Resolute Bay Cordura Jeans Review

Regular jeans can be some of most unforgiving pieces of clothing when it comes to cycling, they can get warm and sweaty, rarely offer much give (especially if you opt for a slim or straight fit) and can also leave your rearside exposed. That’s not to say you can’t cycling Read more >

Ministry of Supply Dress Shirts – Review

I received a couple of new shirts before Christmas that feature, ahem, NASA technology. How many shirts do you own with NASA technology? Didn’t think so… peasants. Alas, though, I’m not about to join Tim Peake on the International Space Station anytime soon. But my bike rides over the past Read more >

LUMO Herne Hill Harrington Jacket – Review

When reviewing products for Discerning Cyclist, I often find that they tend to lean more towards style or – as is more often the case – functionality. It is a rare case indeed that discovers the perfect balance between the two. In the ideal world, an onlooker shouldn’t even be Read more >

11 Chic Christmas Present Ideas for Cyclists

It’s here: Xmas 2k15. Merry Christmas, Frohe Weihnachten, Feliz Navidad, Buon Natale, Joyeux Noël, メリークリスマス! But what is the perfect Christmas gift for the cyclist in your life (short of a bicycle, of course)? Well, to help you on your way, and to avoid the High Street madness, Discerning Cyclist Read more >

Black Friday – Cycling Edition

Love it or loathe it, Black Friday has now been ‘successfully’ adopted in the UK – five years after the Americanism was first introduced the Brits by Amazon. Regardless of the riots in Asda and Tesco, one thing is for sure: if you want to find a bargain – this Read more >

5 Great Places to Buy Office-Appropriate Cycling Gear

Cyclists often believe there are only two options when it comes to selecting what to wear for their ride. They can either: 1) wear cycling kit and then get changed when they reach their work place, or 2) wear their office gear which is far from optimised from cycling. At Read more >

Can a Woolly Hat Really Save Your Life?

You can’t beat a good old hand-knitted woolly hat for the colder months, can you? It’s the epitome of a cosy winter. So it’s all the more impressive that On The Glo, who launched their Kickstarter campaign on 23rd October, have taken such a classic simple design and added a Read more >

4 (and a half) Superb Merino T-shirts for Cycling

Merino is a wonderful material when it comes to cycling. It wicks sweat. It keeps you warm when you’re cold, yet offers bountiful breathability when you start heating up. And it’s also odour resistant. All of which are fantastic qualities to have in any t-shirt when you’re cycling about. Below Read more >

24Bottles Salva Gamba Waterproof Cycling Trousers – Review

Okay, so a while ago I was sent the Salva Gamba waterproof cycling trousers from 24Bottles. And, after checking out there website I discovered that these cost €69! That’s just over £50 – for waterproof trousers. To me that seemed like madness, considering my previous pair of waterproof over trousers Read more >

The Best Cycling Jeans Around for Men and Women

I’ve found the most unforgiving article of everyday clothing – when it comes to cycling – to be jeans. They’re thick, warm and don’t typically offer enough give or stretch for riding comfortably – making it hard even to get your leg over the saddle. It’s unsurprising, therefore, that there’s Read more >

Bellroy Elements Phone Pocket Plus – Review

Just over a year ago I reviewed two of the Bellroy wallets range, the Elements Pocket and Elements Sleeve. And, since that time, I have been using only these two wallets. At first I was using the Elements Sleeve as my day-to-day wallet, and while I love the slenderness and Read more >

Svelte Heritage Jersey – A Rapha Alternative?

In the past, whenever I’ve try to explain to somebody the concept of Discerning Cyclist, I say it is a website devoted to either: 1) “stylish cycling clothes” or 2) “stylish clothes that you can cycle in”. While these might semantically seem to be the same thing, I have discovered Read more >

Cycling Lifestyle Survey: Win £100 Amazon Voucher

In order to help get a better feel of what the Discerning Cyclist audience wants and feels, we’re running an exclusive survey until 30th November 2015 – creatively named the ‘Cycling Lifestyle Survey’. And, to show our gratitude to those who complete the survey, we’re giving away a £100 Amazon voucher Read more >

Why Your Bike Lock Is about to Look Very Outdated

From navigation, to helmets and bike lights, there’s no part of the cycling gear industry that’s immune to innovation – much of it crowdfunded. However, perhaps the greatest opportunity for innovation is with bike locks. Theft continues to blight the experience of cycling for many. From theft of individual components Read more >

The Ultimate Survival Guide to Cycling in the Cold and Wet

As another page on the calendar is turned, there’s no more kidding: summer is over. The days draw shorter, the air a little chillier, the ground damper and the sun no longer an occasional visitor, but a hazy memory. Alas, we’ve been through all this before. The seasons are nothing Read more >

Closca Fuga: The Foldable Bike Helmet Revisited

16 months ago I reviewed Closca’s first attempt at a folding bicycle helmet, following a successful crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. Despite being hopeful of the product bridging a style gap in the helmet market, I was left disappointing with the bulkiness and design of the helmet. It felt like it Read more >

The Ultra-Reflective Cycling Backpack Catching Attention on Kickstarter

Blending cycling functionality, style and safety in cycling clothes and accessories has become increasingly popular amongst cyclists recently, and one of the most eye-catching projects currently on Kickstarter certainly ticks all three boxes. RA Reflective have come up with two backpack designs (the ‘Reflect | Pack’), along with a beanie Read more >

Top 10 Stylish Cycling Bargains from the Summer Sales

One of the regular quips that I hear – and I agree with – regarding stylish cycling clothing, is the high price tags associated with the products. Unfortunately, that puts many cyclists off purchasing more functional yet stylish cycling clothes. Fortunately, though, at the end of every season comes a Read more >

Is MIRA the Perfect Everyday Cycling Bag?

Since 2012, Gosia and Maciek from Bike Belle have been creating wonderfully chic cycling accessories – with a particular focus on making ladies cycling more stylish than ever. Elizabeth even reviewed a few of them a while back for Discerning Cyclist. Their diverse range of products include all manner of Read more >

How to Shower without a Shower

Not having a shower at their workplace is one of the biggest gripes cyclists tend to have with their employers. Well, things have changed. And it’s nothing to do with your employer. A wet shower is so last year. Now, you can have a dry shower from a can – Read more >

Helly Hansen Kos Polo – Review

After reviewing the excellent Helly Hansen Universal Moto Jacket not long ago, I decided I tried out some more of Helly Hansen’s gear. In particular, their summer wear – the Kos Polo coupled with the HD Classic Shorts. Kos Polo The Kos Polo isn’t specifically built for cycling – like Read more >

Forest and Fin’s Bicycle Wrap Skirt – Review

Biking in the summer can sometimes lead to challenges when the weather is hot and/or humid. The breezes while pedaling feel fabulous, but once you stop, the sweating starts (or maybe it’s just me). Summer biking always makes me fantasize about the cool linens of the South – they seem Read more >

Hiplok Lite – Review

When it comes to bike locks, the big problem I’ve always encountered is how to carry about my lock when I’m riding. For the past couple of years, my primary lock has been a relatively chunky D-Lock. It was great for securing the bike, but carrying it about was a Read more >

Should Bikes, Cars & Pedestrians Be Separated?

I’m convinced that separating bikes from cars and pedestrians is the key to reversing an alarming rise in road casualties. New annual figures from the Department of Transport show that casualties rose to 194,477 in 2014, an increase of six per cent from 2013, halting a steady downward trend since Read more >

Kickstarter Cycling Stars: Port Hardy

One of the latest Kickstarter projects to really catch my eye is Port Hardy, who have created some of the most discerning and elegant vintage bicycle bags I’ve seen in a long time. The Port Hardy range consists of various saddle, handlebar and frame bags, some of which also double Read more >

Get Your Own Ste Illustrates Prints

If you’re a fan of the awesome cycling illustrations that you’ll see from time-to-time on Discerning Cyclist, then you have come across the work of the super talented Ste Johnson! Ste and I started Discerning Cyclist back in 2012, and he was absolutely integral in helping to get it off Read more >

The Summer Guide to Cycling in Style

Summer’s here. But just because it’s heating up, doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style during your ride. Instead, you just need to find the right clothes that fit well and are made from the best lightweight, breathable materials. Below we run through some of the best cycling tops Read more >

How to Cycle Like a Local in Amsterdam [INFOGRAPHIC]

Amsterdam is a cycling inspiration for every city. But not only can city planners and governments learn from the Dutch capital, cyclists can also learn how to ride better thanks to this cracking infographic on ‘how to cycle like a local in Amsterdam’, put together by the team at Cheapflights. You don’t Read more >

Everything You Need to Know to (Re)Start Cycling

In 2012, I rode a bike for the first time since I was 16. I didn’t have anything against cycling – I loved it when I was younger – but as you enter your latter teens (in the UK at least), it’s just not deemed ‘cool’ to have a bicycle Read more >

Managing the Summer Sweat Problem

There’s nothing quite like heading out on a bike ride on a crisp winter day – beautiful scenery, an invigorating ride and, most importantly, you’re as fresh when you arrive home as you were when you left! In summer, it’s a different story! Most of us struggle to manage the Read more >

3 Summer Commuting Essentials for Discerning Cyclists

The days are lengthening, temperatures are rising, and there’s barely a cloud in the sky. This all means one thing: the season of the cyclist has arrived. As much as we’d all like to be committed, hard-core, all year long commuters, the truth is that lots of us are fair-weather Read more >

Café du Cycliste Paulette Cycling Shorts – Review

I can’t speak for the UK, but today felt like the day summer truly arrived. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the climate of south Germany, which has been quite frankly, lush. One of the key steps to getting ready for summer, especially if you’ll be cycling frequently, is to get Read more >

Oopsmark Bicycle Wine Rack – Review

When I first saw Oopsmark’s Bicycle Wine Rack when meandering the curvaceous and often shady alleyways of the World Wide Web, I couldn’t help but smile. What a marvelous world we live in that such a pointless, yet poignantly perfect accessory exists. A wine rack for a bicycle – oh Read more >

5 Common Cycling Mishaps (and How to Fix Them)

Every cyclist has experienced that maddening moment – when your chain comes off as you’re late for work or your gears jam as you’re slogging uphill. From stain removal to avoiding flat tires – this article will take you through five of the most common cycling calamities, and some speedy Read more >

What is England’s Best City for Cycling?

A new study published by Toothpick has ranked all of the UK’s cities and towns based on how ‘bike friendly’ they are. Toothpick’s study used data collected by the Ministry of Transport and Sport England about the number of people who cycle regularly (at least once a week). Cities were ranked Read more >

Find Cheap Bike Parts in Your Area with Shpock

One of the big ‘perks’ of cycling that people often mention is just how cheap it is. Which is, for the most, true. There’s no fuel costs, no “road tax” and the general up keep is pretty low. Nevertheless, whether it’s finding a seat, wheel or basket, when we do Read more >

Is This Cycling Jacket Ready for the Boardroom?

Cycling jackets, well more specifically cycling blazers, are something that many ‘office’ cyclists have yearned for. Blazers are one of the key items that generally aren’t built for cycling, as they are normally offer relatively little give on the back and around the arms. Meaning cycling can put an almighty Read more >

In Profile: Goodordering – the Good Cycling Bags

Launched in 2012 by fashion designer Jacqui Ma, East London-based Goodordering is one of several companies in the cycling fashion arena that got its big break thanks to Kickstarter. Drawing inspiration from Japanese school bags, Scandinavian design and retro luggage, Jacqui’s bag designs – aimed at commuter cyclists – are Read more >

Levi’s Women’s Commuter Jeans – Review

At long last, Levi Strauss & Co. has created a bike commuter clothing collection for women. The men’s collection has been out several years and is quite popular, but women who bike have long asked why the denim giant neglected their market. Now there is no need to ask – Read more >

Helly Hansen Universal Moto Jacket Review

My jacket for the last few months – as we’ve transitioned from winter to spring and towards summer – has been the Helly Hansen Universal Moto Jacket. Norwegian dynamos Helly Hansen are renowned for producing tough, lightweight, yet well-designed jackets largely thanks to their background in the outdoors. Since 1877, Read more >

Le Col Neck Warmer Review

A few months back, Le Col kindly sent me one of the neck warmers to try out. Now, I appreciate this is not at all seasonal – but at least you can plan well ahead for autumn and winter this year! I’ve never previously worn a neck warmer before, and Read more >

The Bicycle Vote – Who Promises What?

The UK election takes place on the 7th May, so if you’re registered, you need to get down to your local polling station (or in my case by proxy) and make yourself heard. In this article I will try to provide the most balanced viewpoint on cycling policies from each Read more >

3 More City Cycling Destinations for a Summer Jolly

Following on from my recent post about tips and potential destinations for an urban cycling holiday, this post will look at three more destinations you might want to consider for a holiday on two wheels. With summer right around the corner, if you’re hoping to head off on holiday this Read more >

A Chat with Louis Pollack, Founder of Fairwear

I caught up with Louis Pollack, the founder of Fairwear – a start-up brand in 2014 that launched some fantastic ‘performance inspired apparel’ that is great for cycling as well as before and after your ride. Last July, I tried out one of Fairwear’s early products, the Silkroad Shirt, which Read more >

Spin London 2015 – 8th-10th May

Spin London 2015 is almost upon us, with the ever-growing-in-popularity urban cycling exhibition on from Friday 8th until Sunday 8th May. The first exhibition took place in 2012 and has been a rip-roaring success ever since, meaning the latest exhibition will be coming from a new, bigger location: The Sorting Read more >

Tesco’s Outdoor Clothing Waterproofer + Wash – Review

I was asked to test out some of Tesco’s Expert Outdoor Clothing Waterproofer and Wash products a while ago, to see whether – despite being half the price – they can match up to some of their competitors. These products are, essentially, for looking after your waterproof gear to ensure Read more >

Spring and Summer Cycling Shoes for Women

With the seemingly never-ending winter now at an end, our thoughts turn to warm weather and sandals. A discerning cyclist always considers fashion as well as function, and luckily, one can bike in just about any shoe – heels to sneakers. Picking shoes for your spring and summer wardrobe shouldn’t Read more >

Urban Cycling Holiday: Tips and Trips

There are many reasons why people choose to cycle. As we discovered in 10 Reasons Why People Cycle to Work, explanations ranged from happiness and health, to cost, calories and “not wanting to be stuck in a cage” (also known as the tube). Because riding a bike isn’t just about Read more >

So I Moved to Germany and…

I’ve been awfully quiet on the Discerning Cyclist for the past couple of months. Something that certainly wasn’t my intention at the start of this year. I’m never sure how much of my personal life I should put on this website. I mean, I know it’s good to connect with Read more >

Everything You Need to Know About Bicycle Insurance

Insurance is nothing new. There’s pretty much nothing you can’t insure nowadays, so you won’t be surprised you can also get cycling insurance. But what is it? And, importantly, is it worth it? But first, let’s get down to basics. What is Cycling Insurance? There are three things that cycling Read more >

3 Cool Bike Techs for 2015

Every year, companies in the cycling industry hold a convention in Utah in order to showcase new products for cyclists. If you like keeping yourself in the loop with some of the newest bike parts and technology, here are three notable products that the convention showcased last year. The Fabric Read more >

How to Transform Your Bike into Fashionable Decor

It’s estimated that more than half a million bikes are stolen in the UK each and every year, and experts are striving to encourage more and more of us to take better care of our bikes when they’re not in use. One way we can do this is by storing Read more >

Why Do Cyclists Bloody LOVE Coffee?

I should probably start this post with a disclaimer, one that may greatly offend and possibly upset the cycling community. Okay, here it goes… I don’t like coffee. In truth, I’m not really bothered about any hot drinks. They just don’t do it for me. I’ll have the occasionally cup Read more >

How to Clean Cycling Clothes

Cyclists are caring more and more about their appearance on the saddle. There are men who won’t be seen riding without having had a bit of a beard trim beforehand, and women who would never entertain the idea of putting a helmet on top of anything less than perfectly styled Read more >

How to Carry Your Bike Upstairs with Ease

Living on the second floor of an apartment with only a narrow stairwell for access, I spend a great deal of time carrying my bike up and down stairs. It’s awkward and uncomfortable, and I’m amazed I haven’t injured myself – or fallen down the stairs thanks to an off-balanced Read more >

11 Celebrities Who Cycle in Style

Not all ‘celebrities’ cycle for publicity… … some, like a lot of the population, actually enjoy getting about town on two wheels. In a change of pace for the Discerning Cyclist, we thought we’d run through 11 of the most stylish famous cyclists. Lowbrow or what, eh? Jennifer Aniston Before Read more >

How to Protect Your Bike from Thieves in 4 Steps

My bike is extremely basic. It cost me £120 new and is probably now worth a generous £40. But, that hasn’t stopped people trying to steal it before, as you can see from the picture below. (Some thieves are cretins. In this case, they managed to cut off my cheap Read more >

10 Reasons You Should Try an Electric Bike

With cycling growing in popularity across the UK, could electric bikes be the bridge needed to convince motorists to ditch four wheels for two? Some people love them, others loathe them. But for anyone considering following Bob Dylan’s lead and go electric, then we’ve rounded up 10 of the best Read more >

Best Buys from the January Sales

They say hair of the dog is the best recovery method for a hangover. So, obviously, what better way to get over that lingering stress of Christmas shopping than a splurge in the January sales? It sounds horrendous, I know. But then again there are some rather good offers knocking Read more >

A Cycling Poncho?

There’s nothing worse than waking up in the morning – set for work – then taking a peak out of the window to see the last thing in the world you wanted to see… bloody rain. Fortunately, I’ve been blessed for the past couple of years as my commute has Read more >

7 Common British Cyclists: A Spotter’s Guide

Post compiled on behalf of Montague Burton who are celebrating the modern gent by providing dapper tips and style knowledge as part of their #justtheticket campaign. The Discerning Cyclist has compiled a list of seven of the most common varieties of cyclist found across Great Britain, with the appropriate notes to help Read more >

Cycling-Friendly Ladies Jeans from Ligne 8

I think I am not alone in believing that buying new jeans, for women, can be as challenging and frustrating as buying swimsuits. My favourite pair, purchased in 2006, is in such terrible shape that I can’t wear them out of the house anymore. I have others, but I’ve been Read more >

Is This Cycling Bag Too Cool for School?

[FASHION PHILOSOPHY RANT WARNING] It’s strange how what you wear can alter your mood and even how people treat you. It’s an extension of you. Maybe more than that, it’s your front cover. You’re not supposed to judge a book by its cover, but everybody does. It’s one of the Read more >

Ladies Cycling to Work Tips

So you are thinking about biking to work – good for you! It is a great way to get some exercise, save some money, increase your happiness, enjoy the world around you, and do something good for the environment. Despite knowing all the benefits, it still is not as easy Read more >

10 Secret Santa Ideas under £30 for Cyclists

Have you drawn the office cyclist in your Secret Santa? Never fear, The Discerning Cyclist presents a mixture of fun and practical stocking filler ideas for under £30 that you can get from Amazon. Winter Cycling Smart Phone Touchscreen gloves – £6.50 Straight in with a practical gift for cyclists, Read more >

Cycling to the Office PART 3: Footwear

If you’re a regular reader of Discerning Cyclist, you may have noticed that I’m a big advocate for stylish clothes that have performance aspects subtly built in suited for commuting on a bicycle. However, when it comes to cycling-friendly office shoes, I am, quite frankly, at a bit of a Read more >

How to be a Gentleman on a Bicycle in 9 Steps

Post compiled in tandem with pro cyclist, Liam Stones, on behalf of Montague Burton who are celebrating the modern gent by providing dapper tips and style knowledge as part of their #justtheticket campaign. There’s nothing more quintessentially British than being a true gent. But what can you do to continue Read more >

Are These the Perfect Bike Pants for Ladies?

Having eyed Iladora’s “Perfect Bike Pant” for a while, I naturally jumped at the chance to test out a pair. Designed and made in San Francisco, these pants were carefully created for women bike commuters who want pants that easily transition from bicycle to office.  Most of the biking I Read more >

Cycling to the Office PART 2: Shirts

In the second part of our series on cycling clothes that also work in the office, we take a look at the best cycling shirts you can cycle in. You can read PART 1 – Trousers – here and PART 3 – Footwear – here. So what do we look for Read more >

Cycling to the Office PART 1: Trousers

This is the first of our three-part series on cycling attire that is perfect for the office. Part 2 – Shirts is now also available, as is Part 3 – Footwear. A rhetorical question usually comes up when talking about stylish cycling clothes: “can’t you cycle in ‘normal’ clothes?” The Read more >

Adidas adistar Pluvius Jacket – Review

Autumn: it’s the season that never lets you down, it gets dark, leaves fall off trees, epic sun rises and sunsets and it rains… a lot! So you’ve got two options: 1)  Pack up your bike, put your kit in the bottom drawer and start hitting the gym forgetting all Read more >

The Cycling Clothing Challenge

I recently challenged myself on my bike. No, not a century, or some feat of strength bike ride – I challenged myself to wear something different to work on my bike commute. I sew, and I sew bike-friendly office clothing, because I am: A) too lazy to change clothes at Read more >

How EVERYBODY benefits from investment in cycling

With the parliamentary debate on cycling set to reignite once more, British Cycling today published an academic paper to highlight the benefits investment in cycling can bring, not only to cyclists, but the entire population. British Cycling today published a paper looking at how increasing investment in cycling infrastructure could Read more >

5 Stylish Cycling Jackets this Winter for Men

Winter’s upon us. That means there’s nothing to do but wrap up warm and keep riding until the sun comes back. It will… I think. Don’t worry though. You don’t have to look like a prat to ride a bike and stay warm through the cooler months, as you can Read more >

Bluff Works Wrinkle-Free Pants – Review

Finding trousers that are not only office-appropriate, but also cycling-friendly has been one of the toughest things to find since starting The Discerning Cyclist over two years ago. Some kecks look smart but don’t function too well. Some are poorly disguised performance wear. And some just don’t look good. Gah. Read more >

Iladora Lisa Cycling Top – Review

Of course, it is true that you can bike in whatever clothing you already have in your wardrobe, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that there is no need for bike-friendly clothing. I love checking out bike fashion companies and seeing how they interpret their vision of “bike friendly,” and figuring Read more >

PHOTO SERIES: Wine, Bicycles and Wood Boxes in Bordeaux

Guest post by Chris Cooley, of the excellent wine blog, Drinking It All In. Bordeaux is renowned the world over for its wines – especially its reds – and for being a powerhouse in the global wine industry. It showcases its prowess in viticulture with a bi-annual, four-day, wine festival that Read more >

Bike Belle – Cycling Accessories Review

Poland? Why was I getting a package from Poland? Oh yes – Bike Belle is located in Poland! Yay, my Bike Belle accessories arrived faster than anticipated! I was very excited to test out some new bicycle accessories, and these do not disappoint! A bike bell, valve caps, and a Read more >

Stylish Cycling Shoes – Quoc Pham The Derby – Review

I’ve long been doubtful as to the value of ‘cycling shoes’ for commuter cyclists, like myself – probably because I’ve never owned a pair and have suffered no cycling atrocities despite this fact. The ones I have seen knocking around town haven’t changed my mind either, with many appearing to Read more >

Showcase: Ted Baker – Raising The Handlebars

A new season is upon us. Unfortunately that season is autumn heading into winter. Summer is over kids, go home. Sorry. The good news is that with the new season comes new clothes lines. The better news is that brands are finally waking up to the fact that most regular Read more >

Sako7Socks – Review

Style and panache on one’s bicycle are paramount. For someone with a little more talent I imagine they probably ‘let their legs do the talking’… if my legs could talk they’d probably be saying “can we get off now” or “when’s the cafe stop”. To this end I have no Read more >

Crumpler Muli Backpack XL – Review

When I’m writing a review for Discerning Cyclist, I try to ensure I cover all the bases: what the product is suitable for, how the product looks, good points, bad points and, of course, letting you know the features of the product. When it comes to reviewing the Crumpler Muli Read more >

Cycle to Work Day – 4th September 2014

4th September 2014 marks national Cycle to Work Day, an initiative that, you guessed it, encourages people to cycle to work. I’m very aware that many visitors to The Discerning Cyclist may already be regular cycling commuters, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get involved. Can you think of anyone Read more >

How to Slim Your Wallet – Bellroy Review

An advert popped up on my Facebook feed not so long ago that I felt compelled to click. The link took me to a page telling me how to slim my wallet. My interest was piqued. A Marketing Tangent I love cycling. But I also have an unhealthy obsession with Read more >

4 Unmissable Sales for Stylish Cycling Clothes

Looking for the best stylish cycling gear for discounted prices? A host of cycling brands are currently offering huge discounts on their end of summer range, and we’ve picked out some of the best for you below! Rapha – up to 50% off The big guns of the stylish cycling Read more >

sugru: How to Attach a Bike Light and 20 Other Cycling Uses

What is sugru? Form and fix the stuff you love. That is the motto of sugru, who produce self-setting rubber – effectively, useful Play-Doh for adults. How to use sugru The process is simple: wash your hands, open the mini-pack (5g) with scissors, use your fingers to make your desired Read more >

NOMONRO Dress Clips: Cycling in a Dress

One of the best things about biking in the summer is the pure pleasure that comes from biking in a skirt or dress and sandals. It’s a hard-to-describe feeling but it’s very freeing and relaxing. Of course, it can sometimes be too freeing, if a breeze catches you off guard Read more >

Fairwear Silkroad Office Cycling Shirt – Review

When The Discerning Cyclist was launched in 2011, one of the key aspects I was interested in was finding cycling clothes that were office appropriate. During the journey I’ve come across successful attempts and some not so successful. But there is undoubtedly still a long way to go when it Read more >

Vaude Silkroad Pannier Bag Review

I’ve been meaning to make the plunge into using a pannier for a long while now. Regardless of how well built a backpack is, it doesn’t half give you a sweaty back – not a great look when you roll into the office. So, after finally investing in a pannier Read more >

Otto London BANG! T-shirt – Review

Otto London have forged a growing reputation in producing waterproof capes for cycling and they kindly sent me one of their capes along with one of the new t-shirts from their new BANG! line to try out, made in collaboration with Mission Communications and Continental Clothing. However, I currently reside Read more >

Natril Gear Handlebar Bag – Review

By Elizabeth A. Floyd from the tinlizzieridesagain blog. My normal “around town” bike has a giant front basket that I brought home to Washington, DC, from Copenhagen, carefully packed in a suitcase. So I don’t really have much need for a small handlebar bag. But a cute blue and green print one from Natril Read more >

Hackett Cooper Bike Shorts & Polo – Review

Tom and Jerry, Batman and Robin, Morecambe and Wise, Dwight Yorke and Andy Cole, Marmite and Cheese… you should probably add Hackett and Cooper to that list of partnerships that just, well, work. Who? Cooper Bikes make bicycles – cool bicycles – and have done since 2009. They do form Read more >