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Vulpine Merino V-Neck T-shirt – Review

Vulpine Merino V Neck ShirtOne thing that really sets Vulpine apart, and something of which I’m rather fond, is their attention to detail. As soon as you’ve received your order you know you’ve got your hands on quality. My order for the Merino V-neck t-shirt arrived in a fetching green Vulpine shoulder bag – a nice touch.

When I first get to grips with the t-shirt, I could instantly feel the quality of the merino slide through my fingers and is quite satisfying to just touch.
Once my love in with the material had eased off, I thought it may be somewhat sensible to actually try the t-shirt on. One concern I did have with such a fluid material was that the fit would be compromised and could potentially leave this merino piece quite baggy; fortunately this fear was quickly allayed. Despite being more of a loose fitting t-shirt than I am used to, it still clings to your body in the right places: shoulders and chest.
Vulpine MerinoVulpine Merino V Neck Shirt Red
This Vulpine merino t-shirt very much seems to be a top of many contrasts – welcome contrasts at that.   As well as the loose-fitting, well-fitted, fit of the t-shirt (I think I may have just obliterated the word ‘fit’ there…), this top also manages to combine warmth and cool airiness in an extremely satisfying way, thanks to this clever old merino wool – or what Vulpine call ‘180 gram Tasmanian merino wool’ – very fancy.
When you pop on the t-shirt you instantly feel it’s warmth sweep over you, but once you’ve started cycling or ambling about town, you then start to feel the cooling benefits of merino.
Along with the merino, one of the big features that sets this top apart from your everyday t-shirt is it’s longer back – providing extra coverage to your lower back (by this I mean your builder’s bum) when you are out and about on your bicycle, something for which I, and the people behind, are very grateful for.
Vulpine Merino Shirt
Another major ‘cycling feature’ of this t-shirt is it’s back pocket, complete with button and a discreet reflective strip. I found this particularly useful to pop in your keys while you’re riding – to save the worry of them falling out of your trouser pocket – however bulkier items like phone or wallet aren’t ideal here as they can pull the t-shirt to one side.
One of the bolder claims that Vulpine make about this top is that is ‘odour-resistant’. While I was not quite bold enough to try this theory by going deodorant-less, the top did remain odour-free for several days despite some rigorous (dare I say, sweaty) rides.
Overall, this is an excellent t-shirt. Some people may have some understandable qualms about paying Β£55 for the privilege, but you do get undoubted quality with it. A cooling t-shirt when you’re hot and a warming top when you’re cold; this T also fits well, provides vital back coverage and has a handy pocket. Highly recommended.
Vulpine Merino Red Shirt

Pete Reynolds

Vulpine Merino V-Neck T-Shirt













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2 Responses

  1. I’ve got one of the round neck versions, and it’s superb – the cut is fantastic (if you find yours a bit loose, try going one size smaller) and the quality of the merino is amazing. It also looks good off the bike.

    One thing I think worth pointing out is that the merino is lighter than some I’ve tried, making this more of a summer garment (it is a t-shirt, after all!) I’ve ridden in it, walked in it, and used it as a pseudo baselayer on occasion (going back to the T alone once the day has warmed up).

  2. Kerena says:

    This is pretty much how I feel about the women’s version. I have the same colour too! The pocket is the only thing that’s not quite right for me – as you said, when I put my phone in it, it pulls the shape. I usually like to carry my phone and a small wallet (Jimi) in the pocket where I know it’s safe and I can’t do that with this. Otherwise – absolutely love it!

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