Himiway Review: Are Himiway Bikes Actually Any Good?

Image showing four models of Himiway bike.

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The Short Answer

Himiway bikes are generally regarded as good, offering affordability, power, and a range of options. They receive positive reviews for their battery life, comfort, and stylish design. The brand provides excellent customer service and maintains a helpful online presence.

If you’re in the market for an electric bike, chances are you’ve come across the brand Himiway during your research.

But, with so many e-bike brands and models out there, it can be hard to know which to choose and why.

Buying an electric bike is an investment: they’re certainly not cheap, and if you want it to last a good while you’ll want to make sure it has the best components, including a powerful motor, quality brakes, long-lasting battery and decent suspension.

Nowadays, there are e-bikes available for all kinds of riders and terrain. Fat tyre e-bikes are excellent for rugged rides, while cruisers are perfect for those looking primarily for comfort and style. Electric cargo bikes suit riders who need to carry goods or even children on their bike, while electric mountain bikes elevate the off-road experience.

Himiway offers a wide range of bikes covering all of the above categories – with all of their bikes having fat tyres – so their range is worth a browse no matter what kind of bike you’re looking for.

On this page, we’ll dive into the specifics of the Himiway brand, look at some reviews, and show you some of the most popular bikes designed by Himiway.

Are Himiway Bikes Good?

Online reviews of Himiway bikes are generally very positive, with many praising their affordability which doesn’t sacrifice quality of the overall package, decent battery life/range, and powerful throttle which makes riding Himiway bikes a whole lot of fun.

Himiway boasts a varied electric bike lineup, offering something for everyone.

The UK Himiway e-bike selection consists of:

  • Himiway Cruiser Long Range Fat Tire Electric Bike
  • Cruiser Step-Thru Long Range Step-Thru Electric Bike
  • Himiway Zebra Premium All-Terrain Electric Fat Bike
  • Himiway Big Dog Electric Cargo Bike
  • Himiway Escape Pro Moped-Style Electric Bike
  • Himiway Cobra Softail Electric Mountain Bike

These bikes vary in price from £1,549 for the Himiway Cruiser to £2,399 for the Himiway Cobra, and they all come with a two year warranty, 15 day returns and free shipping.

The downsides that Himiway users report include hard-to-understand written build instructions (though this is mitigated by a brilliant video on Himiway’s website which makes assembly a breeze), and some down-market components which reveal how Himiway has made such affordable e-bikes.

That said, reviewers maintain that they can overlook the individual lower-end components when considering how well Himiway’s bikes come together as a whole: of course, some sacrifices have to be made for a bike to be this affordable, and the combination of excellent battery life, comfort and fun that Himiway bikes provide makes them great value for money and a brilliant choice.

Himiway bikes website

Is Himiway a Good Brand?

Himiway is deemed a good brand because it combines budget-friendliness and power – a winning combination – throwing in excellent customer service and a great community to boot.

Aside from the bikes themselves, which receive praise for their build quality, power, range and stylishness, people also love the Himiway brand because of its great customer service and helpful assistance when required.

After you’ve done your research and bought your brand new e-bike, it’s important to know that you can rely on assistance from the manufacturer if you need it – whether that’s for tips on getting the most out of your bike, advice on components, or simply knowing someone’s there to help if things do go wrong.

Himiway does a great job in this regard, particularly on the US version of the site which has an extensive help centre – broken down into ‘before purchase’ and ‘after purchase’ guides, an e-bike info section, and tools and instructions – FAQs, and the option to call the company by phone or submit a help ticket if you have a specific query.

Himiway’s US website also has a regularly updated blog with tips for getting the most out of your Himiway bike, some cool rider stories, product updates and more, and a page for the Himiway Cycle Club, which is a nice inclusion and offers a way to meet other Himiway riders, explore new routes and terrains, and make new cycling friends.

The UK version of the online e-bike store has less of the above, but there’s no reason why you can’t take a scroll through the American site wherever you are in the world simply by toggling the country in the top right-hand corner of the page.

All of these things combine with quality e-bikes to make Himiway a great brand overall.

Where Are Himiway Bikes Made?

Himiway keeps the location of its factories rather quiet, and there’s no information on the ‘about ‘page of its website, but third-party sites suggest that Himiway’s bikes are made in Asian countries – possibly China – which allows it to keep its prices affordable while offering high-quality bikes.

himiway product round up

Himiway Bikes Review

Himiway bikes are, overall, a great choice for those in the market for an e-bike. They are relatively affordable, well-made, durable and versatile, each equipped with fat tyres that help you handle anything your ride throws at you.

Some Himiway bikes are designed for adventuring – such as the Cobra softail e-MTB, the Zebra all-terrain electric fat bike (read our in-depth Himiway Zebra review here) and the Cruiser long range electric bike – but the brand also caters to commuters and cargo-carriers with the Big Dog cargo bike and the Rambler commuter e-bike.

The beauty of the durable design and fat tyres found on Himiway bikes is that they can often be used anywhere and everywhere. Primarily need an e-bike for city commuting, but want to be able to adventure off-road on the weekends? That’s not a problem when you have a powerful 750W motor and fat tyres!

Best Himiway Electric Bikes

  1. Himiway Zebra Fat E-bike white background

    All-terrain fat e-bike

    Himiway Zebra

    A 250W motor, 26-inch fat tyres, and 80-mile max range make this bike great for adventures.

  2. himiway Cobra Electric MTB white

    Electric mountain bike

    Himiway Cobra

    Dubbed ‘the ultimate off-road beast’ thanks to its suspension, 26-inch fat tyres and 250W gear hub motor.

  3. himiway cobra pro white

    Powerful off-roader

    Himiway Cobra Pro

    A 1000W mid-drive motor gives this bike power to tackle anything your off-road adventure throws at you.

  4. himiway rhino white

    Dual battery off-roader

    Himiway Rhino

    Take your adventure further with dual batteries, a 1000W motor and 100 mile range.

  5. himiway cruiser bike white

    Everyday e-bike

    Himiway Cruiser

    Perfect for commuters and weekend riders alike with a rear rack, smooth ride, throttle and 7 gears.

  6. himiway pony in white background

    Portable mini bike

    Himiway Pony

    Small but mighty, this bike is perfect for city riders getting from A to B.

  7. himiway rambler white

    Commuter e-bike

    Himiway Rambler

    Enjoy commuting with 20mph max speeds, a 55-mile range, and 500W motor wrapped up in a stylish design.

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