Fox Wilson Clapton Merino Cycling Jumper – Review

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Confession time: I’ve always secretly admired turtlenecks.

Despite this, I’ve only ever attempted to wear one once. Trouble was, I didn’t wear it with enough confidence and my co-workers recognised my insecurity, which was subsequently pounced on.

I was therefore intrigued by the Fox Wilson Clapton Jumper. It’s not officially a turtleneck, but it does had a roll neck. I mean, it’s a fine line.

But this jumper is big. It’s big and cosy. It’s the type of jumper you get a bit lost in. It’s a big winter jumper.

Indeed, as you would expect from urban cycling aficionados, Fox Wilson, this is also built with cycling commuters in mind.

Fox Wilson Clapton Jumper
  • Fit
  • Function
  • Style
  • Value
  • Quality


The Fox Wilson Clapton Jumper is a classic, lightweight, and versatile sweater made from high-quality merino wool. It features a slim-fit design with a crew neck, raglan sleeves, and ribbed cuffs and hem. Ideal for urban cycling and everyday wear.


  • Long arms for cycling
  • Cosy style
  • Lightweight
  • Turtleneck style


  • Turtleneck style

A Lightweight Cycling Jumper for Winter

It is the fit, especially, that makes it clear that is a cycling jumper. Not that it’s just for cycling – it looks good in all everyday situations.

The sleeves are long and feature an ergonomic fit with thumb loops, so you can ensure that your arms and wrists stay warm on chilly winter rides.

Although the jumper is big, it’s not heavy. On the contrary, it’s made from Merino wool, which means it keeps you warm in the cold, but it allows air to escape when your body starts warming up so you don’t arrive it your destination as a puddle.

The roll neck really comes into its own when in protecting you from chilly winds, which are certainly unwanted down your back on your rides.

This jumper has something of a Scandinavian feel in terms of its practical style and simplicity. It certainly can look the part in many environments – whether you’re ambling around town on two wheels or two feet, you’re in the office (with a relaxed dress code), at home staying storming or socialising with friends.

If you want a cosy – yet breathable – cycling jumper for winter, you won’t find much better than this. The Fox Wilson Clapton Jumper is available from Orro Bikes for £99.

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