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Dual-Motor Electric Bike: 6 of the Best Powerful E-Bikes

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Electric bikes have become increasingly popular all over the world. As an alternative, sustainable means of transport they’ve set a standard in micro mobility in cities and in the countryside alike.

But what if you’re after something with more power and drive but still want to stay on the bicycle? Welcome to the world of dual-motor electric bikes, the ultimate fusion of power, sustainability, and efficiency. These innovative machines can offer enhanced performance and capability to those who crave it.

In this article, we’re going to cover 6 of the most powerful e-bikes with dual motors. We’ll also look at some frequently asked questions, as well as the pros and cons of having two motors on two wheels.

Best Dual-Motor E-Bikes

  1. lankeleisi mg740 plus off road bike


    Lankeleisi MG740PLUS Off-Road Bike

    Dual-motor off-road electric bike with a high top speed and a great range.

  2. black rock volcano e-cruiser


    Black Rock Volcano (Dual Motor)

    Made in US, dual motored e-cruiser that makes a powerful commuter.

  3. ariel rider grizzly e-bike


    Ariel Rider Grizzly

    Dual motor, dual battery and dual suspension motorbike style e-bike.

  4. lankeleisi x3000 max e-bike


    Lankeleisi X3000 – MAX

    Folding dual-motored electric mountain bike.

  5. bakcou kodiak awd e-bike


    Bakcou Kodiak AWD

    Designed for hunting in the wilderness, it’s powerful yet can conceal itself well.

  6. mootoro dirt dual motor e-bike


    Mootoro Dirt Dual Motor

    Compact, dual-motored ‘mini’ e-bike which is nifty on all surfaces.

What’s the Point of Having an E-Bike with Two Motors?

When it comes to electric bike performance, two motors are better than one. Dual-motor electric bikes are appealing for a few reasons.

The appeal of an extra motor on an e-bicycle lies predominantly in its increased power. Dual motor e-bikes generally promise more torque, allowing quicker acceleration and improved hill-climbing. This is especially good if you’re riding in an off-road context or in a particularly hilly area.

A dual motor e-bike can also offer enhanced stability and control. By distributing power to both wheels, as is usually the case, these bikes benefit from better traction and handling, especially on poor terrain. It’s fair to say then, that in this regard an extra motor could give a greater feeling of security to the rider.

In short, the appeal of an e-bike with two motors is generally the power.

Dual-Motor Electric Bike Benefits

The main benefits of an electric bike are the increased power, resulting in enhanced acceleration and torque, and an improved top speed. There’s also better traction and stability provided by ‘two-wheel-drive’.

A dual-motor e-bike has double the power output of its single-motor counterpart. This means quicker acceleration, which is great for overtaking and usually means a higher top speed. It’s also great for climbing hills and can handle steeper inclines.

They also benefit from increased traction and stability, meaning a safer ride. Because the front and rear wheels usually work independently, utilizing a motor at both ends can help ‘smooth’ out the ride. This is comparable to 4×4 drive-in cars.

All this makes dual motor e-bikes ultimately more versatile than single motor ones. That’s to say, the extra motor allows them to do more.

Dual-Motor Electric Bike Disadvantages (H3)

There are some disadvantages to having two motors on an electric bike.

Firstly, the additional motor obviously adds weight and bulk to the bike. Whilst the effects of the extra motor should offset any loss to manoeuvrability, it can make the bike a little bit more difficult to transport as a pedestrian. This is worth bearing in mind if you have to regularly lift your e-bike.

Secondly, dual motor e-bikes are more expensive. The cost of the additional motor, as well as the technology involved in incorporating both, comes at a premium.

Lastly, they’re also going to have a higher energy consumption. This is clearly one of the intended effects of adding another motor, but for those who value battery life more than power it isn’t ideal. All that power has to come from somewhere!

Dual-Motor Electric Bike: Pros + Cons


  • Enhanced power, acceleration, and torque.
  • Better traction and stability.
  • Improved versatility.
  • Great for those who want adrenaline.


  • More expensive.
  • Increased weight.
  • More complex maintenance.
  • Higher energy consumption.

Best Dual Motor Electric Bikes

Here’s our list of the top 6 dual motor electric bikes.

1. Lankeleisi MG740PLUS OFF-ROAD Bike

lankeleisi mg740 plus off road bike
lankeleisi mg740 plus off road bike colours
  • UK Flag £1,740
  • US Flag $2,115
  • EU Flag €2,000

Prices are approximate

  • Motor: 2 x 1000w
  • Weight: 34 kg
  • Range: Up to 150 km with assist
  • Battery: 48V 20AH Samsung lithium battery
  • Load Capacity: 180 kg

Shimano 7 speed gearing

Top speed 51 km/h

Front and rear drive motor


When it comes to off-road rides with an e-bike, few can match the MG740PLUS from Lankeleisi.

With it’s fat tyres, front suspension and disc brakes, it’s perfectly built to tackle varying and challenging terrain, and thanks to the dual motor set up, it can do that with no problems.

With two 1000w high-speed brushless hub motors located in the front and rear wheels, it’s easily got the torque and power to make it up the steep hills. Even when the surface is uneven, these fat tyres will find something to grip on to.

Whilst it’s not the lightest, and some stock components like the saddle could be better, it’s nevertheless a rugged dual motored e-bike. And when all things are considered, for what you get, it’s pretty affordable too.


  • Long range
  • High top speed
  • Fat tyres for comfort and traction


  • Bulky aesthetic
  • Limited colour options

2. Black Rock Volcano (Dual Motor)

black rock volcano e-bike
black rock volcano e-bike colours
black rock volcano e-bike features
black rock volcano e-bike rear
  • UK Flag £3,050
  • US Flag $3,700
  • EU Flag €3,500

Prices are approximate

  • Motor: Dual Motor AWD delivering 1250w max output
  • Weight: 29 kg
  • Range: 80-130 km
  • Battery: 52V Battery lithium battery
  • Load Capacity: 172 kg

Low-profile commuter

Hand made in California

Lights and fenders included


The dual motor edition of the Volcano from Black Rock is a e-bike for everyday purposes.

Whilst it looks modest, it packs a serious punch for its size. With over 2,500 watts of peak power, it’ll make light work of any hills you might come across in the city.

It also comes with some nice features too, such as an integrated front basket for storage, as well as puncture resistant tyres and front and rear safety lights so that you can see and be seen.

It’s got a 10 year warranty on the motor/s and a 5 year warranty on the battery, meaning you can cycle easy without having to worry too much about any malfunctions.

With its front suspension and custom chunky tyres, it’s a comfortable bike for commuting, light off-road cycling and city rides alike. On top of all that, did we mention that its made in California?


  • Attached front basket for small luggage
  • Anti-theft alarm installed to protect from thieves
  • Comfortable step-through frame for easy mount and dismount


  • Expensive
  • Limited colour options

3. Ariel Rider Grizzly

ariel rider grizzly e-bike
ariel rider grizzly e-bike in use
ariel rider grizzly e-bike outdoors
ariel rider grizzly e-bike colours
  • UK Flag £2,715
  • US Flag $3,300
  • EU Flag €3,125

Prices are approximate

  • Motor: 2 x 1000w continuous hub motors
  • Weight: 47.6 kg
  • Range: Up to 120 km
  • Battery: 20 and 15 Ah batteries
  • Load Capacity: Unknown

Chunky tyres

Heavy duty e-bike

Moped style


The Grizzly from Ariel Rider might just be the ultimate adventurer when it comes to dual motor e-bikes.

With the option to engage either the front, the rear, or both motors simultaneously, the Grizzly puts you in the driver’s seat when it comes to controlling your power output.

With an innovative full-suspension frame and puncture resistant tyres, it can travel as long as you can. Fortunately now there’s two batteries, meaning it can go even longer! With a range of up to 120 km, that’s more than enough for most people.

With its fat tyres, the Grizzly is extremely comfortable to ride for extended periods of time. It’s a great bike for adventuring, and it’ll really handle all the terrain that you can throw at it.

Whilst it’s got a cool, motorbike style that looks great in the city, this bike excels when its let loose off-road.


  • Cool motorbike aesthetic
  • Really bright front and rear lights
  • Very powerful


  • Expensive
  • Heavy
  • Limited colour options

4. Lankeleisi X3000 – MAX

lankeleisi x3000 e-bike
lankeleisi x3000 e-bike folded
lankeleisi x3000 e-bike colours
  • UK Flag £1,915
  • US Flag $2,325
  • EU Flag €2,200

Prices are approximate

  • Motor: Front and rear 48V/1000W Motors
  • Weight: 37 kg
  • Range: 70 km electric / 130 km assisted
  • Battery: 48V 20AH Samsung Lithium Battery
  • Load Capacity: 180 kg

20*4 fat tyres

Lockable forks

Shimano 7 speed


Making the list twice, it’s clear that Lankeleisi know a thing or two when it comes to dual motored e-bikes, and the X3000 MAX is the latest demonstration of that.

The X3000 MAX is a folding, dual-motored electric mountain bike. It’s got a front and rear 48V/1000W Motor, delivering a whopping top speed of over 50 km/h. This is no joke considering its size, especially compared to other bikes on this list.

With the 48v 20Ah Samsung battery, you can get a good range of 70 km in full electric mode and 130 km in auxiliary mode. There’s no need for range anxiety when it comes to the X3000.

It folds into a reasonably compact size of 40 x 40 x 30 cm, meaning it can tuck away nicely when its not being used or into the back of a car if you’re planning on taking it somewhere more remote.

At 37 kg, don’t expect to be carrying it with you as a commuter. But what you can expect is an extremely versatile ride that’s quite frankly a lot of fun on loads of different terrains.


  • Versatile and great for all sorts of riding
  • Foldable
  • 51 km/h top speed


  • Heavy for a folding bike
  • Only 2 colours available
  • Not suitable for extreme mountain biking

5. Bakcou Kodiak AWD

backou kodiak awd e-bike
backou kodiak awd e-bike battery
backou kodiak awd e-bike colours
  • UK Flag £3,290
  • US Flag $4,000
  • EU Flag €3,785

Prices are approximate

  • Motor: 2 x 500w hub motors (front and back)
  • Weight: 31 kg
  • Range: N/A
  • Battery: 48v 28Ah Lithium-ion
  • Load Capacity: 136 kg


Wide handlebars and locking handle grips

85 nm torque


The Kodiak AWD from Bakcou is a great, stealthy off-roader for hunting and camping trips alike.

It’s got a 500w hub motor at either end, so whilst its a reasonable climber, it’s really designed so that you can easily get out of any sticky situations when it comes to the terrain. Rear wheel stuck in sand? Not a problem, it’s got the choice to be all wheel drive (as well as front or rear).

It’s got wide 740mm handlebars for added control, as well as aggressive skid-proof wide stance pedals. This bike not be the most powerful on our list, but it’s easy to tame.

It’s also got a really cool camouflage paint job, and so whilst in the city it might not be everyone’s cup of tea, you’ll be grateful when you get it out into the wilderness. For hunting and camping excursions, this bike is an excellent companion.


  • Great for hunting trips
  • Can cover snow, sand and mud with ease
  • Skid-proof pedals help to maintain control


  • Expensive
  • Not too much power
  • Headlight and front fender are extras

6. Mootoro Dirt Dual Motor

mootoro dirt dual motor e-bike
mootoro dirt dual motor e-bike features
mootoro dirt dual motor e-bike rear
  • UK Flag £2,435
  • US Flag $2,950
  • EU Flag €2,800

Prices are approximate

  • Motor: 2 x 2000w
  • Weight: 38 kg (not from official site)
  • Range: Up to 200 km
  • Battery: 48v / 20Ah
  • Load Capacity: 180 kg

Compact dirt bike

Hi-ten steel frame

Long-range premium battery


Part of their specialist Dirt range, the Dirt Dual Motor D1 Pro 4000w from Mootoro is an absolute beast when it comes to off-road cycling.

Don’t be fooled by its compact size, whilst it may look like a fun dirt bike from times past, it’s packing a serious punch. With a 2000w hub motor at either end, it can easily handle any slopes (and probably some jumps) that a typical dirt bike could.

It’s also made for uneven terrain. With its 20″ fat tyres and hi-ten steel frame, it’ll feel sturdy and solid whether you’re on sand, dirt, mud or even snow.

The main drawback is it’s low stature. The bike excels when the rider is stood up and it’s treated like a traditional dirt bike, being ridden aggressively. If you’re tall, you might find extended periods in the saddle to be uncomfortable.

But all things considered, it’s an excellent dual motored electric bike that really shines when being taken off-road. Sure, it can be used in the city, but expect to draw a lot of attention to yourself.


  • Extremely powerful
  • Manageable size
  • Cool colour


  • Potentially uncomfortable for taller people or longer journeys
  • May draw a lot of attention in the city

Dual-Motor Electric Bicycle FAQs

What is a Dual-Motor Electric Bike?

A dual motor electric bike is an electric bicycle equipped with two motors, typically one for the front wheel and one for the rear wheel.

This configuration provides increased power, torque, and versatility, allowing riders to conquer various terrains with ease.

Can You Run Two Motors on an E-Bike?

Yes, you can run 2 motors on an e-bike. In a dual motor electric bike, both motors can operate simultaneously to provide enhanced acceleration, stability, and control.This configuration ensures optimal performance and an exhilarating riding experience.

Are Dual-Motor E-Bikes Better?

It depends on what you’re after. If you want power, versatility and improved performance then a dual motor e-bike could be for you. They’re particularly useful in an off-road environment, or, if you frequently cover uneven or poor terrain. However, if you value affordability, portability and minimal aesthetics, then it’s usually better to opt for a single motor e-bike.

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