Ashmei T-Shirt Review: The Perfect Summer Cycling Tee?

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A few years ago, I would have scoffed at spending £75 on a t-shirt. But then I started reviewing gear for DC and began to appreciate what you actually get for your money.

Sure, you can get a nice-looking t-shirt on the high street for £20, but after a few washes it will look tired and worn. But with a real top-quality t-shirt, you’ll get years of use out of it due to the vastly superior materials used.

With great material comes great responsibility though (that’s right, I’m paraphrasing Uncle Ben), you shouldn’t be lobbing them in the “mixed” wash for sure – but if you treat the material with a bit of respect, you’ll get to enjoy a premium product for a long time.

Of course, there are different types of “premium” t-shirts out there. Some designers think that something is premium just because it has their label on, which is mere BS. Whereas some, including the likes of Ashmei, offer performance materials for everyday use – and I love it.

Which brings us on to the simply named Ashmei Men’s T-shirt, which I’ve been wearing for the past couple of months.

Ashmei T-shirt: “A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing”

This may look like your regular (admittedly stylish) every day t-shirt, but in reality it’s a secret performance piece that feels great to wear.

The most notable thing about this Ashmei-t-shirt is just how lightweight and soft against the skin it is. This perfect combo is created by Ashmei’s unique Merino (65%) and Carbon (35%) fabric, which weighs in at just 167 grams.

And, as is typical with any decent quality merino, the t-shirt is fast wicking and highly breathable, so you won’t be left in a puddle in even on hot days.

Simply put, it’s the ultimate summer t-shirt – whether you’re cycling or not.

But if you’d like a bit of extra cycling functionality, the logo on the front is also reflective to provide you with a bit of extra visibility in low-light.

As you can probably tell, I’m a big fan of this crew neck t-shirt with set-in sleeves and a classic shoulder fit. £75 may seem a lot for a t-shirt, but you’ll be getting a hell of a lot more for your money in terms of lifespan and quality than four high street t-shirts.

I opted for teal model, but this t-shirt is also available in black, purple, light grey and charcoal grey.

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