Isobaa Merino 260 Lounge Hoodie – Review

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Isobaa came to my attention at the end of 2019 and I was left with a very good impression after trying out their baffled jacket and merino wool half-zip hoodie. Neither item was built with specifically with cycling in mind, but both nevertheless are excellent additions for any commuter cyclist. They look damn good too.

So, I was thrilled to try out some more of their gear recently, starting with the 260 Lounge Hoodie.

On the face of it, the 260 Lounge Hoodie really doesn’t seem too different to the 200 Zip Neck Hoodie I referred to earlier, but there definitely aren’t the same thing.

Like the 200 Half Zip Hoodie, the Lounge Hoodie is made from merino wool, although from slightly heavier 260gm wool than the 200gm Half Zip.

The key difference between the two hoodies though, is the fit.

The Half Zip Hoodie is very slim fitting. I like it a lot. But it doesn’t have the same “chill out” vibe of the Lounge Hoodie. The type of hoodie that you can sit on the sofa all-day and eat Wotsits in. The type of hoodie you can throw on after a good workout. You know what I mean.

Isobaa Merino 260 Lounge Hoodie
  • Fit
  • Function
  • Style
  • Value
  • Quality


The Isobaa Merino 260 Lounge Hoodie is a cozy and stylish hoodie made with soft, warm, and breathable merino wool. It features a relaxed fit, a generous hood, and a kangaroo pocket, making it perfect for lounging or casual wear.


  • Nice casual hoodie
  • Belly pocket
  • Good hood (not too tight)
  • Quality Merino wool


  • High RRP

Merino Cycling Hoodie

This is a relaxed hoodie. It’s cosy, but not too heavy – thanks to the merino wool, which helps it breathe when you’re warm but also stop you from getting too cold.

The Isobaa Lounge Hoodie also features a “belly” pocket – the sign of a good chill-out hoodie if ever there was one.

What’s more, while the half-zip hoodie has a very snug fitting hood, the Lounge Hoodie hood is – fittingly (well not fittingly) loose. Another top chill out factor.

The Isobaa Lounge Hoodie comes in various colours, including black, wine (deep red) and navy.

It’s pretty pricey at £120 (although at the time of writing is part of a 50% sale!), but for that you’re get a good quality, versatile hoodie that is great for those recovery days – whether you choose to sit on the sofa or go for a leisurely bike ride into town.

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