Fixed-Gear Bike Brands: 18 of the Best Fixie Brands

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Fixies (fixed gear bicycles) are more popular than they’ve ever been. Even though fixies have their own unique set of pros and cons, lots of cyclists are choosing to ditch their freewheel mechanisms.

With more popularity comes more brands. Where once fixies were quite a rare sight on the road, there are nowadays companies all around the world keen to jump on the fixie trend. From luxury brands to more budget offerings, it’s never been easier to find the right fixed gear bicycle to suit your riding preferences and lifestyle.

Whether you’re a fixie devotee or you just want to give these unique bicycles a try, it can be hard to know where to start. Join us as we take a look at the biggest and best fixie brands in the world, where they’re based and what they offer.

Why Fixed-Gear Bikes Are Great

Fixie lovers will tell you that these bikes are great because they are so much fun! They allow you to take to the road unfettered, making for a faster, more agile and more natural ride without any of the distractions of other bicycles.

Fixed gear bikes are undoubtedly quick and many cyclists simply consider them more fun. They are also associated with a retro aesthetic that harks back to the early days of cycling, so they deliver a much needed dose of nostalgia in today’s modern world. Another benefit of fixies is reduced maintenance. They contain fewer parts so require less upkeep.

These bikes will also make you a better cyclist as they force you to perfect your pedalling technique. They can help you get fitter too (providing a unique challenge on hills!). Fixies are favoured by Olympic athletes for how they improve their technique.


Where to Buy Fixies

Since they’re so popular, you’ll find fixies in most cycling stores around the world. This is useful if you’ve never ridden one before because the experience is quite different and can be challenging to the uninitiated. A test ride is recommended. 

Many brands specialise in fixies but depending on where you’re located it might not be easy to find a stockist. In this case, buying online is your best option. Most companies offer international shipping at reasonable rates and heading online significantly widens the amount of choice.

International shipping also means that you’ll have to take customs fees into account but if you have your heart set on a specific fixie or brand then it might be your only choice. Of course, research is essential if you’re planning to buy a fixie without giving it a test ride first, so pay close attention to the specs and reviews.

Best Fixed-Gear Bike Brands

We’ve put together this list of the best fixie brands based on how many bikes they offer, build quality, features and price. Some brands offer what might be considered the “classic” fixie with accompanying retro stylings, others are more modern.

Although fixies are famed for their simplicity (and this is one of their unique selling points) that hasn’t stopped the companies on this list from innovating and enhancing the classic design.

The brands listed here are based around the world so local stockists might not always be available. In those cases, we’ve given international shipping information. Most of the companies offer a wide and ever expanding list of fixies with different features, designs and price points. You’ll be able to find both budget friendly and more premium options if you take a deeper dive into their catalogues.


1. Sole Bicycles

Founded in California, Sole Bikes encapsulate everything we love about the East Coast with a laid back, beach lifestyle vibe. The bikes are uniquely styled with a Californian surfer aesthetic that’s instantly recognisable. Although the range is wide, the bikes are all in the same price bracket so you won’t feel like you’ve compromised by buying a budget model.

Delivery is another highlight. All Sole bikes ship 90% assembled and the company offers a flat fee for international shipping. The models are semi-customisable, too (you can choose a custom frame size and select add-ons like kickstands and drop handlebars). Sole is one of the leading fixie manufacturers in the world so you can’t really go wrong here.

Why We Like Sole Bicycles

All the models are similarly priced.

Lots of customisation options to get the perfect bike.

Unique stylings to suit anybody’s tastes.


  • Based in US
  • International shipping is available at a flat rate of $45 but only to Canada, Alaska and Hawaii.

Sole Bicycles Stockists

  • Stocked in a range of US dealerships including Fit2Run, Local Bike Shop NFK and Target.

2. Santafixie

Another big name brand, Santafixie is famous for its fixies and offers a wide range. From the ultra modern stylings of the Raval Raw to the more retro Anthozoa, there’s a bike for everybody. Occupying a mid range price bracket, the models should suit any budget. Santafixie is renowned for its high build quality with premium materials, aluminium frames and attention to detail.

Although there aren’t as many customisation options as you would get with a Sole bike, you can still choose your handlebar style. The company frequently has sales, so if you can’t find the bike you want for a suitable price today, consider checking back in the future. Better still, Santafixie offers a long list of international shipping locations for a reasonable price.

Why We Like Santafixie

Lots of different styles and models.

Mid-range price bracket to suit everyone.

One of the best for international shipping.

Santafixie Shipping

  • Based in Spain
  • International shipping is available to a long list of countries including most of Europe, the UK and US. Custom duties apply.

Santafixie Stockists

  • Only available directly from the brand.

3. Quella

Quella is an excellent alternative to some of the bigger brands listed here. They offer four fixie ranges: the retro styled Varsity, the ultra-modern Stealth, the Nero and the Electric Collection. You can even contact the company directly to order a custom build, a service that not many other fixie brands offer. A British brand, Quella started trading just after the 2012 UK Olympics, inspired by the success of the cycling teams there (the company has since won the UK Street Velodrome cycling series twice).

The company’s focus is on urban cycling, so their bikes are agile, streamlined and designed with fun in mind. Quella bikes are also highly customisable; you can add everything from bottle holders to bike locks and inner tubes.

Why We Like Quella

Wide and varied range of fixies.

One of the most customisable brands.

Designed with on the road fun in mind.

Quella Shipping

  • Based in UK
  • International shipping is available to countries in the EU within 2-5 working days.

Quella Stockists

  • Quella is widely stocked including in Halfords, Santafixie and Road Bike Shop

14 More Great Fixed-Gear Bike Brands

BrandBasedWhat They Do
State Bicycle Co🇺🇸One of the more retro styled brands, State Bicycle Co offers the “classic” fixie look. These nostalgically designed bikes are renowned for their smooth rides both on and off the road.
Polo And Bike🇪🇸Polo And Bike was one of the first companies to specialise in fixies and has since risen to prominence across Europe. They offer fully completed bikes or framesets depending on your needs/budget.
Fuji Bikes🇯🇵Fuji offers an exceptional range of bikes, all of which are well made and affordable. As one of the biggest manufacturers and distributors in the world, their gear is easy to source.
6KU🇬🇧6KU offers some of the cheaper fixies on the list, but they don’t compromise on quality or build. The company also offers exceptionally quick delivery and free shipping on their bikes.
Derail🇬🇧Sleek and stylish, Derail bikes are some of the most modern looking fixies that you’ll find. The brand doesn’t deliver direct but is widely available through popular stockists like Santafixie.
FabricBike🇪🇸Although they only offer three models, each one is so unique that FabricBike fixies are well worth your time. The bikes are customisable and come in budget, midrange and premium price brackets.
Ribble Bikes🇬🇧Ribble is one of the oldest bike manufactures in the world and their expertise shows. Their bikes are on the expensive side but each model is hand built to a high-end specification using only premium materials.
Genesis🇬🇧Another premium offering, Genesis fixies will set you back but they’re certainly worth the price. They’re uniquely engineered with differing grades of alloy to adjust ride quality according to surface.
B’Twin🇫🇷Owned and distributed by Decathlon, B’Twin bikes are easy to find, high quality and accessibly priced for any budget. Many of their fixies come with flip-flop hubs, making them more versatile.
Condor🇬🇧As well as stocking a wide range of cycling apparel and gear, Condor offers some of the most innovative fixies on the market. Made from only the most modern materials, the bikes retain a classic look but are renowned for their ride quality.
Bombtrack🇩🇪Bombtrack prides itself on making fun bikes at an affordable price. Their fixies are no exception and the brand also does a lot by way of cycling lifestyle, including blogs, community projects and videos.
Orro🇬🇧A heritage brand, Orro has been around for a long time, so it’s no surprise that their fixies really nail the retro aesthetic. Their fixie is lightweight and agile, perfect for city living.
Steed Bikes🇬🇧Steed Bikes specialise in fixies and it shows. Their bikes have won countless awards, the range is wide enough to suit any taste and reasonably priced. Elegant styling ensures that you’ll stand out on the road.
BLB 🇬🇧Offering some of the most beautiful bikes on the list, BLB has got fixie design down to fine art. Their bikes are more than just beautiful, though, featuring high grade materials and premium builds.
Retrospec🇺🇸Retrospec offers international shipping on its range of budget friendly fixies. Unusually, they also offer a folding bike version – one of only a small number of brands to do so.

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