Lectric Bikes Review: Are These Budget E-Bikes Any Good?

lectric bikes review

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The Short Answer

Fantastic value paired with a wide range for any use. Lectric Bikes deliver range, decent quality, and customer support outshining big-name brands.

Lectric Bikes offers a range of budget e-bikes that have proven good value for money. The brand has established itself as a reputable player in the e-bike market, offering reliable, well-built electric bikes that cater to various riding preferences.

Whether you’re a commuter or an adventure seeker, Lectric Bikes has an e-bike option that might suit your needs without breaking the bank.

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Who Are Lectric Bikes?

Lectric Bikes is a prominent e-bike brand that has gained popularity for producing budget-friendly electric bikes without compromising on quality. The company was founded in Minnesota, USA by two avid cyclists and lifelong friends Levi Conlow and Robby Deziel – who aimed to make electric bikes accessible to a broader audience. 

Their commitment to affordability and performance has led to a strong following among e-bike enthusiasts and casual commuters alike. 

Levi Conlow and Robby Deziel
Founders Robby Deziel and Levi Conlow. (Photo: Lectric Bikes)

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What Does Lectric Bikes Specialize In?

Lectric Bikes specializes in manufacturing budget-friendly electric bikes that offer excellent value for money. They focus on creating e-bikes that cater to both beginners and experienced riders. 

The brand’s primary goal is to provide an enjoyable and eco-friendly mode of transportation without the premium price tag typically associated with electric bicycles. 

Are Lectric Bikes’ Bicycles Good?

Yes, Lectric Bikes offers high-quality electric bikes that deliver a great riding experience for the price. Despite their affordability, these e-bikes come equipped with features commonly found on more expensive models. 

Lectric Bikes has garnered a positive reputation among riders for delivering good performance, decent build quality, and excellent customer service. Explore the best online e-bike stores in the UK and the USA.

When you order your bike you can specify between Comfort, Carry, or Passenger upgrades to your model. This includes comfier seats with suspension, fenders, a pannier bag, a cargo rack, or a passenger seat. Truly catering to any purpose at an affordable price point. Find our rundown of the best electric city bikes here.

Lectric e-bikes
Lectric E-Bikes. (Photo: Lectric Bikes)

Is Lectric Bikes a Good Brand?

Lectric Bikes has proven to be a reliable and trustworthy brand within the e-bike market. They have consistently delivered on their promises by offering e-bikes that perform well, are built with good craftsmanship, and come with attractive features at a competitive price point. 

Their focus on customer satisfaction and affordability has contributed to their positive brand image. The first bike they produced was the Lectric LX – which didn’t fair too well. But, undeterred, the duo persevered and the XP range was born. XP stands for Experience Points – born from the roots of their friendship in gaming, they listened to customer feedback and grew from the experience, iterating to the successful platform of models they have today. 

One customer received their new bike with some issues, attributed to rough shipping – which you can hardly blame Lectric for, and their support went out of their way to restore the customer’s bike to working order. This is an aspect of support big brands can only aspire toward, and this wasn’t an isolated case.   

Where Are Lectric Bikes’ Bicycles Made?

Lectric Bikes manufactures its bikes in Asia, where many other bicycle companies also produce their products. 

While some consumers may have concerns about production in Asia, it’s important to note that the final quality of the e-bikes is determined by the brand’s quality control measures and attention to detail during the manufacturing process.

Does Lectric Bikes Make E-Bikes?

Yes, Lectric Bikes specializes in manufacturing electric bikes. They offer a diverse range of e-bikes, catering to various riding preferences, budgets, and needs.

Lectric Bikes offers a range of models at lower price points, expanding to premium models with added range and function through accessories. 

lectric bikes product round up

Lectric Bikes E-Bikes Review

Lectric has proven itself to be a serious player in the budget-friendly e-bike market. They have a strong following with a dedicated and successful customer service platform. Their bikes have a decent range, good build quality, can fold for easy storage, and a wide range to select from for any use.

Lectric bikes aren’t the most aesthetically pleasing in the immense range of e-bikes out there – the discerning cyclist would definitely tuck their top lip at some models. This may be down to personal preference, I admit, perhaps with further refinement and some cable management, they’ll present a tidier silhouette.

Popular Lecrtic E-Bikes

  1. lectric xp 3.0 e-bike

    Performance and Affordability

    XP 3.0 Black e-Bike

    Foldable fat-tire electric bike for commuting and off-road adventures. Sporting a 500WH motor and up to 45 miles of range.

  2. lectric xp step-thru 3.0 e-bike

    Affordable and Dignified

    XP Step-Thru 3.0

    More accessible and comfortable option with the same 500WH motor and up to 45 miles of range.

  3. lectric xp lite e-bike

    Most Accessible

    XP Lite

    Maintaining the core features of the range. This model is lighter and more nimble with a range of up to 40 miles.

  4. lectric xpedition cargo e-bike

    Multi-Purpose and Capable

    XPedition Cargo

    The most capable eBike in the range. Tackle any terrain with up to 450Ibs on two wheels. 1310W of peak power with 85Nm of torque. Spec with a dual-battery for up to 150 miles of range.

  5. lectric xpremium e-bike

    The Lectric Flagship


    The ultimate offering from Lectric Bikes. 800W motor with dual-batteries offering more than 100 miles of range.

  6. lectric xp trike e-bike

    Foldable and Versatile

    Lectric XP Trike

    Rear two-wheel drive on a differential axle offers 1092W peak power. This versatile trike can turn safely and go for up to 60 miles.

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