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Long-Range Electric Bike: Here’s EVERY 100+ Mile E-Bike

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What is the Longest Range E-Bike in 2024?

The FUELL Flluid-2 is by far and away the longest range electric bike on sale today. With a stated range of 225 miles, it’s almost 40% more than it next competitor.

This is tempered by the fact that the Flluid-2 (at the time of writing) hasn’t been manufactured. That said the Indiegogo campaign has attracted over $1.3 million and the brand has already released a range of very-long-range electric bikes.

No matter how far, or how frequently you ride, buying a long-range electric bike can be a good idea. It’ll mean less frequent trips to the charging point and more time riding.

With our knowledge of e-bikes, we’ve scoured the internet to find you the longest-range electric bikes, beginning with a list of the top 10 long-range e-bikes with a range of 100 miles or more.

Please be aware that the longest range electric bikes can be rather expensive (we’re talking over $4,000/£3,000). However, the Engwe M20 and X24 have also made this list despite being under £/$2,000, while we’ve also included three cheaper models will provide you with over 60 miles of range for under $2,000 (£2,000). Click here to see the cheapest long range e-bikes.

Longest Range Electric Bikes (Top 10)

  1. fuell flluid 2 bike

    225-Mile Range

    FUELL Flluid-2

    By far and away the longest range electric bike. That said, its only a completed Indiegogo project, but the brand has a history in long range e-bikes.

  2. merida espresso 775

    160-Mile Range

    Merida eSPRESSO 775

    With its large 750Wh battery and accompanying Shimano motor this is a versatile bike that can go an age between charges.

  3. riese muller superdelite bike

    140-Mile Range

    Riese & Muller Superdelite

    A dual battery monster from perhaps the world’s best manufacturer of electric bikes. Available in a variety of build options.

  4. raleigh centros e-bike

    130-Mile Range

    Raleigh Centros

    Nothing fancy, just a good value hybrid electric bike with all the right features, plus it happens to have a great range.

  5. tern gsd r14 e-bike

    128-Mile Range

    Tern GSD R14

    An electric cargo bike sold with two batteries giving it a range of 100 miles plus,

  6. Show more

100-Mile Range Electric Bikes

1. FUELL Flluid-2

fuell flluid 2s e-bike blue background
fuell flluid 2s in street
fuell flluid 2s gear
feull flluid 2s colours
  • UK Flag £3,672
  • US Flag $4,799
  • EU Flag €4,278

Prices are approximate

  • Range: 225 miles / 350km
  • Type: Hybrid Bike
  • Motor: 740W / 250W (EU & UK)
  • Battery: 2x 1000W batteries
  • Bike Weight: 83lb / 38kg
  • Capacity: Not Stated

Huge Range

Automatic gear shifting

Belt drive for low maintenance

Whilst there aren’t any of the FUELL Flluid out in the wild (it’s currently an Indiegogo campaign) it’s no doubt the e-bike with the longest range. Thanks to two massive 1000W batteries, the bike is capable of riding from the outskirts of New York to the hinterlands of Boston on one charge.

Attention has been paid to the rest of the bike too. Within the motor is a gearbox-style gearing system which automatically changes to match the riders pedalling power. Mudguards, pannier rack, suspension fork, hydraulic disc brakes – the rest of this bike has all the right specifications.


  • Massive range
  • Quality components
  • Motor with 130Nm of torque


  • Extremely heavy
  • Indiegogo project

2. Merida eSPRESSO 775

merida espresso 775 e-bike
merida espresso 775 in street
merida espresso 775
  • UK Flag £3,672
  • US Flag $4,799
  • EU Flag €4,278

Prices are approximate

  • Range: 156 miles / 256km
  • Type: Hybrid Bike
  • Motor: 250W
  • Battery: 750Wh
  • Bike Weight: Not Stated
  • Capacity: 150kg / 330lbs

Big range

Versatile e-bike

Different frame options available

E-Bikes with Shimano motors, like this Merida, can have a huge riding range if they are fitted with a large capacity battery. Not many manufacturers offer a 750Wh battery for their e-bikes, but Merida is one and their eSPRESSO model is a perfect do-it-all e-bike.

Yes, it’s very expensive, but buy it and you’ll enjoy the smooth, natural performance of the mid-drive motor and thanks to the accompanying accessories every kind of bike ride is possible.


  • Shimano Mid-drive motor
  • 5 different frame sizes
  • Fully equipped


  • Expensive
  • Not widely available

3. Riese & Muller Superdelite

rise muller superdelite e-bike
rise muller superdelite colours
rise muller superdlite handlebar
rise muller superdelite motor
  • UK Flag £7,099
  • US Flag $9,249
  • EU Flag €7,619

Prices are approximate

  • Range: 140 miles / 225km
  • Type: Hybrid Bike
  • Motor: 250W
  • Battery: 1125Wh
  • Bike Weight: 69lb / 31kg
  • Capacity: Not Stated

Highest of high end e-bikes

Different builds available

Two integrated batteries

Riese and Muller make arguably the best (and most expensive) electric bikes in the world. Any Riese and Muller model with the moniker ‘Super’ has two batteries neatly secreted within the frame.

For this list, we chose the Delite or Superdelite, a bike that’s highly versatile, even more so than the Merida we listed above. Depending on which model you choose, you could ride a bike with bells and whistles or many bells and whistles!


  • The best of the best
  • Made to order at your spec
  • Dual Suspension
  • Bosch Performance Line CX


  • Wildly expensive

4. Raleigh Centros

raleigh centros e-bike
raleigh centros in use
raleigh centros gear
raleigh centros handlebar
  • UK Flag £2,999

Prices are approximate

  • Range: 130 miles / 209km
  • Type: Hybrid Bike
  • Motor: 250W
  • Battery: 625Wh
  • Bike Weight: 61lb / 28kg
  • Capacity: Not Stated

E-bike with great range

Different builds available

Integrated battery

Raleigh is a historic brand in cycling and they now produce a range of good-value electric bikes.

Good value in the sense that they feature top-end Bosch e-bike systems, but for reasonable prices. The Centros has a 625Wh battery giving it a maximum range of 130 miles. It would be a great electric hybrid bike for almost all riders.


  • Good value for money
  • Bosch Performance Line motor
  • Different frame and gear options are available


  • Not wildly available

5. Tern GSD R14

tern gsd r14 e-bike blue background
tern gsd r14 back wheel
tern gsd r14 fork
tern gsd r14 in use
  • UK Flag £9,000
  • US Flag $8,699
  • EU Flag €9,799

Prices are approximate

  • Range: 128 miles / 205km
  • Type: Cargo Bike
  • Motor: 250W
  • Battery: 1000Wh (2x 500Wh)
  • Bike Weight: 82lb / 37kg
  • Capacity: 200kg / 440lbs

E-cargo bike with great range

Two batteries

Excellent carrying potential

There aren’t many electric cargo bikes that are sold with two batteries, but the Tern GSD R14 is one of them. Two 500Wh batteries combine to give the R14 a range of over 100 miles.

Tern’s GSD range has long been heralded as the best longtail e-cargo bike money can buy and the R14 is the best of them all. It features fancy Rohloff hub gears that shift automatically and low-maintenace blet drive.


  • The best longtail e-cargo bike
  • No-fuss gearing
  • Excellent carrying potential


  • Expensive before adding accessories
  • Using it for its purpose will drastically reduce range

6. A Specialized Turbo Como

specialized como 4.0 e-bike
specialized como 4.0 front view
specialized como 4.0 motor
specialized como 4.0 colours
  • UK Flag £4,300
  • US Flag $4,250
  • EU Flag €3,300

Prices are approximate

  • Range: 123 miles / 198km
  • Type: Hybrid bike
  • Motor: 250W
  • Battery: 710Wh
  • Bike Weight: Not Stated
  • Capacity: Not Stated

Powerful e-bike

710Wh battery

Big brand performance from Specialized

Available on certain Turbo Como models is a 710Wh battery. This extra large capacity gives an excellent riding range on a powerful bike, primarily designed for riding in town on tarmac.

Specialized use their own motors, batteries and displays in their e-bikes so they are well placed to understand their range. That said, the Turbo range calculator and the Specialized website did yield some strange results – some of which differed wildly from the range stated by Specialized on each model.


  • Powerful
  • Various builds/colours/sizes available


  • Expensive
  • Range isn’t cut and dried

7. Giant EXPLORE E+

giant explore e plus e-bike blue background
giant explore e-plus e-bike front view
  • UK Flag £3,499
  • US Flag $3,450
  • EU Flag €3,499

Prices are approximate

  • Range: 111 miles / 198km
  • Type: Hybrid bike
  • Motor: 250W
  • Battery: 625Wh
  • Bike Weight: Not Stated
  • Capacity: Not Stated

Versatile e-bike

625Wh battery

Big brand performance from Giant

Giant is another massive bike brand that manufactures its own brand of motors and batteries rather than using the likes of Bosch or Shimano. This model, the Explore – a versatile e-bike – uses a 625Wh battery to deliver up to 100 miles of range in the right circumstances.


  • Powerful
  • Two frame types are available


  • Expensive
  • No frame colours

8. Trek Verve+ 3

trek verve plus e-bike
trek verve plus battery
trek verve plus motor
trek verve plus backwheel
trek verve plus gear
  • UK Flag £2,845

Prices are approximate

  • Range: 111 miles / 198km
  • Type: Hybrid bike
  • Motor: 250W
  • Battery: 725Wh
  • Bike Weight: 28kg (62lbs)
  • Capacity: 136kg (300lbs)

Versatile e-bike

725Wh battery

Big brand performance from Trek

Unlike Giant and Specialized, Trek is a big bike brand that does use electric gubbins from the experts. For Trek that means Bosch and for the Verve+ that’s the latest Bosch e-bike system, or Smart System as it’s known.

For the longest range, you’ll need to buy the Verve+ 3 or higher with the late capacity 725Wh battery.


  • Features the newest Bosch motor
  • Step-through and standard frame types are available


  • No hub gear models with a large range
  • Some models have limited colours
  • This spec not available in US/EU

9. Juiced HyperScrambler 2

juiced hyperscrambler 2 blue background
juiced hyperscrambler 2 battery
juiced hyperscrambler 2 colours
juiced hyperscrambler 2 handlebar monitor
juiced hyperscrambler 2 handlebars
juiced hyperscrambler 2 in use
  • US Flag $2,599

Prices are approximate

  • Range: 100 miles / 160km
  • Type: Electric Fat Bike
  • Motor: 1000W
  • Battery: 1000Wh
  • Bike Weight: 53kg (119lbs)
  • Capacity: 124kg (275lbs)

Moto-inspired e-bike

2 batteries

Standout looks{

Juiced bikes make various e-bikes – all of which are visually appealing. Whilst this isn’t an e-bike for the all-out cycling enthusiast, it is a standout machine for those looking for something completely different.

Buying the two-battery option gives this e-bike a range of 100 miles plus. It has both throttle and pedal assist modes so you can choose to pedal or sit back and let the bike take the strain.

Whilst it won’t ride as fast as an electric gravel bike off-road it could be more capable on some rougher or muddier terrain.


  • Unique styling
  • Huge range for an e-bike
  • Throttle
  • Passenger-seat ready


  • Extremely heavy
  • Potentially gimmicky


wau x plus e-bike blue background
wau x plus battery monitor
wau x plus battery
wau x plus in use
  • UK Flag £1,999

Prices are approximate

  • Range: 100 miles / 160km
  • Type: Hybrid Bike
  • Motor: 250W
  • Battery: 900Wh
  • Bike Weight: 29kg (63lbs)
  • Capacity: Not Stated

Hybrid e-bike

900Wh Samsung battery

Standout looks

WAU make a range of low-priced electric bike and their X Plus is designed to have an excellent range. WAU state that this should be around 100 miles and when you consider the current selling price its fantastic.

Other than the long-range (and light up logo) there isn’t too much else to get excited about. That said, the X Plus would be a solid option for an everyday runabout and you shouldn’t find yourself charging it much!


  • Unique styling
  • Excellent range for the price
  • Innovative battery storage and side lights


  • No mudguards as standard
  • Hub-motor won’t be for everyone

80-Mile Electric Bikes

  1. cannondale adventure 1 eq

    99-Mile Range

    Cannondale Adventure 1 EQ

    An electric bike that prioritises comfort and safety as well as that long range between charges.

  2. engwe m20 e-bike white

    94-Mile Range

    Engwe M20

    A motorbike inspired e-bike with two batteries, comfortable bench seat and massive 1000W motor.

  3. engwe x-24

    93-Mile Range

    Engwe X24

    A 1200W dual battery electric folding bike with triple suspension and a rear seat.An absolute monster.

  4. moustache lundi 27.5 e-bike

    90-Mile Range

    Moustache Lundi 27.5

    With its unique silhouette, the Lundi is striking to look at but perhaps more importantly uber comfortable to ride.

  5. qwic mira daily e-bike

    80-Mile Range

    QWIC Mira Daily

    Packs a large 756Wh battery for decent riding range. Available in different frame types and different frame sizes to suit various riders.

  6. gazelle avignon c380 hmb ltd

    76-Mile Range

    Gazelle Avignon C380 HMB Ltd

    Thanks to the Bosch Performance Line motor, headwinds and hills are no problem and with the innovative rear pannier rack your stuff can come along for the ride too.

11. Cannondale Adventure 1 EQ

cannondale adventure 1 eq blue background
cannondale adventure 1 eq gear
cannondale adventure 1 eq motor
  • UK Flag £3,900
  • US Flag $4,400
  • EU Flag €4,099

Prices are approximate

  • Range: 100 miles / 160 km
  • Type: Hybrid Bike
  • Motor: 250W
  • Battery: 625Wh
  • Bike Weight: Not Stated
  • Capacity: Not Stated

Comfortable hybrid e-bike

Comfortable step-through

Bosch Performance Line motor

An electric bike built for city rides and beyond. The Adventure 1 features an uber-comfortable step-through frame that’s easy for anyone to hop aboard and ride.

The EQ on the product name refers to the fully equipped nature of the bike. Cannondale has fitted top-end lights, mudguards and a pannier rack to the bike, plus a super fancy Garmin rear radar system which alerts you to approaching vehicles to your rear as you ride.


  • Lovely green frame colour
  • Premium suspension seatpost
  • Garmin rear radar system


  • Only two frame sizes
  • Only one colour

12. Engwe M20

engwe m20 e-bike blue background
engwe m20 colours
engwe m20 e-bike in use
  • UK Flag £1,499
  • US Flag $1,599
  • EU Flag €1,599

Prices are approximate

  • Range: 94miles / 151 km
  • Type: Electric Fat Bike
  • Motor: 750W
  • Battery: 1248Wh
  • Bike Weight: 40kg / 89lbs
  • Capacity: 120kg / 264lbs

Moto-inspired e-bike

Available with dual-batteries

750W hub motor

The second moto-inspired electric bike on our list, this time with a range of slightly less than 100 miles. Like the Juiced bikes Hyperscrambler, the M20 is fitted with two batteries to give it a large riding range.

The M20 comes from the same stable as the Engwe P26 a different type of e-bike with less range, but that’s still good value.


  • Different colours available
  • Visually different
  • Low priced


  • Only one frame size
  • Chunky looks

13. Engwe X24

  • UK Flag £2,099
  • US Flag $1,899
  • EU Flag €2,099

Prices are approximate

  • Range: 93miles / 150 km
  • Type: Folding Fat Bike
  • Motor: 1200W
  • Battery: 480Wh
  • Bike Weight: 43.6kg / 96lbs
  • Capacity: 150kg / 330lbs

Triple suspension

Two removable batteries

Ready for any terrain

A folding fat bike with a massive 93 mile range thanks to the dual battery hidden inside the frame. Both batteries are removable, with one in the top bar and the other running vertically beneath the seat.

While it is technically a “folding bike”, it is also a very heavy bike, so you’ll only want to fold this bike up occassionally (such as putting it in a car when you go travelling), rather than regularly folding and unfolding it during commutes.

Fat tires make riding smooth, but the triple suspension means you effectively feel nothing. There’s even a rear seat in case you want to bring a friend along for the ride.


  • Super comfortably
  • Very powerful
  • Can be folded


  • Extremely heavy
  • Folding can be tricky due to the weight

14. Moustache Lundi 27.5

moustache lundi 27.5 e-bike blue background
moustache lundi 27.5 e-bike motor
moustache lundi 27.5 e-bike features
moustache lundi 27.5 e-bike colours
  • UK Flag £4,199
  • EU Flag €4,499

Prices are approximate

  • Range: 90miles / 140 km
  • Type: Hybrid Bike
  • Motor: 250W
  • Battery: 625Wh
  • Bike Weight: 28kg / 61lbs
  • Capacity: 150kg / 330lbs

Extra comfortable e-bike

Bosch motor gives a natural ride

Premium finish and accessories

Moustache is a French brand and their icon bike is the Lundi. A step-through city e-bike with integrated lights and its handlebars which resemble the facial hair which gives the brand its name.

Plump for the top of the range 27.5 model and the 625Wh battery option to get the maximum riding range. Available in one frame size, the bike has arguably the best mid-price, mid-drive e-bike motor available: Bosch Performance Line. This version of the motor includes loads of advanced technology like remote lock and automatic firmware updates.


  • Premium finish
  • Comfortable handlebars
  • Top-end Bosch motor with the newest tech


  • 1 frame size so fit is not ideal
  • Not available in the US

15. QWIC Mira Daily

qwic mira daily e-bike blue
qwic mira daily e-bike in use
qwic mira daily e-bike features
qwic mira daily e-bike lock
  • EU Flag €4,199

Prices are approximate

  • Range: 80miles / 130 km
  • Type: Hybrid Bike
  • Motor: 250W
  • Battery: 756Wh
  • Bike Weight: 26kg / 57lbs
  • Capacity: Not Stated

Comfortable e-bike

Mid-drive motor gives a natural ride

Rapid charging in under 3 hours

QWIC offer an excellent range of electric bikes, all with various battery specifications. Plump for the 756Wh version and you’ll get over 100km of range between charges.

The exact model we’ve chosen for this list is the Mira Daily – a good runabout that should cover most riding circumstances for cyclists of all ages and demands.


  • Unique design
  • Three frame designs
  • Various other builds to suit


  • Boxy looks won’t be for all
  • Only available in the EU

16. Gazelle Avignon C380 HMB Ltd

gazelle avignon c380 hmb ltd blue
gazelle avignon c380 hmb ltd in use
gazelle avignon c380 hmb ltd features
gazelle avignon c380 hmb ltd
  • UK Flag £3,999
  • US Flag $4,999
  • EU Flag €4,499

Prices are approximate

  • Range: 76miles / 122km
  • Type: Hybrid Bike
  • Motor: 250W
  • Battery: 625Wh
  • Bike Weight: Not Stated
  • Capacity: Not Stated

Comfortable e-bike

Mid-drive motor gives a natural ride

Award-winning design

Gazelle are super popular in mainland Europe and their produce a whole host of electric bikes with long ranges.

For this list we’ve handpicked one of their latest models, the Avignon – the Avignon C380 HMB Ltd to be exact. This e-bike has a Performance Line motor, 625Wh battery and an innovative rear pannier rack with a setup which enables the rapid fitment of accessories like baskets, panniers or childseast.

The Bosch motor has various assistance settings to enable riders to extend the range between charges.


  • Unique design
  • Powerful motor to summit hills
  • Automatic shifting


  • Expensive

Cheapest Long-Range Electric Bikes

  1. tenways cgo600 pro

    62-Mile Range

    TENWAYS CGO600 Pro

    Simple single-speed e-bike, that’s nimble to ride and light to lift. Decent range thanks to 360Wh battery.

  2. engwe P26 e-bike

    62-Mile Range

    Engwe P26

    A low-price electric bike that suits riders of different heights. Suspension fork for comfort and traditional derailleur gears for more versatility.

  3. himiway zebra

    80-Mile Range

    Himiway Zebra

    As an electric fat bike, this one is for riding anywhere and everywhere. The brand is known for making bikes with large range, more than most other brands.


tenwways cgo600 pro in blue background
tenways cgo600 pro gear
tenways cgo600 pro in use
tenways cgo600 pro different colours
  • UK Flag £1,799
  • US Flag $1,900
  • EU Flag €1,799

Prices are approximate

  • Range: 62 Miles / 100 km
  • Type: Hybrid Bike
  • Motor: 250W
  • Battery: 360Wh
  • Bike Weight: 37lb / 18kg
  • Capacity: 264lb / 120kg

Fuss-free single speed gearing

Clean belt drive

Light to lift

This is a good example of uncomplicated and straightforward an electric bike can be. By doing away with the gears, riders of this bike can simply choose an assistance level, pedal away and only have to worry about breaking and coming to stop.

Tenways canny choice of a belt drive rather than a traditional metal chain also means this e-bike should require less ongoing maintenance.

Because its light enough to lift, this Tenways e-bike is a good alternative to a folding electric bike.


  • 4 colours and 3 frame sizes
  • Belt drive for low maintenance
  • Lightweight


  • Single speed gearing
  • Not sold with rear light or pannier rack

💸Engwe P26

Engwe P26 e-bike blue background
Engwe P26 e-bike features
Engwe P26 e-bike colors
  • UK Flag £1,199
  • US Flag $1,249
  • EU Flag €999

Prices are approximate

  • Range: 65 miles / 100 km
  • Type: Hybrid Bike
  • Motor: 500W (250W in UK & EU)
  • Battery: 48V13Ah Lithium Battery
  • Bike Weight: 53lb / 24kg
  • Capacity: 220lb / 100kg

Value e-bike

Decent range

Fully equipped

The P26 would is an ideal first electric hybrid bike. This e-bike has an acceptable range, extra gearing for more versatility and all the accessories you’ll ever need.

For riders in the US, the P26 has a powerful 500W motor and the throttle option is a nice touch at this price point.


  • Good value
  • Fully equipped
  • With throttle


  • Slow rolling 26″ wheels
  • Only one frame size
  • Fairly heavy

💸Himiway Zebra

himiway zebra fat e-bike
himway zebra electric bike
himiway zebra
Himiway Zebra Fat E-Bike colours
  • UK Flag £1,999
  • US Flag $1,999
  • EU Flag €2,299

Prices are approximate

  • Range: 80 miles / 128 km
  • Type: Fat Bike
  • Motor: 250W
  • Battery: 48V20Ah Lithium Battery
  • Bike Weight: 79lb / 35kg
  • Capacity: 400lb / 180kg

Standard and step-through options

Long range

Throttle option

Himiway market themselves as “long-range electric bike experts” and their Zebra model is a fat electric bike with an 80-mile range.

Although it may look like the chunky 26″x4″ wheel and tyre combination is entirely suited to off-road riding, this setup inspires total riding confidence on tarmac too. As such, the Zebra is great for many a ride. Perhaps those returning to the saddle, those getting their first taste of an e-bike or those looking to ride where no cyclists would usually venture.


  • Two different frame options
  • Mudguards, lights included
  • Massive battery


  • Heavy
  • One frame colour
  • 7 speed gearing

Long Distance Electric Bike FAQs

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding the range of electric bikes.

How Accurate is Electric Bike Range?

It depends. Because there are so many variables that determine how far an electric bike can be ridden on one charge, it can be difficult for brands to state accurate range figures.

For this reason, most electric bikes will list their range with an upper and lower limit, for example, 45-60 miles. Some brands will do away with the lower limit and state a range of “up to” 60 miles for example.

How Far Do E-Bikes Actually Go?

The range of an electric bike depends on a variety of factors. The settings of the e-bike, the rider’s weight, how fast you go, the terrain, how often the rider stops and starts, the weather, and even the bike’s tyre pressure can alter an e-bike’s range.

However, the most important factor that influences e-bike range is the size (or capacity) of the onboard battery. In simple terms, a larger-capacity battery will offer more range than a smaller one. In our book, large-capacity batteries are anything over 600Wh.

Here’s an example. Buy an electric bike with a 300Wh battery, ride it in its maximum assistance setting (or with the throttle if it has one) on hilly terrain with flat tyres and you’ll be lucky to get 20-30 miles of riding in before you need to charge up again.

But ride differently with that very same bike – in the lowest assistance setting, with the correct tyre pressure on a flatter route – and you could easily double that range.

It should also be noted that an e-bike’s battery performance will diminish over time. Like your smartphone that’s always running out of battery, an e-bike that is charged over and over again will tend to have less range than when it rolled out of the factory.

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How to Increase E-Bike Range

There are two main ways to increase the range of an electric bike. First, there are things you can do whilst riding the bike. This includes things like using a lower assistance setting or mode, making use of your bike’s gears, reducing any excess weight, or altering your route to take in flatter terrain.

Second, there are things you can do whilst the bike is not being ridden. This includes things like storing your e-bike correctly – not in temperatures extremes or in direct sunlight – or making sure your electric bike has the right tyre pressures before you ride.

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