Best Leather Bike Saddles [Top 5 Stylish Bicycle Seats]

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Nobody wants to sit on an uncomfortable bike saddle. Stating the obvious much? Probably, but aside from being a figurative pain in the backside, it can cause real long-term injuries if you’re not sitting comfortably while you ride.

What ‘comfortable’ means to you may be different to what it means to every other cyclist, of course. Does it mean an anatomical bike saddle? Are leather bike seats your port of call? Or are you a sucker for a different kind of chic bike seat?

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Whatever your preference, you’re bound to find something just right for you here, as we rattle through five top picks for a comfortable bike saddle. Let’s get into it…

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Top 3: Chic Bike Seats

Vintage Saddle
Brooks England B67 HONEY
Quirky Style
Cinelli Scatto Saddle, Araldo, One Size
Brooks England B67 Saddle
Cinelli Scatto Saddle
Vintage Saddle
Brooks England B67 HONEY
Brooks England B67 Saddle
Quirky Style
Cinelli Scatto Saddle, Araldo, One Size
Cinelli Scatto Saddle

Most Stylish Leather Bicycle Seats

1. Brooks England Men’s B67 Aged Saddle (£108.99)

The iconic Brooks leather saddle

  • A classic brown leather bike saddle
  • Classically sprung for added comfort
  • Available in two shades, “aged” or brighter “honey”

This vintage, soft leather design from Brooks England offers instant comfort and is perfect for both urban cyclists on their daily commutes or for more leisurely rides.

The handmade B67 is classically sprung, too, meaning that not only will you feel comfortable straight away, you’ll feel an extreme level of comfort unmatched by most of its competitors. A superb choice for a chic bike saddle which both looks and feels great.

Brooks England Men's B67 Aged Saddle
  • Vegetable Tanned Leather Top-Tubular Rivets
  • Frame in Chromium Plated Steel
  • L260xw205x73mm

2. Cinelli Scatto Saddle (£44.99)

A quirky saddle design built for performance

  • Made from synthetic leather
  • 3 different fun patterns available
  • Comfortable and aero-dynamic

Available in three different designs – ‘Araldo’, ‘C-Smile’ or ‘Caleido’, the Cinelli Scatto Saddle is crafted with synthetic leather and comes with a padded upper cover.

A great choice for bikes on or off-road, it offers much in the way of sturdiness, so don’t be deterred from sitting on it for even the toughest rides, and its two rail seat posts make it compatible with virtually any type of bicycle.

Cinelli Scatto Saddle
  • The Cinelli Scatto Saddle features a time-proven, comfortable shape and synthetic leather covered padded upper
  • Suitble for off or on road bikes of choice
  • The Scatto is a well-loved saddle ready for even the toughest rides

3. DEWIN Vintage PU Leather Bike Seat (No products found.)

A cheap but stylish faux-leather bicycle saddle

  • Made from polyurethane (PU) leather
  • Sturdy design that’s comfortable for long rides
  • Two metal springs for added comfort

Finally, this DEWIN brown leather bike saddle may be the cheapest on our list but is by no means lacking in quality. An ergonomic design boasting vintage leather, this saddle feels instantly comfortable, and will stay so no matter how long your ride lasts.

The gear groove on the two sides of the seat clamp make it adjustable to almost any bike, while the saddle’s side stitching is excellent, lending itself to a simple but effective design. Several rivets fix the edges nicely, while its seat clamp offers a strong, anti-corrosion, shock-resistance effect.

Don’t be fooled by the price – this is still one of the best, most comfortable and reliable leather bike saddles available.

No products found.

4. Brooks England B17 Narrow Saddle (No products found.)

A super chic bike seat

  • Made from durable leather that shapes over time
  • Narrow fit that makes for great performance
  • Available in “honey”, brown or black leather

Another excellent Brooks bike saddle, the B17 is available in various shades of black or brown, and is handmade using century-old techniques and the finest vegetable-tanned leather.

Offering excellent freedom in regards to thigh movement in particular, this is an extremely comfortable Brooks leather saddle, especially ideal for sporting cyclists.

The pores of the leather give this tan bike seat a certain breathability and will keep you cool, while its chrome frame, stainless steel rivets and black steel rails make it supremely durable. The seat bag loop in the back is a nice touch, too – definitely among the best brown bike seats (if that’s your preferred colour, of course).

No products found.

5. Cinelli Unisex Volare Saddle (Price not available)


A comfortable + stylish bike seat

  • Perforated leather outer with technopolymer base
  • Mounted on a chromoly streel rail
  • Multiple designs available

Our second Cinelli recommendation features a striking black and yellow design from internationally-renowned painter and graffiti artist Barry McGee. If chic bike seats are your thing, this is one not to be missed.

The seat itself is covered in lightly-padded eco-leather, which is embossed and coloured with extreme attention to detail.

This stylish bicycle seat also comes with satin steel rails and a calibrated techno polymer base, making it both durable and versatile, too.

Cinelli Unisex's Unicanitor Saddle
  • Black Perforated Leather
  • Inspired from the 1980's Unicanitor design
  • Chromoly rail

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