Engwe Review: Are Engwe Bikes Actually Any Good?

Image showing various Engwe bikes.

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The Short Answer

Engwe electric bikes are affordable, high-quality options for first-time buyers. They feature powerful hub-powered motors and all-terrain tires for comfortable rides. Engwe has a good reputation, offers customization options, and provides free shipping in certain regions. Overall, they are a recommended choice for those seeking a good value electric bike.

There are many different electric bike brands available today. Plenty of long-standing bicycle brands have transferred their attention to e-bikes, but also on the fringes of the market, are upstarts like Engwe.

With their distinctive linear logo, boxy frames, wide tyres and very attractive prices Engwe electric bikes are, on the face it, very appealing, but are they any good? This is our rundown of Engwe and its electric bikes.

Are Engwe E-Bikes Good?

Engwe was founded back in 2014. Their focus is on high-quality electric bikes for affordable prices. By selling directly to you via their website, Engwe cut out a retailer, or distributor, meaning their prices can be better than their competition. The majority of Engwe bikes are priced below £2,000 or $2,000.

Engwe electric bikes are good for those searching for their first electric bike. By using hub-powered motors, which are cheaper than crank-based motors, Engwe can manufacture a good electric bike for less.

That’s not to say the motors on Engwe e-bikes aren’t powerful – indeed, on some models, they can pump out a peak power of 1000W. That’s plenty of grunt to have fun, summit some hills or power over rough ground.

Most Engwe bikes have fat, all-terrain tyres meaning comfort on every surface. There’s another benefit of this type of chunky rubber too – it means you can head off the beaten track and explore away from well-ridden routes.

Some Engwe electric bikes are also foldable. Whilst they don’t concertina down to a size that would make them suitable for cycling to work (they are also quite heavy to lift) it makes them great for storing in homes short of space or popping in the back of a car, motorhome or RV for holidays and excursions.

Like some of their competitors, Engwe offers the chance to customise your e-bike with different battery capacities, or for those looking to purchase multiple bikes – various discounts, or ‘value packs’ are available.

Recently Engwe has also brought out an electric bike that looks like a motorbike. With its unique frame design, moto-style riser handlebars, bench seating and fat tyres the M20, certainly has the look of something you might ride whilst wearing leathers.

Engwe fact sheeet

Is Engwe a Good Brand?

Due to the rise in the popularity of electric bikes, there seems to be a new bike available from a new brand every five minutes!

Because Engwe has been in existence since 2014 and since they’ve stood the test of time, you should feel comfortable when buying from them. After initially selling in the US, Engwe now sells in the other two major electric bike markets, the EU and the UK. If they weren’t a good brand they would not have made it over the pond.

Engwe themselves say they sell over 100,000 e-bikes every year – whilst that’s difficult to verify, a quick look at their Trustpilot page reveals that barring the odd incident with shipping delays or damage in transit, they’ve had many happy customers

If you’re after some extra confidence, Engwe offers a free 1-year warranty on their bikes, plus lifetime customer support via a variety of methods.

Depending on where you are shopping from, different payment options are available too. In the UK, USA and EU Klarna and PayPal are available. For prospective shoppers in the UK, it doesn’t look as though Engwe offer payment via a cycle-to-work voucher at this time. If you’re looking for a tax-free way of buying a new electric bike then you will be out of luck.

Ultimately, if you’re after a good value electric fat bike, then you probably can’t go too far wrong with an Engwe electric bike.

Engwe e-bike products

Where Are Engwe Bikes Made?

Engwe electric bikes are manufactured in China. Over the past few years, China and other countries in the region have become specialists in both bicycle and electric bicycle production so it’s no surprise to see Engwe manufacture their electric bikes there.

To support the fulfilment of their electric bikes to your front door, Engwe has different warehouses in various countries. For electric bike riders in America, a California warehouse holds stock of Engwe electric bikes – from there, bikes can be shipped throughout the 52 states of America and Canada.

Whilst customers in America can benefit from free shipping, unfortunately, Canadians will have to pay $300 for delivery.

Customers throughout Europe receive Engwe electric bikes from a warehouse in Poland. Shipping is free and you can expect to receive your brand-new bike in around 7-10 business days after you place your order.

For those shopping for an electric bike in the UK, Engwe electric bikes hold stock in a Manchester warehouse. 3 to 10 days is the estimated delivery time and it’s great to see that Engwe is currently offering free shipping for UK customers on all their electric bikes.

Engwe Bikes Review

A quick peruse of the Engwe website and you can see many happy riders, pleased with their electric bike purchase. Indeed, Pete recently reviewed the Engwe EP-2 Pro and found that it was “an e-bike that can do almost anything and for an incredible price.” That sentence could easily be a succinct review of all Engwe electric bikes – an experience that was matched with the excellent value Engwe P26.

Best Engwe Electric Bikes

  1. engwe m20 ebike in white background

    Moto-style e-bike

    Engwe M20

    A bike to experience adventure on every bike ride. With dual suspension, the ability to run two batteries and powerful lighting the world is your riding oyster.

  1. engwe P26 e-bike

    Good for commuting

    Engwe P26

    Featuring kickstand, pannier rack, mudguards and lights this bike has all the requisite features to make it the ideal commuter bike.

  1. engwe engine pro e-bike in white background

    750W motor

    Engwe Engine Pro

    A truly multi-disciplinary e-bike, the Engine Pro folds, is equipped with loads of accessories and has a gusty 750W motor with pedal assist or throttle modes.

  1. Engwe C20 Folding e-bike

    Foldable fun

    Engwe C20

    With narrower tyres (20″x3″), this bike is at home on city roads. A 60km range is great for a week’s worth of short commuting.

  1. Engwe EP2 Pro Folding e-bike

    Fat-foldable e-bike

    Engwe EP-2 Pro

    Features a 750W motor, 7 speed gears and a 120km range. Coming in under the key £/$1000 price tag, this is one attractive e-bike.

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