Tern Review: Are These Popular E-Bikes Any Good?

Tern Bicycle

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The Arctic Tern is a marvel. This tiny bird migrates over 40,000 miles every year – crossing several continents and basking in two summers. Impressive, isn’t it?

But, what exactly does this have to do with bikes?

The agile Artic Tern is the inspiration for Tern. This Taiwanese brand decided to design its impressive qualities into their folding bikes.

As of writing, Tern have eleven lines. Each have different spec tightly suited to your needs, but all retain a profound inspiration from and respect of nature.

Tern bikes are available in bricks-and-mortar retailers and online, but are these popular e-bikes any good?

tern bikes factsheet

Who are Tern?

Tern are a Taiwanese e-bike brand founded by Florence Shen and Joshua Hon in 2011. A multi-national company, they have offices in the UK, USA, China and Finland.

They take inspiration from nature in ways beyond their branding. Tern guiding ethos is a sustainable future and feel the e-bike is a core component of this aim. They want to make adaptable, but attractive bikes that get 

Tern have been working their way up the folding bike market for over a decade now. They’ve steadily gained brand recognition and are now one of the biggest hitters on the market.

What do Tern Specialize in?

Tern specialise in lightweight folding bikes. Prices are affordable, but the bikes contain high quality, big brand parts like Bosch drivetrains and hydraulic disc brakes. 

Buoyed by the growing popularity of e-bikes, around half of their range is electric. Cargo bikes allow riders to seamlessly reduce their car usage, and endurance folding models, like the Verge, for complex commutes.

Are Tern Bikes Good?

Negative reviews are relatively hard to find. Wired raved about the high-spec Tern GSD, and Hannah Bussey of Cycling Weekly claimed it changed her family life. The New York Times even listed a Tern model on their Best E-Bikes of 2023 list. It’s all highly convincing. 

Whatsmore, Tern’s attractive warranty policy lets you make up your own mind. When customers sign up for Tern Care in the first 30 days, their policy extends as far as ten years ahead – a whole decade of riding.

While admittedly not the most glamorous of features, it ensures that your chosen bike really is the best fit for your riding needs and style.

Is Tern a Good Brand?

Tern is a multi-national brand with offices in the States, Northern Europe, Asia and the UK. They have an increased commitment to sustainability, minimising their use of virgin materials in  packaging and removing harmful chemicals from the production chain. 

They say that their international scope allows continual innovation. Every hour, all twenty-four of them, someone in the Tern team is busy building, engineering or designing a bike.

Where are Tern Bikes Made?

Tern use factories in Taiwan and Mainland China. Some compotents, like batteries, come from other renowned brands, so are not made on-site. 

As mentioned, the company also have offices on most continents to help with shipping, shopping and spec queries.

Does Tern Make E-Bikes?

Tern do make e-bikes. It’s their speciality. From folding to cargo bike, there’s guaranteed to be one model that slots into your daily life with ease. 

They are also renowned for their acoustic or non-electric releases. These lightweight bikes have been built with city-dwellers in mind, offering maximum portability and intuitive geometry and storage. 

tern bikes product roundup

Tern Bike Review

Does a bike with the spirit of nature as well as precise engineering interest you? Then, what we’ve got next might pique your interest. Stay tuned for a round-up of their six most popular models.

Best Tern Bikes

  1. Tern GSD

    A fully functional car replacement according to some reviewers, on the Tern GSD, you can haul all forms of cargo – without breaking a sweat.

  2. tern link bb white background

    Tern Link B8

    A nifty portable e-bike, the Link B8 can be stowed away in the pokiest of places. Tight staircases and crammed desks have met their match.

  3. Tern BYB P8

    The BYB P8 has one of the most ingenious folding mechanisms on the market, meaning it can fold down to 30% the size of a traditional folding bike.

  4. Tern Eclipse

    The Eclipse offers beach cruiser styling with folding model swiftness – and according to Tern, the best price-to-performance ratio of any bike in their line-up.

  5. Tern Node

    The Node’s 24 inch wheels mean you lose the wobbliness commonly associted with a fold-down frame.It’s replaced by what we hear is an assured and commuter-friendly ride.

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