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Best Budget Mountain Bikes under £200 [Top 3 Cheap Bikes]

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A cheap mountain bike is one of the most practical bikes around for beginners. It’s not the fastest, but it can handle any type of terrain, easily mounts curbs and can be extremely comfortable to ride.

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Here, we’ll run through three of our favourite mountain bikes available at less than £200, including our pick for both men and women, and the best budget adult mountain bike.

We’ll also answer some FAQs on mountain bicycles for you, so if you’re looking for a bargain bike or just want to know a bit more about them before you buy, you should hopefully find everything you’re looking for here:

  1. Apollo Slant Men’s Mountain Bike

    Bargain mountain bike with front suspension

  2. Basis 2 Full Suspension Mountain Bike 21 Speed

    Best cheap mountain bike for both genders

  3. Rockrider 27.5″ Mountain Bike ST 100

    An affordable mountain bike perfect for beginners

  4. Ammaco Arden Blush 26″ Women’s Mountain Bike 21 Speed

    Best bike under £200 for all sorts of surfaces

Mountain Bike for Commuting to Work [Pros + Cons]

Though not necessarily your first port of call if you’re a commuter, there are certainly a number of mountain bike commuter benefits, particularly if you cross rougher ground en route to work.

Their upright riding position, sturdier tyres and more durable build lend themselves excellently to less straightforward commutes, but they can also be too heavy in some cases, as well as slow on other surfaces and lacking versatility.

If riding through urbanised areas, you may find mountain bikes add a fair amount of drag, while full-suspension mountain bikes simply won’t be the worth the extra money if all you’re using it for is cycling to and from work.

So, while there are definite advantages to using a mountain bike for commuting, choose wisely, and consider whether your environment would complement one.

Road Bike or Mountain Bike for Commuting?

Road bikes for easier journeys, but commuting on a mountain bike can certainly make sense when facing that little bit more challenging terrain.

Road bikes may be a more no-frills model by and large, and typically offer less traction and grip than mountain bikes, but if you want the best value for money for simply getting you from A to B, they’re about as good as you can get.

At least for brighter weather or easier routes, road bikes are still a better option, though don’t discount mountain bikes altogether.

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Top 3: Cheap Mountain Bikes under £200

Best Budget Men’s Mountain Bike

1. Apollo Slant Men’s Mountain Bike

  • UK Flag £180
  • US Flag $225
  • EU Flag €204

Prices are approximate

18-speed Shimano gearing

Front suspension

26″ Kenda wheels

Available for a scarily believable £180 at Halfords, the Apollo Slant is a very popular budget mountain bike with front suspension.

It’s sturdy steel frame ensures it will be able to deal with whatever you throw at it, while it also has 18 gears (Shimano) and 26″ Kenda tyres.

This hardtail mountain bike weighs in at 15.7kg – which is reasonably light for a budget mountain bike and ensures you won’t be lugging any unnecessary weight with you.

Ideal for new bike commuters who have to deal with short, bumpy routes.

Best Cheap Adult Mountain Bike on Amazon UK

2. Basis 2 Full Suspension Mountain Bike 21 Speed

  • UK Flag £190
  • US Flag $238
  • EU Flag €216

Prices are approximate

18-speed Shimano gearing

Dual suspension

Full-colour saddle

For a great design which isn’t gender-specific, check out this Basis mountain bike; another which was built to last.

Thanks to its 18-speed gears and front and rear suspension, you can ride it to tackle almost any terrain, while maintaining a high level of comfort at the same time.

Plus, its striking graphics and black-and-green design make it particularly eye-catching, while its 26″ tyres have a deep tread for that extra durability.

Best Budget Men’s Mountain Bike Around £200

3. Rockrider 27.5″ Mountain Bike ST 100

  • UK Flag £200
  • US Flag $250
  • EU Flag €227

Prices are approximate

Perfect for rides in dry weather for up to 90 minutes

Lightweight aluminium frame

27.5″ tyres on double-walled rims

This bike used to be priced under £200, but now it’s just creeped up to £229.99.

Nevertheless, this is one of the best budget mountain bikes around for men and comes from Decathlon – which is always a great site to find cheap mountain bikes.

This particular bicycle is tailor-made for mountain bike novices; ideal for rides of up to one-and-a-half hours in dry weather, its light aluminium frame and 27.5″ tyres on double-walled rims make it as sturdy as it is effective.

Plus, it’s available in either dark grey, or a particularly fetching fluorescent yellow, so you can look the part on your mountain biking excursions, too.

Best Women’s Mountain Bike Under £200

4. Ammaco Arden Blush 26″ Women’s Mountain Bike 21 Speed

  • UK Flag £230
  • US Flag $288
  • EU Flag €261

Prices are approximate

21-speed gearing

Knobbly tyres with superb traction

Colourful pink and black design

And finally, if you’re after something a little more feminine, this lovely-looking pink and black design is arguably the best mountain bike under £200 for female riders.

With full suspension range, 21-speed gears, index shifters, powerful V-brakes and knobbly, 26″ tyres, this bike is ideal whether you’re planning an off-road expedition or facing tougher surfaces on your way to and from work.

And they’re also fitted with single-wall alloy rims with machined brake surfaces for smooth, tough braking (though, note: it comes 90 percent built and needs a final assembly).

Budget Mountain Bikes – FAQs

Is a mountain bike good for commuting?

Although not the fastest, mountain bikes can be good bikes for commuting, particularly if your journey includes rougher terrain. If you live in a smooth urban area, though, you’ll save energy and travel faster on a hybrid bike, fixie or road bike.

However, mountain bikes are definitely not a bad choice for complete beginner cyclists who are anxious about speed bumps or potholes.

Where to find a cheap mountain bike?

If you want to buy a new mountain bike online in the UK, your best value options are DecathlonLeisure Lakes BikesHalfords and Evans Cycles, of course.

How to work out what size mountain bike I need?

You can calculate what size bike you need based on your height and your inseam length (the length of your inner leg).

Height (cm)Inside Leg (cm)Mountain Bike Frame Size (cm)
152cm71cm15″ (X Small)
160cm75cm16″ (Small)
170cm79cm17″ (Medium)
175cm83cm18″ (Medium)
180cm85cm19″ (Large)
188cm89cm20″ (Large)
196cm93cm21″ (X Large)

Alternatively, you can use this bike size calculator to find out your size for any bike.

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