Author: Matthew Chandler

Do Self-Charging Electric Bikes Exist?

For many cyclists, electric bikes have been the perfect invention: they require less pedal power yet still improve your fitness, are an environmentally friendly alternative to cars or motor vehicles, and generally look pretty slick, too. Which is always important....

How Fast Does Google Maps Assume You Bike?

If you take your bike out for a spin and end up venturing into the unknown, embrace it. Not only because you might find your new favourite cycling route, but because as long as you’ve got signal on your smart...

Is Cycling to Work ‘Enough’ Exercise?

During the peak of the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, I dusted off my bike and running shoes and lost a good amount of weight, which you can read about here. Of course, when I was cycling...

21 Benefits of Cycling to Work

If you’re thinking of getting back in the saddle and pedalling to work, you won’t regret it. Commuting by bicycle is one of the most rewarding things you can do in your day. Not just because of the health benefits,...

Why is Cycling so Addictive?

There’s a drug-like quality to cycling. For many, myself included, that first spin of the wheels on a long stretch of road can be the gateway to a lifetime addiction. Take my word for it – I upped my cycling...

Why is Cycling Easier Than Running?

Given the coronavirus-enforced lockdown has left me with little else to do for the most part, back in April I thought, what better time to lose a little weight and boost my fitness than when the pubs are closed and...

Is the Bike Boom Going to Continue?

Amid the sea of terrible stories that have emerged during the coronavirus pandemic so far this year, there is at least one positive potentially linked with the crisis: a boom in cycling. Indeed, in the UK alone, 1.3 million people...


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