, and reflective details for visibility in low-light conditions.

Lombardia Cycling T-Shirt

This t-shirt is based on ‘The Lombardia’ and, to show just how little I know about the sport of cycling, I had to Google exactly what this was.

This is what I learned:

The Tour of Lombardy is one of the most prestigious one day events in the cycling calendar and one that traditionally brings down the curtain on the European season.

Stylish Cycling T-Shirt

Fortunately, what I lack in sports cycling knowledge, I make up for in the niche world of urban cycling clothes. And this what I know about Ashmei’s Lombardia t-shirt: it looks pretty cool and feels great.

The Lombardia t-shirt follows in the footsteps of the their previous t-shirt by being comprised of a blended Merino (65%) and Carbon (35%) fabric blend. This means that is super lightweight (167g), dries really quickly and is odour resistant. It also offers sun protection od UPF 50+, although I must admit I’ve never been sunburnt through any t-shirt before…

This tee also offers plenty of stretch, making it a perfect wear for cycling or even a trip down to the gym.

Admittedly, the theme is a little lost on me due to my ignorance, but I can still admire its style. The sleeve length is a little longer than their other t-shirt and the fit feels a little looser, but continues to look good.

At £80, though, there’s no doubt that this tech comes at a serious cost. Paying this kind of price for a study pair of trousers or a jacket is one thing, but for a t-shirt? This is OTT in my book.

If the price tag doesn’t put you off, though, this really is a very good stylish cycling t-shirt.

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