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7 Reasons You’ll Probably Own an E-Bike in the Next 10 Years (If You Don’t Already)

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There’s a revolution in the world of transport.

The electric bike, or e-bike, has exploded in popularity in the ever-evolving urban mobility landscape.

We’re sure that if you don’t have one already, in the next 10 years, you will have at least considered buying one. 

Let’s look closely at seven reasons why you’ll probably own an e-bike in the next decade.

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1. E-Bikes Will Help You Save Money

The cost of running a car is becoming astronomical, and for many people, it’s not justifiable anymore. Insurance, fuel, and maintenance: the costs are going through the roof, and money is going out the window.

E-bikes, on the other hand, are comparatively cheap. While they can be a bit pricey upfront, the costs of keeping one pales in comparison to a car. 

Charging an e-bike? It’s as simple as removing the battery and plugging it into the mains like you would your phone. Think about that next time you’re filling your tank.

When it comes to longevity, they’ve also got a pretty decent life span, and your trips to the mechanic are likely to be fairly rare. This isn’t just saving you money, but time as well.

We could all afford to save a bit, and a car is starting to become, for many of us, a luxury that we can’t afford, especially now that there are other options. As more of us realize this, we will start looking at e-bikes as the logical alternative. 

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2. There Are Tax Breaks & Subsidies for E-Bike Use

With a global push for sustainable transport, governments and councils are seeing massive potential when it comes to electric vehicles.

All over the world, there are various tax breaks, subsidies, and initiatives designed to facilitate the purchase and use of e-bikes. 

Take France, for instance. Did you know the French Government will actually subsidize the cost of an e-bike by up to €4000 for people who trade in their gas-powered cars?

That’s nothing to scoff at. Bikes and e-bikes bring great benefits to the community both locally and globally. This scheme isn’t the only one, so expect to see one popping up near you in the next few years if you haven’t already.

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3. E-Bikes Have Great Range

Almost none of us are quite as fit and healthy as we would like to be, and while we might be able to handle a few kilometers on a regular bike, our range is a bit limited.

But why is this important? In short, e-bikes can help us to travel further. And we’re not talking a few more blocks.

Did you know that many e-bikes have a range of over 100km, some even doubling that?

Distances that the average Joe could only drive can now be covered on two wheels with relative ease. Can you imagine living 50 km away from work and commuting by bike? The fact is, it isn’t some utopian ideal anymore.

Even within cities, e-bikes allow us to live further away from centers while having the freedom to travel at our own rate. Longer commuting distances are evermore practical by bike, and with cycle infrastructure improving simultaneously, it’s a win-win for mobility. Put like this, they just make sense. 

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4. E-Bikes Are Breaking Stereotypes

Save for a few major cities and countries, biking carries some preconceptions and stereotypes. Whether it’s the Spandex-laden athlete, the weekend warrior, or the fitness fanatic, they’ve all got one thing in common: it’s seen as a strenuous activity.

While we don’t deny that there’s exercise involved, and that’s a great thing, biking doesn’t have to carry the association of blood, sweat, and gears. Thanks to the e-bike, cycling can be sophisticated, inclusive, and, ultimately, accessible.

They’re quietly graceful. You don’t need special clothes or legs like Chris Hoy to benefit greatly from using one. You can arrive at your destination in your regular outfit, presentable, cool, and collected.

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5. E-Bikes Tackle A Health Crisis

It’s no secret that we’re facing several health crises, but did you know that e-bikes are likely to play a big role in the solution?

With more of us living sedentary lifestyles, i.e., sitting and lying down, they make physical exercise accessible! Being and remaining active is a challenge, but electric assistance can make it that little bit more appealing.

Another way of putting it is that it can seem less like exercise, which can be a deterrent. If you cycle to work, you’re living an active lifestyle, even if it’s a short commute. 

Cycling can bring huge health benefits, from an aging population with mobility issues to those tackling obesity. The bottom line is that e-bikes get more people onto bikes, and we all know how great they are for our health.

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6. E-Bikes Can Help You Avoid Traffic

Who doesn’t hate traffic?

With roads full of metal boxes on wheels with just one or two people in them, it can be pretty frustrating when you think about it. 

Cars have an enormous footprint, and we don’t just mean in terms of the environment. They take up a lot of space. Compared to almost every other form of transport, it seems obscene.

Of course, bikes take up less room, but they don’t always match up in capabilities. But for inner-city journeys, e-bikes can quickly provide an alternative. They can go the distance with only a little more effort and can usually integrate with other forms of transport, like buses, trams, and trains.

And bikes do not face the same issues with congestion, not even remotely. 

They’re nimble, easy to maneuver through traffic jams, and take up a fraction of the space that a car would. If you’re fed up with traffic, you’ll consider alternatives to driving, and an e-bike is the most viable solution, hands down.

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7. E-Bikes Are Cool

Despite what some hardcore analog cyclists might say, e-bikes are pretty cool.

They’re not just a mode of transport; they’re a lifestyle choice. Owning an e-bike is a testament to being a considerate, responsible citizen who cares about the environment and the world they want to live in. It’s the vehicle of the future today!

They are the ultimate innovators, transforming the capabilities of urban environments. They’re a conduit for change, a catalyst for a greener, brighter future. And who doesn’t want to be a pioneer when it comes to that?

While they’re definitely trendy, they’re no fad. The way that we move is changing, and e-bikes are at the forefront of a transport revolution.

We will see many developments over the next 10 years, especially with urban mobility

Owning an e-bike won’t just be a niche; it’ll soon become the most efficient way to travel and exercise simultaneously. If you’re living in a city and not seriously considering using one already, you might risk falling to the back of the pack.

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