Best Wall + Ground Anchors for Bicycles [Top 3 for Home Bike Security]

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The number of bicycle thefts in England and Wales may have fallen to roughly 88,000 in 2019-20, compared with about 98,000 in the previous year, but don’t let that lure you into a false sense of security (literally, in this case).

It’s easy to fall into an ‘out of sight, out of mind habit’, so it’s crucial that you arm yourself with the best security products possible for when you’re not with your bike.

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Here, we’re going to run through three of the best ground and wall anchors (once we make it doubly clear exactly what they are) which should provide you with peace of mind when not riding your bike.

  1. Hiplok Ground Anchor’s ANKR Ground & Wall

  2. Oxford Ground Anchor for Floors and Walls

  3. Kryptonite Stronghold Anchor Bicycle Lock

What is a Ground Anchor?

A ground anchor is a secure point embedded into either a wall or the ground that you can lock your bike to.

Also known as ‘earth anchors’, they can be bolted or concreted into the floor or wall to make the perfect immovable base to attach your bike to when no longer riding it.

And once you’ve drilled that hole and screwed in that bike lock ground anchor, you immediately make a fixed point to which you can lock your bike using a chain, cable or D-lock.

There’s no point splashing out on the state-of-the-art bicycle to make your friends green with envy if you have nothing to fasten it to – and sadly, some thieves still aren’t deterred by entering garages or garden sheds (more than half of all bike thefts happen on the owners’ property).

A bike lock anchor will erase those worries entirely by offering a versatile, impenetrable form of protection – you really can’t be too careful with matters like this, after all.

Bike Security at Home

But before we dive into our three contenders for the current best bike wall anchor, here’s five top tips to protect your bike at home (other than buy an anchor, of course):

  • Etch your postcode into the bike frame / use a GPS tracker. The former will make thieves far less inclined to risk stealing it; the latter will make reuniting with your lost bicycle far easier.
  • Insure your bike. This may already be covered under your home contents insurance, but if not, insuring it is a worthwhile move that won’t cost a ton extra, either – the average cost of bicycle insurance is about £50 for a bicycle worth £1,000 in the UK.
  • Set an alarm. Ground anchors can be paired with garage alarms, which can be connected to your home alarm system – another ideal way of keeping the thieves away.
  • Don’t let the world know what bike you have. Advertising it or sharing endless photos of it online risk grabbing the attention of professional thieves. If you inadvertently give them an advance warning that you have something worth stealing, you could be asking for trouble. This also includes things like sharing your location on apps such as Strava, so be cautious with your privacy settings online.
  • Record, register report. As recommended by the Metropolitan Police, make a note of your bike’s frame number, design and other significant marks. Register on BikeRegister.com to increase the chances of the police returning it to you if stolen. And of course, always report a bike theft to the police.

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Top 3: Bike Security Anchors

Best Bike Ground + Wall Anchors

1. Hiplok Ground Anchor’s ANKR Ground & Wall

  • UK Flag £70

Prices are approximate

  • Compatible with chain and D-locks
  • Features premium hardened steel outer case and rotating inner case which can’t be removed when locked
  • Awarded Maximum Gold Level Security for bikes and motorcycles by Sold Secure

Maximum Security Wall + Ground Anchor

Sold Secure Bicycle & Motorcycle Diamond

Secure Wall Fixings Included

Kicking off our top three is this impressive new wall-mounted bike lock from Hiplok, the maximum-security ‘ANKR’, available in black, white or red.

It’s the first bike security anchor with a unique, easy-fit design, allowing for maximum security without needing permanent bolts. Installing it could hardly be easier, in that regard.

Not only does it tick the aesthetics and practicality boxes, its multiple fixing holes make this compatible with a number of floor and wall surfaces, while its integrated rubber cap prevents the frame from being scratched.

2. Oxford Ground Anchor for Floors and Walls

  • UK Flag £20

Prices are approximate

  • Sold Secure approved to Bicycle Silver
  • Saw-resistant
  • Accredited Secured by Design (police anti- property theft initiative)

Hardened steel bolt-down anchor for floors and walls

All fixings supplied with free allen key

Bolts protected by ball bearing and then covered when a lock is being used

If your budget can’t quite stretch to that required for the Hiplok ANKR, the Oxford Ground Anchor offers much of the same protection for a fraction of the cost.

This black bolt-down bike lock wall anchor is made of hardened steel, making it tailor-made for floors and walls, with all bolts protected by ball bearing and then covered when a lock is being used.

Used along with a chain lock, it offers a highly dependable service that will keep your bike safe and keep the thieves away. With this bike wall lock, 100 per cent safety is virtually guaranteed.

3. Kryptonite Stronghold Anchor Bicycle Lock

  • UK Flag £60

Prices are approximate

  • Weatherproof and compatible with Kryptonite chains and cables
  • Recommended for both residential and commercial installation
  • Made of 16mm hardened carbon alloy steel shackle

Extra secure locking point for use indoors and out

Above ground stronghold model attaches to ground, wall, truck or trailer bed

Domed shape can be driven over without damage to car

And finally, we have this black Kryptonite Stronghold bike anchor, which is not only particularly durable but provides such a forceful grip on your bicycle that it will surely be any budding thief’s own Kryptonite.

The 5-8-inch cement anchor bolts install directly into the cement, and the steel shackle lays flat within its domed body when not in use, keeping cars safe from damage if they drive over the anchor.

Ideal whatever the weather, it boasts an extra-secure, permanent locking point for indoor and outdoor use, and attaches perfectly to the ground, walls or even trucks and trailer beds. For versatility and sturdiness, this bike floor anchor should be the way to go.

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