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Best Hybrid Bikes for Commuting [Top 7 in 2023]

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A hybrid bike is exactly what it says on the tin – a cross between a road bike and a mountain bike. This makes them potentially the best bike for commuting and the best city bikes. No matter what sort of ground you have to cycle on to get to and from work, a hybrid bike will be prepared for it more often than not.

Hybrid Bike Features

Hybrid bikes usually have a flat handlebar, as found on a mountain bike, which allows for shifting and braking components often similar to mountain bike. This, in turn, offers a more upright, comfortable and safe riding position.

Hybrid bikes also generally consist of larger tyres than road bikes, which also offers the cyclist more in the way of comfort. Some hybrids are also equipped with full mudguards, and some even with pannier racks to assist you, too.

Hybrid Bikes: Pros and Cons


  • You reap the benefits from both mountain and road bikes, allowing for a more advanced, refined model
  • Can tackle a far greater range of terrain with less fuss
  • Ideal for commuting
  • Generally made of more lightweight materials
  • More upright cycling position


  • Heavier frame and thicker tyres mean hybrid bikes are not as fast as road bikes
  • Hybrid bike tyres won’t last long if used for mountain biking regularly
  • Can prove less comfortable for longer cycles

Best Commuter Bike

Sounding good? Well, below, we’ve provided a list of the best value hybrid bikes currently on the market, including both men’s hybrid bikes and the best hybrid bikes for women, in order to hopefully enable you to find best hybrid bicycle to suit your needs.

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Best Hybrid Bikes for Men:

Trek L100 2020 Hybrid Bike (£600)

  • 7-speed (Gears) 
  • Lightweight alimunium frame
  • Hydraulic disk brakes

The Trek L100 is an exceedingly comfortable and practical hybrid bike that is ideal for commuters to want a smooth ride. It’s packed with handy features as standard, including a sturdy pannier rack (with elastic straps included) and dynamo front and back lights.

This bike is extremely low maintenance and offers riders a reliable way to get from A to B with a very upright cycling style.

L100 is a low-maintenance leisure bike built for dependability and value on daily rides. Features a lightweight alloy frame, Shimano 7-speed internal gearing and a built-in lighting system.

Trek Dual Sport 2 2020 Hybrid Bike (£500.00)

A high-performance hybrid bike with upgraded components that can withstand to longer commutes on all sorts of terrain.

  • Like all good hybrid bikes, its lightweight frame, front suspension, tubeless rims and puncture-resistant tyres offer you a sturdier, more durable model ideal for all kinds of commute.
  • The fork’s lockout feature ensures you’ll always cycle efficiently – you can close it for smoother surfaces, then open it up again on rougher ground.
  • Its high number of gears mean you can always find the perfect gear to hit your stride, no matter how steep or rocky the surface.

B’Twin Hoprider 100 Urban Hybrid Bike (£299.99)

  • A sturdy bike, perfect for handling all surfaces, with 21-speed gears to take on all kinds of challenges along the way.
  • Height-adjustable stem and foam saddle to enhance the rider’s comfort while cycling.
  • Highly visible thanks to its Shimano Dynamo hub with an LED light and tyres with reflective strips.

A hybrid city bike tailor-made for all types of commute, this is especially handy if your journey to and from work is longer than 10km.

A cheap and cheerful bike from Decathlon that is ready to go. Has a built-in pannier rack as well as automatic self-charging Dynamo bike lights.
A great all-round for commuters.

Pinnacle Neon 3 2020 Hybrid Bike (£620.00)

  • Offers a mix of stronger handling on rougher ground and a safe option for urban, congested roads, making it ideal for commuting no matter how far or how taxing your journey may be.
  • Its 6061-T6 heat treated alloy frame is lightweight and won’t hold you back and make you feel stiff while riding.
  • Fast, reliable gear shifting with enough of a range to tackle all sorts of terrain.

One of Pinnacle’s best-selling hybrid bikes, the Neon 3 is light, fast and comfortable – making it an ideal city bike.

Fast, Light + Comfy

The Neon is a true hybrid in the way it blends cyclo-cross and road bike design cues with a comfortable flat handlebar riding position and a refreshing lack of race-bike twitchiness.

Best Cheap Hybrid Bike:

B’Twin Riverside 100 Hybrid Bike (£149.99)

  • Six-speed grip shifter, simple to change between, allowing for great ease of use.
  • Equipped with a strong hybrid steel unisex frame and versatile road and trail tyres.
  • Perfect for shorter-distance cycling on smoother ground, this is the first bike that allows you to go from road to trail in a split-second.

If you’re looking for the best cheap hybrid bike which covers all of the essentials, this Riverside model might just be the one for you at just £149.99 and the most affordable hybrid bike on the list.

The first commuter bike I bought was an earlier model of the Riverside 100 and I loved it.

It’s a simple, no thrills six-speed bike that is light and fast.

This lightweight hybrid bike is undoubtedly one of the best budget hybrid bikes you’ll find and presents incredible value for money.

Fast, Light and Cheap!

Ammaco Hybrid 24-Speed Bike (Price not available)

  • Hi-Tensile Steel Frame – Hi-Tensile Steel Front Forks
  • Front & Rear Alloy V-Brakes – Microshift 7 Speed Thumb Shifter
  • Shimano Tourney Rear Derailleur – Shimano TZ-500 7 Speed Cassette – Single Ring Chainset W/Double Guard – Alloy Wheel Rims

If you’re looking for a bargain hybrid bike, you won’t find anything much better than this cheap bike that you can buy on Amazon.  

The Ammasco CS700 has 24 speed shimano gears and V-brakes. It’s your no-thrills bike that will get simple rides done with minimal fuss. A good bike for casual riders.

Best Women’s Hybrid Bike

Pinnacle Lithium 3 2020 Women’s Hybrid Bike (£490)

  • 6061-T6 heat treated alloy frame is light enough not to hold you back and stiff enough to feel responsive
  • Shimano Acera 3×8 Speed Drivetrain offers fast, reliable and accurate shifting with the range to tackle any gradient
  • Tektro Auriga Hydraulic Disc Brakes give powerful, controllable and consistent stopping power in all conditions

If you’re looking for the best ladies hybrid bike, then this Pinnacle hybrid bike is widely considered to be just that. Of course, men and women can ride any bike, but this the Lithium 3 Women’s Hybrid Bike is just built to be more comfortable for female riders.

With a mix of secure handling over the rough and confident attitude in traffic it’s a popular choice for loading up to head off on tour or taking on the city rush-hour every day.

The Lithium 3 is a bike for any occasion – whether you’re riding in the city or going on a bit of a tour, it can handle it all. It also looks fantastic.

Hybrid Bikes FAQ

Are Hybrid Bikes Good?

Whether or not a hybrid hike is good or not is a matter of what you want to use it for! If you are looking for a general use bike that combines the advantages of a mountain and a road bike then this is the perfect type of bike for you.

So what is a hybrid bike good for? Well, the beauty of a hybrid bike is that it is good for most things! It might not be as good on roads as a road bike, or as good off road as a mountain bike, but if you tend to switch between rough and smoother surfaces when you cycle then choosing one of the best hybrid bikes for the money is a good solution both for your budget and for your cycling experience.

If you are one of the many people choosing to cycle to work instead of driving or using public transport then a hybrid commuting bike offers you the flexibility to ride on a good mixture of surfaces. Most good hybrid bikes will be able to handle the road or path surface you ride.

One of the brilliant things about hybrid bikes is their affordability. You can get a great bike that is versatile to fit most of your needs for a great price. There are even some great bikes in the best budget hybrid bikes range!

Are Hybrid Bikes Fast?

There is no reason you shouldn’t reach a decent speed on a fast hybrid bike but as with anything to do with bikes a lot will depend on your bike, the purpose you bought it and many factors including whether you have chosen a light hybrid and even what tyres and handlebars you have fitted.

For general road use on smooth surfaces you will struggle to keep up with a road bike. Road bikes have been designed specifically for road cycling but if you choose a lightweight hybrid bike then you won’t be too far behind. If speed is a factor high on your priority list and you are looking to find one of the fastest hybrid bikes then weight is going to be your major factor when choosing a bike. You will want to find the lightest hybrid bike you can for your budget. Next, doing some research on the best tyres for the bike is a must.

What Are Hybrid Bike Tyres Like?

Hybrid bike tyres are generally made to suit the different road types and uses that the bike is designed for. They are not generally the fastest of tyres but they are usually made to be resilient to punctures and every day wear and tear.

Most commuter hybrid bikes are fitted with 700c wheels which is the same as your average standard road bike so you will  be looking for tyres that are of a width between 28 and 35c.

Do Hybrid Bikes Have Suspension?

When it comes to comfort then suspension can be a huge part of ensuring your ride is comfortable. A good suspension system can help to reduce the effects of bumps when off roading and because this aspect is so important to some, people often ask the question; do hybrid bikes have suspension? The answer is a little mixed because often suspension is not added as standard to many hybrid bikes due to the extra weight it adds to the overall bike. This weight can decrease the bikes performance quite substantially.

However if you would like added suspension then you need to find yourself a hybrid bike with suspension. You may find that they are a little slower and heavier but the payoff is the increased comfort.

Can a Hybrid Bike Go Off Road and on Trails?

You might think that the purpose of a hybrid bike is to be able to cope with city use and off road use and they can to a certain extent. However their off road use can be quite limiting and they shouldn’t be used for anything too serious like downhill riding or terrain that is too difficult.

What they are is one of the best commuter bikes. They are a fantastic option for being able to cope with a variety of roads and light surfaces you might come across on a daily commute or cycle ride. This type of bike makes the best city bikes due to their ability to be flexible. They will be able to go from a road, to a cycle path to a light trail through a park – perfect for a commuter bike or light use bike.

Can a Hybrid Bike Be Used for Touring?

Yes it can! This is one of the benefits of a hybrid bike. It is made with the idea of combining both road and touring cycle rides. Most hybrid bikes can handle light to intermediate offroading but anything a little more difficult and it will soon start to show it’s limitations.

Can a Hybrid Bike Go on Gravel?

The great news is that a hybrid bike is perfect for gravel surfaces. To ride on gravel you need a wider tyre than those on a road bike which is generally what is fitted on a hybrid bike. So a new hybrid bike is perfect for gravelly surfaces and paths.

What Are Good Hybrid Bike Brands?

If you are sold on the idea of getting a hybrid bike then I have some great news for you! There are some great affordable hybrid bicycle brands out there for you to choose from.

When asking ‘what hybrid bike should I get?’ The answer is generally to take a look at your budget and what features are your priorities and take a look at what you can get within your budget.

You probably have some questions about where to buy a hybrid bike? or which hybrid bike to buy? For some of the best cheap hybrid bike options take a look at Decathlon’s B’Twin. They have some great options for lower priced options that have some great features.  For those looking for the best value hybrid bike who are also willing to pay slightly more then Trek and Pinnacle offer some fantastic top hybrid bicycle options to look at. These are practical bikes that are both affordable and great value.

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