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Cycle Love IllustrationJames Greig is the owner, design, photographer, writer and coder for stylish cycling blog CycleLove, made great by its sharp looks, stories and fantastic photography. James recently brought out a t-shirt to accompany, promote and expand the Cycle Love brand and we we’re very lucky to get our hands on one to give it a little bit of a test drive.

The CycleLove t-shirt differs from the other products we’ve reviewed so far in the fact that functionally speaking it’s just a 100% cotton t-shirt so with that in mind I won’t really go into the function area much. It is what it is.

Firstly, it comes beautifully packaged and the fact you’re not paying for that packaging (delivery is free) means you’re already on to a winner. Plus you get free stickers which carry on the Cycle Love brand.

Cycle Love t-shirt

This is a t-shirt made to look iconic, fresh and stylish. Big and bold is the icon on the front which is simply the rather impressive logo of Cycle Love. A few simple lines combine to make the striking symbol, depiciting a bike and the initials of the company all wrapped up in a circle. That’s it, but it’s the size of your entire top half so it’s there, bam, straight away. Now, usually, I’m not one for the bold or flashy t-shirts but I think the designer in me forgave this t-shirt just because the graphic symbol on the front is a nice peice of graphic art and clearly depicts how much thought went into it the decisions of what lines should be used and where they go. Not wanting this to get into a graphic design analysis I’ll simply say the logo gives the t-shirt a unique, individual look from other icon t-shirts that’ll sure to get noticed and positively promote the Cycle Love brand even more.

The fit is good. Medium is just a little beyond fitted so nowhere is it too tight and conversely nowhere is it too baggy, also not too long or short, just right really. Which is perfect for a t-shirt for about town but maybe in the future a slight bow to the time the t-shirt will be used on the bike and a lower back may be a nice feature, again that’s a functional issue which really wasn’t what this t-shirt had in mind when it was created.

The quality of the cotton, again, is good. It feels soft against the skin but has a firmness & strength to it that means you know you’ll have this t-shirt for many years to come. Currently comes in 2 colours, black & white which you can’t go wrong with (would like a dark blue or, of course – red, eventually though James) and is easily styled with most other smart cycling gear.

Due to it being cotton it’d be wise to mix this with a midlayer and jacket over it during the colder cycling commutes but this doesn’t take away from the Cycle Love t-shirt being a fashionable urban number that is a perfect, discerning look for on & off the bike.

CycleLove Shirt

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