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Best Hipster Bikes: Top 3 Bicycles for the City

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Although the definition of a hipster has always been quite loose (think counter-culture, the latest trends, vintage clothes, beards and thick-rimmed glasses) they do have a connection with cycling.

Cycling might even be the “official” mode of transportation for the hipster. Being counterculture, hipsters generally shun cars for the more environmentally friendly, fashionable bicycle. The traditional image of a hipster usually involves them riding through town in vintage clothes atop an equally vintage bicycle.

Although sometimes used as a pejorative term, hipsters have done a great deal to boost the popularity of cycling, especially amongst younger people.

What Bikes Do Hipsters Ride?

Hipsters are big fans of fixies (fixed gear bikes). These single-speed, coaster bikes fit with the vintage aesthetic of the everyday hipster and are part of their image. Fixed gear bikes are even mentioned on Wikipedia as being associated with hipsters!

Cruisers are also popular amongst the hipster crowd, despite their weight and the challenges associated with riding them uphill. Dutch bikes (with their laid-back riding positions and step-through frames) are also favoured by hipsters. Hipsters love anything retro; music, clothes, films – so any bike with a vintage look usually appeals.

Why Do Hipsters Ride Fixies?

The biggest reason that hipsters ride fixies is their classic design. Fixies are the oldest type of bicycle and therefore pack the most vintage appeal, which is crucial to the hipster aesthetic. Moreover, fixies represent a different, “counter-culture” alternative to other bicycles.

There are more practical reasons to own a fixie, of course. These bikes are exceptionally light, offer a more rigorous workout and tend to be quite cheap. They’re also much simpler to run and don’t require any maintenance or many accessories. That fits with the “simplified” lifestyle of the hipster, which rejects consumerism.

Stylish fixies encapsulate so much of the hipster image/lifestyle – it’s no wonder that they’re so popular!

Hipster Bicycle Brands

Given the popularity of cycling amongst hipsters, it should come as no surprise to learn that there are quite a few hipster-orientated brands. Retrospec and Raleigh are both popular for their fixed gear bikes. Hipsters who prefer cruisers often opt for Sixthreezero or Firmstrong.

Any brand that offers retro-look bikes will go down well with the hipster crowd. Although not as common as standard fixies, single gear electric bikes are also gaining traction in the community. Anything from the Quella Collection (especially the super vintage Cambridge) tends to be popular. Many hipsters simply source their bicycles from the second hand market.

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Best Hipster Bikes [Top 3]

  1. Raleigh Propaganda [REVIEW]
  2. Harper Plus Fixie [REVIEW]
  3. Sixthreezero EVRYjourney [REVIEW]

1. Raleigh Propaganda


✅ Fixed gear

✅ Two colour options

✅ Lightweight 14kg frame

Price (approximate):

  • 🇬🇧 £500
  • 🇺🇸 $585
  • 🇪🇺 €585

With its single speed, retro stylings and jaunty colour scheme, the Propaganda is the perfect hipster bike. It comes in two colours, but if you’re after that all-important hipster vibe there’s really no good reason not to choose blue. The classic leather look on the handlebars and saddle add to the vintage appeal, as does the trim around the wheels. Bikes don’t get more retro than this.

In Raleigh’s own words, the Propaganda was designed with pure simplicity in mind. It’s stripped back, lightweight and streamlined enough to nip through traffic on the daily commute. Fixies are all about convenience, and this is a bike that you can just hop on and off and then forget about. There’s no complex maintenance, no accessories; everything you need is already here.

Raleigh might be the most popular hipster brand of all. The company stays in touch with its classic British heritage and nails the retro look like few others. At £500 this isn’t the cheapest bike you’ll find on the list, but it’s crafted using quality materials and represents a long term investment. 

Its lightness makes it ideal for commuters, but the Propaganda is extremely versatile. Fixies provide a notoriously fun and exhilarating ride – making this the perfect choice for weekends spent out in nature.

Raleigh Propaganda Colours:

2. Harper Plus Fixie


✅ High tensile steel frame

✅ Commuter tires

✅ Internal cable routing

Price (approximate):

  • 🇬🇧 £315
  • 🇺🇸 $369
  • 🇪🇺 €369

Another fixed gear bike with simplicity at the heart of its agenda, the Harper is about as classic as it gets. It comes in a range of colours including the super retro “coastal blue,” perfect for the hipster in all of us. The frame is lightweight and sleek but it’s the treadless steering system that really sets this bike apart. It makes for a precise and stable ride, something that can be absent from fixies.

Beneath that simple design lie some fantastic innovations. The high tensile steel frame is engineered for durability and effective airflow; this bike will soar along with minimal wind resistance. Meanwhile, the commuter tyres offer solid traction with great feedback from the road and the internal cable routing means little to no maintenance.

Small details like the sealed cartridge bearing hubs (which protect delicate parts from dirt/rubble as you ride) and integrated chain tensioners (to maintain chain tension and cut maintenance) complete the package. The tyres are commuter by default and this bike is ideal for navigating traffic. 

Leather look handlebars and saddle wind the clock back to a bygone era. With its vintage aesthetic and more modern innovations, the Harper manages to exist between two worlds, making it excellent value for money.

Harper Plus Fixie Colours:

3. Sixthreezero EVRYjourney


✅ Multiple gear choices

✅ Aluminium frame

✅ 26 inch wheels

Price (approximate):

  • 🇬🇧 £515
  • 🇺🇸 $600
  • 🇪🇺 €600

It isn’t difficult to see why this super stylish, super retro cruiser is so popular amongst the hipster crowd. Its stylings fit the hipster aesthetic perfectly and it’s available in single speed, 3, 7 or even 21 speed gear. Being a cruiser, it is a little heavier than the other bikes on the list but this is to be expected and is somewhat offset by the lightweight aluminium frame.

26 inch wheels and 2 inch semi-slick tires offer an extremely stable ride. Cruisers can sometimes feel a little cumbersome but that certainly isn’t the case with the EVRYjourney. The fixed gear version is also safer than your average fixie: it comes with rear as well as front brakes.

The matching fender and rear rack make it easy to add a basket if necessary and the cushioned saddle is exceptionally comfortable. Cruisers are popular amongst hipsters who want to zip around urban areas in style without sacrificing retro aesthetics and that classic, throwback look.

Better still, the EVRYjourney comes with a one year warranty as default, but you can upgrade to the forever warranty for additional peace of mind. With so many gear choices, colour customisation and a price that won’t break the bank, the EVRYjourney is the perfect hipster choice.

Sixthreezero EVRYjourney Colours:

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