Most Secure Bike Lock in 2024: Top 5 Thief Heart-Breakers

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Bike theft is a big problem. In 2021 alone, 1100 bikes were stolen every day in the UK: that equates to 45 per hour. In the United States, 190,000 thefts are reported each year, so it’s hardly surprising that cyclists feel inclined to invest in high quality, high security locks.

Finding a good lock is easier said than done, though. There are tens of thousands on the market ranging from cheap and basic locks to super high tech and even smart locks, so it can be exceptionally difficult to know where to start. Some bike locks are designed to work with bike covers, others to operate in isolation.

Bicycle thieves are a resourceful bunch and it sometimes seems that the more advanced locks get, the more ingenious ways thieves find to break through them. Research is essential, especially if you own a higher end bicycle that’s more vulnerable to theft. Commuters are at extra risk as they often leave their bikes unattended all day, making them easy targets for thieves.

Losing your bike to theft is more than demoralising. It deprives you of your way of getting around and just makes life more difficult. Fortunately, we’ve done the research for you and collected the best, most secure bicycle locks currently available. 

  1. Angle-Grinder Resistant Armoured D-Lock

    Litelok X1

    Engineered for smooth and quiet operation

  2. Anti Angle-Grinder Bike Lock

    Hiplok D1000

    Resists angle-grinder attacks

  3. Offers the highest possible protection

    ABUS 770A SmartX Alarmed Bicycle Lock

    Offers the highest possible security for high-value bikes such as e-bikes and cargo bikes

  4. Offers the best protection against theft for your bicycle

    ABUS Granit X-Plus 540

    Recommended for securing expensive bicycles

  5. Provides superior protection

    ONGUARD Pitbull DT 8005

    Rounded design and centered keyway eliminates pry points

What to Look for in a Bike Lock

Long gone are the days when locks consisted of simple chains. Think carefully about the level of security you want, the kind of lock and the features it offers. Consider where you usually park your bike: crowded streets are safer and theft is more likely in lonely, isolated spaces.

Smart locks are nowadays all the rage. These allow you to unlock your bike via a smartphone app or even a fingerprint, and they offer peace of mind because you’ll always know that the bike is locked. More traditional locks are still favoured by many, though, as they’re cheaper and less complicated.

Locks come with a range of features that are largely determined by their price tags. For example, anti-angle grinder locks are expensive but offer extreme protection and mean that thieves will never be able to cut their way to your bike. These are an excellent choice if you own an expensive, high end bike, which is more of a target. Other locks come with anti-tamper alarms, which means that they’ll sound a loud siren if someone tries to interfere with your bike.

Think about how you want to use the lock, too. Simpler designs are made to be weaved through the wheels, others are designed to fit a U-lock through a pole. Thickness is also important. A thin, cord lock won’t withstand bolt cutters, for example.

Padlocks are more secure and U-locks are generally considered the best, but it depends on the material. Steel alloys are the most resistant and make it extremely difficult for thieves to cut through to your bike.

Is There an Unbreakable Bike Lock?

No bike lock is or ever will be 100% unbreakable. As technology advances, so too do the thieves, constantly inventing new ways to circumvent security. Nearly every bike lock can be broken with specific tools and enough time, but that doesn’t mean that some aren’t very, very secure.

Bicycle thieves employ everything from simple bolt cutters to angle grinders to get through locks, and given enough time they can crack even the most expensive kit. Of course, the stronger the lock, the more time it takes to crack. A bicycle thief is unlikely to spend hours working on a lock and most are opportunistic, so a robust lock acts as a strong deterrent. 

Moreover, while there’s no such thing as an “unbreakable” lock, there are plenty that come close. Steel alloy U-locks with anti-angle grinder features are nearly impossible to break, especially in the short time that a bike thief is likely to spend trying. Alarms are also a strong deterrent: interlopers will almost certainly flee rather than hang around when one goes off. 

In short, thick locks made from high grade metals will keep your bike extremely safe. You might not be able to find a truly unbreakable lock, but you can certainly get locks that offer unparalleled security and make thieves’ lives incredibly difficult, especially when combined with other precautions.

Most Secure Bike Locks [Top 5]

1. Litelok X1

  • UK Flag £150
  • US Flag $180
  • EU Flag €170

Prices are approximate

  • Security Rating: Sold Secure Bicycle Diamond
  • Weight: 1.7 kg

Resistant to angle grinders

Tough Barronium material

Anti-rotation technology

The Litelok X1 is easily one of the toughest locks ever created and nearly impossible to cut. Made from patent pending Barronium, the lock not only repels angle grinders but turns their force back on them, damaging the tool. It’s a heavy, chunky offering that also protects against single cuts and rotation/twisting. Litelok claims that the X1 is up to five times more resistant than its closest rivals, and it’s hard to argue.


  • One of the toughest around
  • Easy to use
  • Reflective detailing


  • Expensive
  • No alarm

2. Hiplok D1000

  • UK Flag £250
  • US Flag $250
  • EU Flag €280

Prices are approximate

  • Security Rating: Sold Secure Bicycle Diamond
  • Weight: 1.9 kg

Thick, tough steel

Certifications and lifetime warranty

Resists angle-grinders

It’s certainly not the cheapest or most stylish lock that you’ll find, but the Hiplock is a heavy duty piece of kit. Crafted from 20mm graphene-reinforced steel, it’s resistant to everything from bolt cutters to angle grinders. It holds Sold Secure Diamond Motorcycle And Bicycle certification and comes with a lifetime warranty, proof of how confident Hiplock are in its credentials.

3. ABUS 770A SmartX Alarmed Bicycle Lock

  • UK Flag £180
  • US Flag $190
  • EU Flag €195

Prices are approximate

  • Security Rating: Sold Secure Bicycle Diamond
  • Weight: 1.92 kg

Keyless unlocking

Comes with an alarm

Alloy steel

One of the more reasonably priced smart locks available, the ABUS connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth to offer keyless unlocking and bicycle tracking. It’s simple and intuitive to use and its steel materials are robust. This lock also comes with an extra loud alarm (100dB) to drive thieves away. As with all smart locks, it does need to be recharged, however.


  • Smart lock functionality
  • Comes with an app
  • Loud alarm


  • Smart features not for everyone
  • Needs to be recharged

Most Secure Bike Lock under $/£100

4. ABUS Granit X-Plus 540

  • UK Flag £75
  • US Flag $85
  • EU Flag €85

Prices are approximate

  • Security Rating: Sold Secure Bicycle Diamond
  • Weight: 1.6 kg

Great price

Keeps lock pickers away

Comes with a spare key

Don’t be fooled by the budget price: this is a heavy duty lock reinforced with 13mm hardened steel. Its power cell technology offers high grade protection against blows/slashes/cutting and the XPlus cylinder is designed to repel lock pickers. Despite all the features, it’s extremely user friendly and can be attached/detached with just one hand. You get two keys, one of which is illuminated with an LED light.


  • Wonderful budget option
  • Reinforced steel
  • Easy operation


  • No alarm
  • No smart features

Most Secure Bike Lock under $/£50


5. ONGUARD Pitbull DT 8005

  • UK Flag £25
  • US Flag $25
  • EU Flag €53

Prices are approximate

  • Security Rating: Sold Secure Bicycle Diamond
  • Weight: 1.87 kg

Budget friendly

“Classic” lock that’s easy to use

Thick material

Sometimes you just want a traditional bike lock that’s easy to use while still robust and strong. The Pitbull fits the bill perfectly, and it’s the cheapest on this list by a considerable distance. As you might expect from a budget model, it isn’t loaded with features but the chain is extra thick at 31.4cm and made from tough alloy steel.


  • Economical choice
  • Thick cable
  • Simple to use


  • Quite basic
  • No resistant to angle-grinders

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