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Best Fixed-Gear Bikes in the World (Top 12 Fixies Ranked)

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Fixies fill bike paths and streets across the globe at current and are known for their simplicity and affordability. Moreover, they are a well regarded choice among urban commuters.

However, they don’t have to be seen as just a mode of transport: they can also be beautiful works of art, as we’ll explore in this post.

Best Fixie Bikes

  1. Ribble Urban 725s

    A sleek and versatile bike designed for city commuting and urban exploration. Its steel frame offers a smooth ride.

  2. Santafixie Raval Matte Black

    A minimalist fixed-gear bike, perfect for city riding and commuting. Its all-black finish gives it a sleek look.

  3. State Bicycle Co. – The Elliston Deluxe

    A stylish and comfortable commuter bike with a vintage-inspired design and modern components.

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Why Are Fixies So Popular?

Arguably fixes have become popular mainly due to their low cost, therefore affordability to both buy and run. As well as their stylish reputation among trendy commuters in urban areas.

Equally, because they are such a basic bike mechanically, they are easier than others to maintain, therefore are an attractive prospect to those who want a low maintain bicycle to fit around their busy lifestyle.

How to Turn a Fixie Into a Single Speed?

If you’d like to turn your fixie into a single speed to be able to freewheel then you’ll firstly need to either: buy a free hub mechanism that can screw onto your existing fixed gear hub. Alternatively, you could buy a new wheel with a free wheel mechanism built into the hub.

However, if you already have a rear wheel that has a flip-flop hub then you can simply switch the side of the wheel you are using to then convert your fixie into a single speed. It’s worth noting that upon doing this you should also add a rear brake if you don’t already have one fitted.

What is a Flip-Flop Hub?

A flip-flop hub is a hub which on one side has a fixed gear sprocket and on the other side has a single speed sprocket which allows you to free wheel.

This means that using one wheel your bicycle can easily be swapped from a fixie to a single speed and vice versa. Therefore improving the versatility of your bicycle for a low cost.

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Best Fixed-Gear Bikes (Top 12 Beautiful Fixies)

Be ready to feast your eyes on our top pick of the most beautiful fixed gear, as well as single speed, bikes in the world. There’s a great mix of minimalist, vintage and loud designs for all to chose from.

There is also a range of prices within our list to cater to everyones budgets and needs: a beautiful bike doesn’t always have to be an expensive one!

1. Ribble Urban 725s

  • UK Flag £599
  • US Flag $702
  • EU Flag €804

Prices are approximate

Designed and hand assembled at their HQ in the North West of England, the Urban 725s is Ribble’s entry into the trendy and ever growing fixie scene.

Made from using Reynolds 725 steel tubing and painted in grey as standard, this completely customisable fixie offers personalisation as well as the ability to put your own style and stamp on your bike for an added cost.

Furthermore, the bike is fitted as standard with a flip-flop hub, a set of front and rear Tektro brakes and Schwalbe G-One Allround 40c tyres complete with stylish tan sidewalls top off the bikes fashionable look.

2. Santafixie Raval Matte Black

  • UK Flag £435
  • US Flag $490
  • EU Flag €595

Prices are approximate

Designed as well as assembled in Barcelona, this minimalistic yet beautiful piece of kit has been fashioned from lightweight aluminium 6061 to create the ultimate speed machine for all fixie lovers.

First off, the all over matte black finish creates a very chic stealth aesthetic, which is certainly very trendy and desirable. Sometimes less is more, which is certainly the case for this bold look.

However, you can chose two other colours of frame if stealth black is not your style. Also the fixie comes complete with a flip-flop hub and both a rear and front brake. Additionally, this fixie also comes in at only 9.5kg.

3. State Bicycle Co. – The Elliston Deluxe

  • UK Flag £350
  • US Flag $415
  • EU Flag €470

Prices are approximate

Based around a classic vintage city bike style, and a great choice for commuters, the Elliston Deluxe is a real eye catching single speed that is made from steel for comfort and durability.

Visually, this beautiful bike comes in a classy matte black with a faux leather brown saddle and handle bar grips and chrome components. A real treat for the eyes. Very fittingly the bike is also equipped with mudguards and two pannier racks to add to the vintage appearance.

In addition, the bicycle has a coaster brake and has many optional extra accessories to chose from  such as a kickstand or basket or if you so wish.

4. Sole Bicycles – The Purple Cheetah

  • UK Flag £334
  • US Flag $397
  • EU Flag €449

Prices are approximate

The Purple Cheetah has been designed in Venice Beach, California and the frame and forks have both been crafted using hi tensile steel which has been fully tig welded together.

Radiating major eighties disco vibes with its funky purple and white paint job, yellow KMC chain that’s paired with a glamorous cheetah print saddle and bar tape that’s wrapped on classic style drop bars. A very fun nod to the past.

Additionally, there is an option to chose added extras such as lights and lock. As standard the fixie is also fitted with a flip-flop hub as well as both a front and back brake.

5. Sole Bicycles – The Admiral II

  • UK Flag £223
  • US Flag $264
  • EU Flag €299

Prices are approximate

Firstly, if you prefer understated this will not be your cup of tea. The Admiral II is a real bling statement. Built using hi tensile tig welded steel, this fixie was built for cruising around on in style and with comfort.

Aesthetically this fixie is a very bold statements and will for sure turn heads. The white frame and tyres contrast greatly with the distinctly flamboyant gold chainset and chain. Moreover, the few accents of blue on the rims and on the frame add to the loud look.

Furthermore, The Admiral II also benefits from having a flip-flop hub with a sealed bearing as well as front and rear alloy dual pivot brakes.

6. 6KU Shelby 4

  • UK Flag £341
  • US Flag $384
  • EU Flag €466

Prices are approximate

The 6KU Shelby 4’s forks and frame have been crafted from high tensile steel that has been fully tig welded together in order to produce a smooth ride quality. Equally, the geometry has been designed with comfort and simplicity in mind.

Furthermore, the look of this fixie is very striking with a stealth black frame, and componentry, with a  bright pop of colour from the blue 30mm deep alloy rims, contrasting beautifully to make a quirky yet smart looking fixie.

Additionally, the bike has also been fitted with a synthetic black saddle to add to the high end feel, both front and rear brakes and a 32H Quando flip-flop hub to improve upon versatility.

7. Polo and Bike CMNDR C04

  • UK Flag £512
  • US Flag $577
  • EU Flag €700

Prices are approximate

If bright and vibrant is your thing then this is without a doubt the single speed that was made for you. The super funky CMNDR C04 has been crafted using Chromoly 4130 for the frame and P&B’s carbon for the forks to increase stiffness and reduce weight.

Aesthetically this is a bike that you’d be happy to hang on the wall at home as a modern art instillation with its wonderfully cheerful orange juxtaposed against sleek black componentry.

Moreover, the frame is fitted with two brakes and has been designed for speed with its sloping top tube. As well as that, the bike weighs 9.25kg, making it a good choice for those wanting to effortlessly speed around the city.

8. State Bicycle Co. – Rigby

  • UK Flag £298
  • US Flag $360
  • EU Flag €400

Prices are approximate

Undeniably a vintage lovers dream, the Rigby fixie from the State Bicycle Co. is every bit a classic style fixie. Fashioned from durable steel, this bike offers a stable and smooth ride quality that won’t break the bank.

Finished in a beautiful deep navy blue contrasting against the cream rims and tan side wall tyres as well as classic faux leather brown saddle and grips, it’s hard not to totally fall in love with this trendy looking.

Componentary wise, the Rigby benefits from both a rear and front brake, flip -lop hub as well as a plethora of extra customisable accessory options. Therefore understandably, the bike has racked up an impressive amount of five star reviews from happy customers.

9. Santafixie Raval Raw 60mm

  • UK Flag £406
  • US Flag $509
  • EU Flag €588

Prices are approximate

From the off, it’s hard not to notice that the Santafixie Raval fixed bike is a minimalists dream. Designed in Barcelona the frame and forks have been fabricated from 6061 aluminium, thus being a lightweight and strong all round option.

Notably, the frame is available in four different simplistic yet chic colours, which includes a very eye-catching chrome. Similarly, there is also the option of four different styles of bars in order to cater to your specific desires.

Mechanically, the bicycle is fitted with a flip-flop hub as standard as well as front and rear brakes. It’s also important to note that this bike weighs in at a very impressive 9.5kg.

10. Sole Bicycles – The Whaler II

  • UK Flag £223
  • US Flag $264
  • EU Flag €299

Prices are approximate

Available in four different sizes, the Whaler II is a fun and quirky fixie that consists of a fully tig welded steel frame as well as forks which produces a smooth and comfortable ride.

Aesthetically this bicycle is available in a striking deep blue which is accompanied by stand out white ‘deep dish’ 45mm rims and matching white tyres. A very bold yet beautiful statement bike.

Suitably, the Whaler II also comes equipped with both a front and back brake as well as a flip-flop rear hub to swap from fixed gear to single speed with ease. There’s also a plethora of optional extras to choose from including lights.

11. Quella Bicycle Varsity Edinburgh

  • UK Flag £512
  • US Flag $577
  • EU Flag €700

Prices are approximate

The beautiful light grey Varsity Edinburgh Premium fixie has been carefully crafted from chromoly (also known as chromium molybdenum steel) which is stronger than normal steel, thus improving the durability of the frame set.

Moreover, this bicycle is rather retro looking with its quintessential vintage aesthetic, including vegan friendly faux leather brown bar tape, bullhorn bars and chrome finishing kit.

Fortunately, this bike also benefits from having a flip-flop rear wheel fitted as standard. As well as a front and back Radius alloy dual pivot calliper brakes. Meaning you don’t have to add a back brake when changing from the freewheel to the fixed wheel.

12. Sole Bicycles – The OFW II

  • UK Flag £193
  • US Flag $226
  • EU Flag €259

Prices are approximate

Designed in Venice Beach, California, the OFW II offers a vibrant and fun take on a classic fixie frame. The frame and forks are made from steel, which is highly regarded by many as one of the comfiest bicycle frame materials.

Additionally the bike also comes in four different sizes and with a flip-flop rear wheel, therefore allowing for both a fixed gear and free wheel set up. Which is a good addition for those wanting the benefit of both at different times.

Moreover, the bicycle also has a front and rear brake as well as the option for added extras which can include: lights, lock and bottle cages.

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