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Best Dual Battery Electric Bikes: Top 9

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When it comes to electric bikes, those with dual battery options are gaining popularity for their extended range and enhanced performance.

These innovative e-bikes equipped with two batteries provide riders with the freedom to travel longer distances without worrying about running out of power. This can be extremely useful for people who can’t easily charge their batteries or for those who don’t know how long their journey will be.

Having an e-bike with dual battery options gives you a little more freedom and can give you a sense of insurance that you’ll have the power you need to go wherever you need to go (and back!).

In this article, we’ll explore the best dual battery electric bikes available on the market, considering a range of options and highlighting the positive impact of these sustainable transportation options. We’ll also answer some common questions that you might have about dual battery e-bikes.

Best Dual Battery E-Bikes

Looking for an electric bike with dual battery options? Look no further.

  1. himiway rhino white


    Himiway Rhino

    Dual battery off-road e-bike that can tackle the great outdoors.

  2. engwe x-24


    Engwe X24

    All terrain triple suspension foldable e-bike with two batteries.

  3. lectric xpedition cargo e-bike


    Lectric XPedition Cargo Bike

    Incredibly versatile e-bike that can carry all the shopping and drop the kids off at school with ease.

  4. engwe m20 e-bike white


    Engwe M20

    Dual battery e-bike with fat tyres and cool aesthetic.

  5. mihogo lx 4.0 folding bike


    Mihogo LX 4.0

    Dual battery pedelec with loads of intelligent and mobile friendly features.

  6. tern gsd r14 e-bike


    Tern GSD R14

    Award winning premium dual battery cargo bike that is a car killer.

  7. juiced bikes closeout hyperscrambler e-bike


    Juiced Closeout HyperScrambler 2

    A heavy duty moped style e-bike with some serious power.

  8. tern gsd s10 dual battery bike


    Tern GSD S10

    Award winning dual battery cargo e-bike with impressive torque.

  9. lectric xpremium e-bike


    Lectric XPremium

    Value dual battery e-bike that folds into a compact package.

What’s the Point of Having an E-Bike with Two Batteries?

You might be wondering why someone would choose an e-bike with two batteries instead of the usual single-battery option. Well, the primary advantage lies in their extended range.

E-bikes with two batteries have up to twice the battery range of their single battery counterparts. This is especially useful for people who rely on e-bikes for daily commuting, as it provides them with the flexibility to take longer routes and run errands if need be without having to worry about the concern of battery depletion.

You can also expect a greater power output. This can drastically improve the performance capabilities of the battery (and the bike), making steep inclines or challenging terrain a potential breeze. Although, obviously, it doesn’t change what your bike is designed to do. Don’t expect two batteries to suddenly transform your bike into a MTB if it’s a beach cruiser.

Essentially, a dual battery e-bike can draw power from two batteries simultaneously, so you can expect enhanced performance, extended range and flexibility in your rides. They’re not just great for fixed-distance commuting, but they’re only more versatile in that they’re able to cover larger distances.


Dual Battery Electric Bike Benefits

An electric bike with two batteries has loads of benefits. 

Firstly, they’ve got an extended range. Dual battery electric bikes offer extended range, allowing riders to go the extra mile without having to worry about recharging their batteries. This also means you’ll spend less time charging and more time on your bike.

You can also expect an enhanced performance: two batteries are ultimately better than one. With the added power of an extra battery when used in parallel (more on that later), dual battery e-bikes can tackle challenging terrains and steep hills, providing a smoother and more enjoyable riding experience than their single battery equivalents.

They’re also more versatile. Dual battery e-bikes are versatile and suitable for a variety of purposes, from commuting to off-road adventures. They provide the flexibility to explore different terrains and ride for longer periods. You can either use both at the same time, or have the second fully charged -or charging- battery ready to go when the first one is depleted.

Finally, they’re a commuter’s best friend. Having two batteries on your e-bike ensures that you won’t run out of power during your daily commutes. In the real world, you’ll need to make a detour to the shops, or to visit a friend. A dual battery e-bike will be more than happy to accommodate such detours. 


Dual Battery Electric Bike Disadvantages

However, dual battery electric bikes do have some disadvantages.

They’re expensive. This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone, but e-bikes with two batteries cost more than those with one. Whilst you’re getting a range of benefits with that additional battery, it’s not going to be for free. Considering that e-bikes are already more expensive than their analog counterparts, this can be quite an investment indeed.

They’re also heavier. Whether or not you run the two batteries simultaneously, you’re going to have to cycle with the weight of an extra battery. This can negatively impact manoeuvrability and handling.

And, when you’re not on the bike, carrying it becomes more of a task. If you’re living in an apartment without access to an elevator, how easily can you lift your e-bike up? Adding an extra battery to that certainly won’t make things easier.

There’s a variety of dual battery options available, but unfortunately they all share some minor disadvantages.

Dual Battery Electric Bike: Pros + Cons


Extended range

Improved performance capabilities

Versatility for various terrains and purposes

Reliability for real world daily commuting



More expensive

Heavier to cycle, possibly impacting handling and cycling experience

Heavier to carry when not cycling

Best Dual Battery Electric Bikes

Here’s our detailed list of the top 9 dual battery electric bikes.

1. Himiway Rhino

hiimiway rhino dual battery e-bike
hiimiway rhino dual battery colours
hiimiway rhino dual battery gear
  • UK Flag £2,635
  • US Flag $3,200
  • EU Flag €3,030

Prices are approximate

  • Batteries: Dual 48V 15Ah LG lithium batteries.
  • Motor: Hub motor option:1000W brushless gear motor/1000w bafang mid drive motor.
  • Weight: 97lbs. (44kg)
  • Range: 100 miles. (160km)

Great climber.

Comfy fat tyres.

Excellent range.

The Himiway Rhino is an exceptional dual battery off-road electric bike, designed for adventurers who want power and reliability.

With two 48V 15Ah LG lithium batteries, the Himiway Rhino can provide a maximum range of up to 100 miles, so you can go into the great outdoors without any worries or too much of a plan.

In addition to its remarkable dual battery system, the Himiway Rhino boasts a powerful 1000W Bafang mid-drive motor, delivering exceptional torque and acceleration capabilities for climbs.

It’s also got 26″ x 4.5″ fat tires, designed to provide excellent traction and stability, especially on uneven terrains. With these, you can tackle whatever terrain you encounter comfortably.

It’s got some nice accessories included, such as fenders for mud protection and a rear rack for additional storage.

2. Engwe X24

engwe x24 1200w e-bike
engwe x24 colours
  • UK Flag £1,565
  • US Flag $1,900
  • EU Flag €1,800

Prices are approximate

  • Batteries: Battery 1: 48v 19.2ah Lithium-Ion Battery / Battery 2: 48v 10ah Lithium-Ion Battery.
  • Motor: 1200w(peak) High-Speed Brushless Motor.
  • Weight: 92lbs. (41.9kg)
  • Range: 62 miles. (100km)


Foldable for easy storage.

Extremely comfortable ride.

The Engwe X24 seems to have a bit of everything. It’s a dual battery, folding e-bike that’s comfortable and affordable.

With it’s pair of 48v lithium-ion batteries, the bike has an impressive range of up to 62 miles in electric mode. This should be more than enough for day-day use, and will easily cover you for a trip into the countryside.

And when you start to go offroad, you’ll see the X24 really excel. With triple suspension and 26″ fat tyres, you’ll really notice that the bike will absorb loads of the impact for you. It’s a super comfy ride.

With just a few simple steps, you can also fold it within seconds, making it easy to carry and store in tight spaces. Whilst it’s a bit heavy for the commute with public transport, it’s an excellent way to save space, or to tuck into the back of the car for a trip further afield.

Affordable, comfortable, and it can roll with the punches. It’s really an excellent bike.

3. Lectric XPedition Cargo Bike

lectric xpedition cargo bike in use
  • UK Flag £1,545
  • US Flag $1,875
  • EU Flag €1,775

Prices are approximate

  • Batteries: Dual-Battery 48V, 14ah Long-Range lithium-ion batteries.
  • Motor: 750W rear hub-motor (1310W Peak).
  • Weight: 75 lbs. (34kg)
  • Range: Up to 150 miles (241km) with pedal assist, 100miles (160km) with throttle.

Supports up to 440lbs (200kg).

Ultimate transportation solution.

Partly foldable.

The Lectric XPedition is a game-changer for both urban commuters and cargo enthusiasts alike.

The Lectric XPedition is equipped with two 48V 14ah batteries, giving riders an extraordinary range of up to 150 miles on a single charge with pedal assist, and 100 miles with throttle. This will take you to the shops and back without any issues.

And speaking of the shops, carrying your stuff is what this bike does best. With its rugged, reinforced rear rack, this cargo bike has an impressive capacity of up to 200 kg, making it the perfect choice for transporting groceries, camping equipment, or your furry friends. It can even carry your partner or kids, which is something that’s increasingly common in Europe.

With a powerful 1310w motor, riders have ample torque and a top speed of up to 28 mph. It’s also got Tektro hydraulic disc brakes, so expect responsive braking power even when it’s fully loaded.

It’s really an exceptional bike for anyone looking for alternatives to cars in the city. It can handle all the usual stuff a car can, and it does it responsibly.

4. Engwe M20

engwe m20 e-bike blue background
engwe m20 e-bike in use
  • UK Flag £1,320
  • US Flag $1,600
  • EU Flag €1,515

Prices are approximate

  • Batteries: 48V 13Ah Lithium-Ion Battery *2.
  • Motor: 750W Brushless Motor.
  • Weight: 100lbs. (45.9kg)
  • Range: 93 miles +/- (150km)

Comfy fat tyres.

Good acceleration.

Looks great in the city, performs excellently off-road.

The Engwe M20 Dual Battery E-Bike is for discerning individuals who want an e-bike that looks great in the city and performs equally well off-road.

Equipped with two high-capacity lithium-ion batteries, the Engwe M20 boasts a long range of up to 100 miles, ensuring that you can navigate both the rugged off-road trails and the bustling city streets with ease. You’ll never have to worry about running out of power during your adventures.

Speaking of adventures, the Engwe M20 is a true conqueror of untamed paths. Its robust, lightweight aluminum-alloy frame, coupled with high-traction off-road 20″ x 4 fat tyres, enables you to effortlessly tackle challenging terrains.

Yet, don’t be fooled by its rugged capabilities. It’s also got a quietly refined aesthetic that makes it look like a motorbike of the future. It’s high performance and style blended into one.

It’s an excellent all round bike, for the conscious commuter to the trail traverser. A quietly sophisticated, impressive performer.

5. Mihogo LX 4.0

mihogo lx 4.0 folding bike
mihogo lx 4.0 folding bike folded
mihogo lx 4.0 folding bike features
  • UK Flag £1,565
  • US Flag $1,900
  • EU Flag €1,800

Prices are approximate

  • Batteries: 48V12.8AH + 48V16AH (1382WH).
  • Motor: 750W motor integrated in the rear wheel (Peak 1000W).
  • Weight: 82lbs. (37kg)
  • Range: 100 miles.(160km)

Intelligent battery switching.

Automatic light-sensing headlights.

Compact size.

A compact, dual battery e-bike, the Mihogo LX 4.0 is crafted for the discerning commuter.

With two 48v batteries and a 750w motor, it’s got more than enough juice to send you around the city and back for work. And for those who are range anxious, it’s even got an intelligent battery management system and will automatically switch between the two batteries.

Speaking of intelligence, this bike is packed full of smart features. From automatic light-sensing headlights to a proximity unlocking system and data analytics, it’s the e-bike of the 21st century.

It’s compact and agile, allowing you to navigate congested city streets with ease. It’s also got some ergonomic features, such as light suspension, that ensure a comfortable ride, meaning the daily commute doesn’t have to be such a chore.

It’s a bike that adapts to your performance, and is really an exceptionally clever piece of technology. It’s features are really useful, and whilst it isn’t the most powerful on this list, it doesn’t need to be. It’s designed for an urban environment, and in this, it excels. And, if that wasn’t enough, it also isn’t too expensive.


6. Tern GSD R14

tern gsd r14 e-bike blue background
tern gsd r14 in use
tern gsd r14 fork
tern gsd r14 back wheel
  • UK Flag £6,600
  • US Flag $8,000
  • EU Flag €7,500

Prices are approximate

  • Batteries: Bosch Dual Battery system, 500 Wh or 1000 Wh.
  • Motor: Bosch Cargo Line, 400% Assist.
  • Weight: 82lbs. (37kg)
  • Range: 128 miles. (206km)

Top-of-the-range product.

Great range.

Mess-free belt drive.

The GSD R14 from Tern is more than just an electric bike, it’s a testament to the pinnacle of craftsmanship and innovation.

With the costs of running a car rising, the GSD R14 is the alternative family vehicle. Once an idea of the past, this dual battery cargo bike makes this previously utopian idea a possibility.

At its core, the Tern GSD R14 has a unique Grosch dual battery system that sets it apart from the competition. With its two high-capacity batteries, it delivers an impressive range of over 100 miles on a single charge, allowing you to traverse long distances with complete confidence.

But what makes the Tern GSD R14 such a great alternative to a car? Its spacious cargo hold is excellent, allowing you to carry loads of up to 180 kg, making it a truly viable option for daily errands and family trips.

Worried about space for storage? It can even be parked vertically, meaning that on the street and at home its footprint remains small.

There’s no denying it’s expensive, but it’s an excellent investment, and is extremely popular with its users. With modern features and premium materials, it’s an excellent purchase for those looking to reduce their car dependency.

7. Juiced Closeout HyperScrambler 2

juiced hyperscrambler 2 blue background
juiced hyperscrambler 2 in use
juiced hyperscrambler 2 battery
juiced hyperscrambler 2 handlebar monitor
juiced hyperscrambler 2 handlebars
juiced hyperscrambler 2 colours
  • UK Flag £2,550
  • US Flag $3,099
  • EU Flag €2,935

Prices are approximate

  • Batteries: G2 52V/19.2Ah batteries x 2.
  • Motor: 1000w Retroblade motor.
  • Weight: 119lbs. (54kg)
  • Range: 100+ miles. (160km)


Front and rear suspension.

Top speeds of 30+ mp/h.

The Closeout HyperScrambler 2 from Juiced is an embodiment of raw power.

For the thrill seekers, look no further. With two giant 52v batteries and a 1,000 retroblade motor, it can reach some serious speeds of 30+ mp/h, and can sustain them! It’s really capable of enormous bursts of energy, and can accelerate like no other.

It’s also got an impressive range of 100+ miles, meaning that for when you don’t know the road ahead of you, this monster of an e-bike has you covered.

It comes with some great features as standard, such as sideview mirrors, integrated turn lights and brake signals, meaning you can navigate the streets safely. So, it’s not just powerful, but it’s also very safe.

The HyperScrambler 2 is a lifestyle statement. It’s not just an e-bike, it’s more of a sustainable motorbike that can take you where you need to go with no issues. And, you’ll look good on your way there too.

8. Tern GSD S10

tern gsd s1o dual battery bike
tern gsd s1o dual battery bike colours
  • UK Flag £4,790
  • US Flag $5,800
  • EU Flag €5,500

Prices are approximate

  • Batteries: Bosch dual-battery system (400/900 Wh).
  • Motor: Bosch® Cargo Line Motor.
  • Weight: 74lbs. (33.6kg)
  • Range: 121 miles. (195km)

Extremely popular.

10 speed.

85 Nm of torque.

Our second on the list from Tern, the GSD S10 is the more affordable younger sibling of the R14.

Don’t be mistaken into thinking this is a cheap bike, it isn’t. There’s no compromising when it comes to the build quality of this bike.

It’s got an excellent dual battery system from Bosch, as well as the Cargo Line motor found in the R14. With 85 Nm of torque, it’s got excellent carrying power, and will easily carry groceries and your kids (and more!).

It can still manage over 100 miles on a single charge, which is always impressive. Consider it not just an electric bike, but a lifestyle-changing alternative to a car.

It’s reliable, comfortable, and with its impressive carrying capacity, is another great ‘car-killer’. Whilst it might not have some of the bells and whistles of the R14, it’s still an excellent option for a serious dual battery e-bike that is functional, practical, and oh-so trendy.

9. Lectric XPremium

lectric xpremium dual battery
lectric xpremium
  • UK Flag £1,462
  • US Flag $1,777
  • EU Flag €1,681

Prices are approximate

  • Batteries: Two 48V lithium ion batteries.
  • Motor: 500W (800W Peak) mid-drive motor.
  • Weight: 75lbs (34kg)
  • Range: 100+ miles (160km) w/ pedal assist, 50+ (80km) with throttle.

Great value.


Can fold for convenience and portability.


Our second model from Lectric, the XPremium is a wonderfully affordable choice that is a great all rounder.

With two 48v batteries (impressive for its size!) and a 500W motor, it packs a punch, especially considering its rather compact design.

It’s got a range of up to 100 miles when used with the pedal assist, which is more than enough for daily journeys. There’s no need for range anxiety!

It also folds into a modest size of 40″L x 22″W x 32″H, which means its very portable and can easily tuck into the back of a car. It’s a bit heavy to carry around by hand though.

With its fat tyres and suspension, it’s proven to be a great all rounder. It’s especially popular with the older generation, who might want a bike that doesn’t rattle the bones.

Dual Battery Electric Bicycle FAQs

Q: Can I Use the Batteries in Parallel for Extended Range?

A: Depending on the bike; absolutely! One of the great benefits of dual battery electric bicycles is the ability to use the batteries in parallel.

This means that both batteries work together, providing extended range and performance. By utilizing the power of both batteries simultaneously, you can go the extra mile and tackle longer journeys without worrying about running out of power.

Q: Can I Use the Batteries Separately?

A: Yes, most dual battery electric bicycles allow you to use the batteries separately if you wish. This feature provides flexibility, allowing you to manage the power distribution according to your needs.

For example, you may want to use only one battery for shorter rides or save the second battery as a backup for longer trips, as a kind of insurance.

Q: Do the Batteries Have to Be the Same?

A: While it’s generally recommended to use two identical batteries for optimal performance and charging compatibility, some dual battery electric bike models may allow you to use different capacity batteries together.

However, it’s crucial to consult the manufacturer’s guidelines and specifications for your specific e-bike model.

Q: How Much More Do the Batteries Cost?

A: Dual battery electric bicycles tend to be more expensive than their single battery counterparts due to the additional battery and associated components. The exact cost varies depending on the brand, model, and battery capacity. 

However, it’s a good investment, especially if you value longevity in the life of your e-bike.

e-bikes with dual batteries have extended range and enhanced performance

What is a Dual Battery Electric Bike?

A dual battery electric bike uses two batteries instead of one.

E-bikes with dual battery setups utilize the power of both batteries to provide extended range and enhanced performance, allowing riders to travel longer distances without worrying about running out of power.

Can You Run 2 Batteries on an E-Bike?

Definitely! Many e-bikes are designed to accommodate two batteries, allowing riders to harness the power of both for extended range and improved performance.

Can I run 2 E-Bike Batteries in Parallel?

You can, and you probably should run 2 e-bike batteries in Parallel. Running them in this way (i.e, at the same time) is a great way to improve the performance of your e-bike/

What’s the Difference Between Dual Battery vs. Dual Motor E-Bike?

A dual battery e-bike refers to an electric bicycle equipped with two batteries. On the other hand, a dual motor e-bike features two motors instead of one.

While both options offer benefits, dual battery e-bikes generally focus on range and endurance, whereas dual motor e-bikes prioritise power and acceleration.

For everyday use in the city, a dual battery option is usually more practical.

Are Dual Batteries Worth It?

Generally, dual batteries are worth it. With two batteries, you can venture on longer rides without worrying about running out of power and explore more diverse terrains.

The initial investment may be higher, yes, but the more you can get out of your e-bike, quite frankly, the more likely you are to make use of it.

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