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Cycling Gift Ideas: The 35 Best Presents for Cyclists (For All Budgets)

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Here we have it. The ultimate guide to find the perfect gift for the cyclist in your life.

I’ve done a couple of gift guide posts before, but I thought it was time to throw together a “super post” comprised of the very best cycling gifts. 35 no less. That’s right, 35 unique bike present ideas including:

Best Cycling Gifts [By Budget]:

Best Gift Ideas for Cyclists [By Category]

Whether you’re looking for Christmas presents for cyclists, or Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s, or birthday cycling gifts – this post should have something for everyone who loves to ride a bike – even if they already seem to own every cycling-related possession under the sun. Trust me, there’ll be at least a couple of things in this post that your cyclist definitely doesn’t own.

So, lets crack on. Here’s a pick of cool cycling gift ideas – for all budgets!

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Best Cycling Gifts under £10

  1. Bicycle Socks

    What is it? Socks with funky prints of bicycles on them. Not “cycling socks” per se, just cotton socks to show your love of the bicycle.

    Why get it: At least one pair of socks has to grace every Christmas stocking. Although most socks are lame, the cyclist in your life will have to smile at these.

  2. Ass Savers Foldable Mud Guard

    What is it? A clip-on mudguard that stops cyclists from being spattered by dirt during when rides. Keep it in your back and then pop it on and off your bike as needed. Can be wiped clean in just a few seconds.

    Why get it: If the back of your cyclist is always getting dirty, this is the cheapest and easiest way to keep them clean.

  3. Waterproof Backpack Cover

    What is it? A lightweight cover that can easily thrown over a backpack to stop its contents getting wet.

    Why get it: If your cyclist is prone to getting caught out in the rain, this cover can protect their backpack contents from getting wet. Especially important if there are valuables like laptops in the bag.

  1. Bicycle Bottle Opener

    What is it? A bottle opener in the shape of a bicycle. Made from stainless steel.

    Why get it: Just look at it! A fun-yet-practical gift that comes in a very cute gift box. This bicycle bottle opener is small and convenient enough to be transported around in case of a bottle-opening emergency.

  2. Book: One Man and His Bike

    What is it? This is Mike Carter’s story of cycling 5,000 miles around the British Isles after feeling like he was stuck in a rut. Drunken priests, drag queens and gnome sanctuaries all feature.

    Why get it: An inspiring account of adventure on your doorstep. Great for anybody who needs an escape.

  3. Cyclists Giftcard

    What is it? A multi-purpose cyclists giftcard that can be used in a variety of shops that all cyclists will frequently use including, Halfords, Sports Direct, and Decathlon along with Costa Coffee and Hotels Giftcard for those adventurous types who like to cycle quite the distance.

    Why get it: This giftcard makes the perfect gift for yourself or for a cycling enthusiast who may be in need of a new bike or some cycle hub services, or for those who cycle often and may need additional accessories or a sweet treat. It is a brilliant purchase if you are unsure of what it is your cycling buddy needs.

Best Cycling Gifts: £10 to £20

  1. Bike Balls

    What is it? Bike balls: the greatest rear bicycle light ever created. Dangling plump red lights that sway beneath the bicycle seat.

    Why get it: Ridiculously funny. And safe – it’s important to be seen after all.

  2. Cateye Bar End Bike Mirror

    What is it? A universal bike mirror that can be easily attached to the end of the handlebars so cyclists can see what’s behind them.

    Why get it: No more neck craning at awkward moments, this bicycle mirror is perfect for cyclists that cycle on roads.

  3. Vintage Bicycle Bell

    What is it? A timeless bicycle bell that oozes style and class. Offers a strong, full-bodied sound. Can be quickly installed on on handlebars with a standard 22mm (1 inch) diameter.

    Why get it: Bike bells are a vital piece of cycling kit and are especially important in alerting pedestrians that are unaware of the inbound bicycle. Looks great.

  1. Bicycle Leather Carry Handle

    What is it? A chic leather handle that can be attached to the bike frame to help carry a bike upstairs.

    Why get it: There are two problems with carry bikes: 1) it’s uncomfortable and 2) you’re very likely to get dirty hands. This handle erradicates both problems.

  2. Padded Waterproof Bike Seat Cover

    What is it? Make almost any bike seat more comfy with this gel cover, which is also waterproof to prevent wet bums.

    Why get it: If saddle sore is a problem, then this gel cover will make riding much more comfortable.

  3. Bike Frame Bag + Smartphone Holder

    What is it? A bag that attaches to the top of the bike frame. There is also space for a phone at the front, with the touchscreen still being easy to use through the plastic protective cover.

    Why get it: Very handy for carrying small items while riding and also provides easy and safe access to a phone – especially useful for using maps while cycling.

  1. Funny Cycling T-Shirt

    What is it? A cotton t-shirt, which (upside down) says: “If you can read this, I fell off my bicycle.”

    Why get it: Guaranteed to raise a laugh. Comes in a range of colours.

  2. Bicycle Wheel Lights

    What is it? Colourful bike lights that fit in the wheel spokes to generate funky patterns while cycling.

    Why get it: Being seen while cycling is very important and there’s no way you can miss these enchanting bike wheel lights that offer up lots of interesting patterns.

  3. USB Rechargeable Bicycle Lights

    What is it? A set of front and rear LED bike lights that can be re-charged via USB. Can be attached and removed from a bike in just a couple of seconds.

    Why get it: A convenient set of clip-on bike lights that you keep in your bag or your pocket and then throw quickly on to your bike to provide maximum visibility when cycling. Various lighting settings available.

  1. Bicycle Tie

    What is it? A premim microfibre tie adorned with charming bicycle symbols.

    Why get it: If you’ve got to wear a tie, at least let it have bikes.

  2. Cyclist Sculpture

    What is it? A cast iron sculpture of a racing cyclist, approxing 18.5 x 13.5cm in size.

    Why get it: Looks cool. A good addition to a desk or mantel piece.

  3. Book: Epic Bike Rides of the World

    What is it? A Lonely Planet book detailing 200 of the best places to ride a bike in the world. Includes a range of family-friendly urban rides through to epic adventures of the beaten track.

    Why get it: A great source of inspiration for the next cycling adventure.

  1. Brainy Bikers Card Game

    What is it? A fun cycling quiz card game that puts your encyclopedic Tour de France knowledge to the test. Can be played by two or more players (there’s no real limit to how many players or teams).

    Why get it: Great fun – especially among a group of keen cyclists as they battle it to see who should be wearing the yellow jersey of peloton knowledge.

  2. 16-in-1 Cycling Multi-Tool

    What is it? A 16-in-1 multi-tool built with cyclists in mind. Tools include: Socket Hex Wrench 8/9/10/mm, Slotted Screwdriver, Phillips Screwdriver, Socket Extension Rod, Solid Wrench 8/10/15/mm, Hex Key Wrench 2/2.5/3/4/5/6mm, Spoke Wrench.

    Why get it: The ultimate riding companion that will enable a cyclist to fix their bike in pretty much any situation.

    You may also like: Rehook Plus: The All-in-One Lightweight Bike Tool

  3. Smartphone Bike Mount

    What is it? A bike phone holder that can be mounted on the bicycle handlebars. This secure universal design can fit almost any smartphone (4” to 6.7”)

    Why get it: Provides easy access to a smartphone when cycling, which is especially handy for checking maps or controlling audio. It takes just a second to add or remove a phone and keeps it securely in place over all terrain.

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Best Cycling Gifts: £20 to £50

  1. Rehook Plus: All-in-One Bike Tool

    What is it? A super lightweight bike tool that you can use to put your chain back on, tightest knuts and bolts, fix spokes and remove tyres.

    Why get it: This tool is so light and compact you keep it in a pocket (or even attach it to your bike) in case of a emergency. Rehook was even successfully funded on Dragon’s Den.

  2. BikeParka: Lockable Waterproof Bicycle Cover

    What is it? A waterproof cover for your bicycle that can be locked to prevent it blowing away or being stolen. Lots of colours and designs available.

    Why get it: If a bike is left outside for long periods, it’s going to get rusty – which, unsurprisingly, is not good for the bike. This cover will help protect your bicycle from the elements.

  3. Wireless Bicycle Indicators

    What is it? A set of wireless bicycle indicators that can be easily controlled from the system control mounted on the handlebars.

    Why get it: Making a turn on a bicycle while signalling with your hands can be challenging. But with a quick press of a button, these indicators will signal for you.

  1. Muc-Off 8-in-1 Bike Cleaning Kit

    What is it? A bike cleaning kit with every you need to clean and protect the frame, gears, chain and more.

    Why get it: Cleaning and maintaining a bike is absolutely vital for the health of the bike and this kit provides everything you need to do so.

  2. Sealskinz Waterproof Cycling Socks

    What is it? 100% waterproof socks that are also windbroof and breathable. Three-layer sock made from a blend of polyamide, Lycra and Elastine.

    Why get it: Wet feet. Urgh.

  3. Bicycle Bookends

    What is it? Two cast iron bicycle sculpture book ends.

    Why get it: A quirky and unique way to keep your library collection looking neat and tidy.

Best Cycling Gifts: £50 to £100

  1. Rustic Bicycle Desk Clock

    What is it? A vintage bicycle table ornament that doubles up as a desktop clock.

    Why get it: A lovely cycling oranment/clock that adds character to any desk or mantel piece.

  2. LIVALL Smart Bike Helmet

    What is it? A bicycle helmet that not only protects your head but also has built-in Bluetooth, speakers and lights.

    Why get it: Gives cyclists a safe way to make and receive calls, listen to music and increase visibility at night.

  3. Foldylock Compact Folding Bike Lock

    What is it? Foldylock Compact is the lightest folding bike lock in its category and can easily be attached to your bike.

    Why get it: This is a Sold Secure folding lock that is both light and compact – making it ease to carry during rides.

    Read the full Foldylock Compact review here.

Best Cycling Gifts: Over £100

  1. Rapha Lightweight Commuter Jacket

    What is it? A super stylish lightweight and water resistant cycling jacket that can be folded down and popper in a pocket. Men’s and women’s versions available. Multiple colours also available.

    Why get it: Built for cyclists. Keeps them dry, but is light enough so they don’t get too hot. Also has lots of reflective detailing to ensure they’re seen in low light.

    Read the full Rapha Commuter Jacket review here.

  2. Rehook Emergency Bike Repair Kit

    What is it? A compact tool kit for unexpected bike repairs that may be needed during a journey. This kit contains the Rehook tool that gets your chain back on in 3 seconds without touching it, a glueless puncture repair kits, several tools bits for all the nuts and bolts, a tyre lever, a mini bike pump and more.

    Why get it: Sometimes bicycle journeys don’t go to plan, but this neat kit will get your cyclist back on the road in no time.

  3. Ministry of Supply Cycling Suit

    What is it? A suit… you can cycle in. Seriously.

    Ministry of Supply have created a stunning range of office-friendly suits that also feel great when you ride your bike. The suits are extremely stretchy and are made from lightweight and breathable material so you don’t get unnecessarily sweaty as you ride.

    Why get it: Ride in comfort to the office and look great all-day without the need for a spare change of clothes. This suit even set a Guinness World Record.

  1. Rapha Reflective Travel Backpack

    What is it? A super stylish backpack by day and an unmissable reflective backpack by night.

    Read the full Rapha Reflective Travel Backpack review here.

    Why get it: The ultimate bag for any style-concious bike commuters. This weatherproof Rapha backpack is a real thing of beauty and can make sure you’re seen when cycling at night.

  2. M1LE LONDON Commuter Trousers

    What is it? Stretchy, stylish, water-repellent trousers designed for those on the go, offering a multi-purpose outfit for office commuters – from bike to boardroom. Smart enough for work, functional enough for the commute.

    Why get it: A classic slim-leg chino design made in Black and Navy, with reflective details, four-way stretch, water repellent, and incredibly comfy. They’re lightweight, quick-drying and easy to care for.

Best Gifts For Cyclists Who Have Everything

If you’re looking for gift ideas for cyclists, there are plenty of items the list that will sort you out.

The ultra-lightweight aluminium bike pump or the smartphone bike mount would be perfect gifts for cycling enthusiasts or as gifts for commuters, while the wireless bicycle indicators and the padded bike seat cover are also among  the coolest bike gadgets and best gifts for cyclists.

Gifts for Bicycle Enthusiasts

Also some of the best cycling themed gifts on the list include the waterproof cycling overtrousers, the padded bike seat cover and the ass saver foldable mud guard, all of which would also be brilliant bicycle gifts.

Or if you’re looking for personalised cycling gifts, the bike keyring or bicycle ornament is a bit more of a niche cycling gift experience and would make great bike presents for cyclists.

Christmas Presents For Cyclists

If you’re after Christmas presents for cyclists, this will help you find the perfect bike gift – whether you’re looking for something practical or something more humorous to amuse your friend or relative, there are plenty of present ideas for cyclists on the list.

Gifts for Cycling Enthusiasts

Both books, ‘One Man and His Bike’ and ‘How To Build a Bike’ would definitely make good cycling Christmas presents, while biking accessories gift ideas like the vintage brass bicycle bell or the bike frame and smartphone holder would also be nice Xmas gifts for cyclists.

Xmas Gifts for Bicycle Riders

Alternatively, if you’re keen on some fashion-based Christmas gifts for cyclists, why not buy them the stylish cycling chinos or the urban cycling shirts?

Birthday Gifts For Cyclists

Or, if it’s birthday gifts for cyclists you’re on the lookout for, there is much to choose from for this, too.

For cheap gifts for cyclists, the waterproof shoe covers will cost you less than £10, as will the neat cycling coaster or the elephant cycling print, the colourful bicycle print or the retro bicycle bike print.

As you will hopefully find, there are great deal of weird and wonderful birthday gifts for cyclists in the UK here.

Father’s Day Gift Ideas For Cyclists

For cycling gifts for dad, smart cycling ties make great cycle gifts, as would the trendy bicycle socks or the urban cycling jeans

Handy gadgets like the smartphone cycling gloves, the rechargeable bicycle lights or the 16-in-one cycling multitool would also be perfect father’s day cycling gifts, too.

Cycling Gifts For Men

Similarly, the waterproof cycling socks or shoe covers would make great cycling presents for him, no matter what the occasion.

Cycling Gifts for Him

Not only these, but the bicycle print T-shirt or the eight-in-one bike cleaning kit are also items to consider when looking for cycling gifts for men. Indeed, you’ll be spoilt for choice when you look for bike gifts for him.

Cycling Gifts For Women

On the other hand, if you’re in the market for cycling gifts for her, why not buy the star bike beads so she can make her bicycle look much more artful and decorative?

Elsewhere, the vintage hand-drawn bicycle coasters, the bicycle coffee cup holder or the colourful bike mug would also make superb cycling gifts for women.

Funny Cycling Gifts

And finally, should you find yourself wanting some novelty cycling gifts, there’s loads of great ideas for these on the list, too.

Novelty Bike Gifts

The classic bicycle horn, or the bike balls lights  (seriously – ball bag bike lights!) make great funny cycling gifts, or you can buy the ‘build your own bike’ mini-model which is one of the best quirky cycling gifts and presents for bike lovers and one that also passes as a bicycle ornament once built.

That’s not all, though. You can pick up a ‘middle-aged man in lycra’ bath and oil set, the metal bicycle clock ornament, or the happy cycling T-shirt 9 – which are yet more interesting gifts for bike riders.

My Top 5 Favourite Gifts for Cyclists

Smartphone Bike Mount
Glowing Bike Balls
Vintage Bike Bell
USB-Charging LED Bike Lights
Rehook PLUS - 11-in-1 Lightweight Bicycle Tool
TruActive Premium Bike Phone Holder, Motorbike Phone Holder, Phone Holder for Bike, Motorcycle Phone Mount, 6 Colour Bands, Cycling Handlebar Bag, Universal Handlebar and Phone, Tool Free Fit
Original Bike Balls - waterproof rear tail light - bike light - 3 modes - batteries included
Crane Bell Suzu Brass Bicycle Bell With Steel Band Mount - Gold, 5.5 Cm
Balhvit Bike Light Set, Super Bright USB Rechargeable Bicycle Lights, Waterproof Mountain Road Bike Lights Rechargeable, Safety & Easy Mount LED Cycle Lights, USB Cycling Front Light & Rear Light
Rehook Plus - Lightweight Bike Multi-Tool for Cyclists. Includes Tyre Levers, Spoke Keys, Chain Tool Head, Wrench, Hex, Screwdriver
Smartphone Bike Mount
TruActive Premium Bike Phone Holder, Motorbike Phone Holder, Phone Holder for Bike, Motorcycle Phone Mount, 6 Colour Bands, Cycling Handlebar Bag, Universal Handlebar and Phone, Tool Free Fit
Glowing Bike Balls
Original Bike Balls - waterproof rear tail light - bike light - 3 modes - batteries included
Vintage Bike Bell
Crane Bell Suzu Brass Bicycle Bell With Steel Band Mount - Gold, 5.5 Cm
USB-Charging LED Bike Lights
Balhvit Bike Light Set, Super Bright USB Rechargeable Bicycle Lights, Waterproof Mountain Road Bike Lights Rechargeable, Safety & Easy Mount LED Cycle Lights, USB Cycling Front Light & Rear Light
Rehook PLUS - 11-in-1 Lightweight Bicycle Tool
Rehook Plus - Lightweight Bike Multi-Tool for Cyclists. Includes Tyre Levers, Spoke Keys, Chain Tool Head, Wrench, Hex, Screwdriver

Cycling Gift FAQs:

What is a good gift for a cyclist?

It really depends on the cyclist. New or beginner cyclists can benefit a great deal from some handy cycling accessories (such as an all-in-one bike tool like Rehook Plus). However, more experienced cyclists will likely already have all of the main tools and accessories they need, in which case they may enjoy a fancy new cycling gadget (such as a smart bike helmet) or even a bicycle culture gift, such as a cycling book or piece of cycling art.

How to gift wrap a bike?

Gift wrapping a bicycle is notoriously hard. However, there are some easy solutions. You can now find specialised bike gift bags and extra-large gift wrapping, which make it a lot easier to wrap a bike.

What’s the best gift for a cyclist who has everything?

If the cyclist you know has every type of gadget, tool and accessories for their bike, you can always find them a “cycling culture” present, such as a book about cycling or a piece of bicycle art.

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