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Top 5 Student Bicycles: Find Cheap Bikes under £300

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For lots of students, cycling is one of their most common means of travelling.

Not only is it far cheaper than spending money on petrol or bus fares every day, but it improves your fitness and can be an enjoyable way to get to know a new place, especially for those who have just started a university degree, for instance.

Not only that, but cycling to school, college or university can be a great way for you to gain more independence and improve your time management, which will be a vital skill for you later in life, if not already.

That said, almost every student finds themselves strapped for cash at some point. So, if you’re in the market for a new bike, here are five that your budget can hopefully stretch to without forcing you to live on toast and pot noodles for weeks as a result:

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Carrera Zelos Mens Road Bike (£275.00)

Perfect for quick cycles, this design from Carrera changes easily for you between steeper and flatter surfaces with its 14-speed Shimano gearing, while its hi-tensile steel fork only strengthens it further.

Thanks its Tektro Caliper brakes, it is safe and comfortably to brake at all times, and its strong 700c double-walled rims come with Kenda tyres, making it effective for all types of road.

An ideal bike for you if you’re not an experienced or a confident cyclist.

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B’Twin Triban Rc100 Road Bike (£249.99)

Another great choice if you’re new to cycling, this bike from B’Twin comes with hybrid tyres, making it ideal for fairly short rides on flat or gravely surfaces.

It’s an easy bike to adjust and handle, with its brakes providing a strong grip, and this new design also gives you a more upright position, which should in turn provide more comfort for you.

It also has lots of tyre clearance and can accommodate mudguards and a rear pannier rack.

Buy it here

Apollo Slant Mens Mountain Bike (£130.00)

A great, sturdy design which you won’t have to break the bank for, this bike is a strong recommendation now matter how well-versed you are in the world of cycling.

It comes with a rigid frame and forks with suspension, so is an excellent choice for students who want a tougher kind of bike but obviously can’t stretch to a state-of-the-art mountain bike.

What’s more, it includes an 18-speed set of gears, which make it great for maintaining speed when changing from flatter to uphill stretches, and it comes with an alloy water bottle cage should you ever feel dehydrated.

Buy it here

Riverside 100 Hybrid Bike (£129.99)

It’s not the flashiest design, but if you’re a student looking for something straightforward to use and affordable, this might be the bike for you.

I actually rode the previous iteration of the Riverside bike as my commuter ride for over two years and it was great. It’s simple, relatively light and pretty nippy.

Designed for short-distance rides on either gravel or the road, this Riverside model is brilliant for helping you make the transition from road to trail in a flash.

You can change easily between its six speeds using a single grip shifter, while the stem is height-adjustable, so you can change however you like to maximise comfort while cycling.

Buy it here

Indi ATB 1 Mens Mountain Bike (£100.00)

The cheapest of the five, this design from Indi comes with six gears to help you up steeper stretches, while its V-brakes are made for controlled and confident braking.

Its rigid forks make this a particularly sturdy bike, too, as does its 19” steel frame, which makes for strong, reliable cycles.

Buy it here

Or – Have You Considered a Second-hand Bike?

Of course, not every student can afford to fork out hundreds of pounds for a new bikes, so if you find you’re in the same boat, second-hand bikes may present you with a welcome and considerably cheaper alternative.

Websites like Gumtree and Bikesoup are full of bargains from people wanting to get rid of their own bikes, and allow you to specialise your search to suit your needs if you have a more specific taste.

Tell Us Your Favourite Bike For Students in the Comments Below!

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