Best Bike Lock Holders: Top 5 Lock Mounts

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Bike locks are vital when it comes to leaving your bike for any length of time, be it on the street or in a specific bike shed, which are common in workplaces.

However, locks that are recommended by your bike insurance provider are often heavy and bulky, making them awkward to transport around while riding.

But, there’s a solution. Bike locks can be mounted to your bike using a specific mount, which means you won’t be carrying the heavy item in your bag – which could cause injury as well as taking up unnecessary room.

where to put bike lock while riding

Where to Put a Bike Lock While Riding?

While riding, a common place for people to put their bike lock is in the bag that they’re carrying on them, for example a rucksack. This method is good for affordability as the chances are you already have one, but it can potentially be a little strenuous if the lock is heavy.

However, an even better place place to put your bike lock, especially heavier and more secure bike locks, is directly on your bike using a mount. This allows for better weight distribution which prevents injuries, and means that your bike lock is always with your bike: so you never end up forgetting it when in a rush.

Another place better for weight distribution than a bag that you’re carrying on your body, is within a pannier bag that’s attached to your bike. This is an option best suited to locks that aren’t too heavy, and easy to stash away in a pannier bag.

Best Bicycle Lock Holders

Below is our complete guide on the best products to use to hold and transport your bike lock when riding. No one wants their bike to be stolen because they couldn’t carry their lock with them!

We’ve included a range of products to hopefully suit every individual’s needs, bike, and budget.

  1. Elops U-lock mount


    Elops U-Lock Mount

    A cheap but effective mount to secure u-locks of most sizes, that also holds locks well in place.

  2. Tourbon U-lock tote bag

    Stylish lock bag

    TOURBON Bicycle U-Lock Tote Bag

    A stylish bag that secures to a bike frame or pannier via it’s leather straps. Pop your u-lock inside for easy access.

  3. Kryptonite transit U bracket

    Simple lock mount

    Kryptonite Transit U-Lock Kit

    A simple mount to secure 13-16mm round shaped shackles. Fits bike frames from 25mm to 80mm.

  4. Restrap lock holster

    Attach lock to your waist

    Restrap Lock Holster

    Attachs to any waist belt so you can carry your u-lock on your body while you ride. Fully elasticated to keep it in place.

  5. Huldit bike lock holder

    Universal u-lock holder

    Huldit Bike Lock Holder

    A universal U lock holder than can fasten to many different places on your bike. Comes in multiple sizes.

  6. Twofish U lock mount

    TwoFish Lockblocks U-Lock Mount

    A simple, high-adjustable u-lock mount that can be secure with velcro straps.

  7. Oppsmark U lock holster

    Oopsmark U-Lock Holster

    A stylish leather holder for Kryptonite u-lock mounts that attachs to the rear of your bike saddle, pannier or basket.

Types of Bicycle Lock Mounts

When it comes to mounting your lock, there are a few ways to carry your lock while riding you bike. We’ve included the main options to help you determine which is best for you, your needs and your budget.

On Your Body

Attaching the lock to your body is a popular option. This can be done with locks that are specifically designed to conveniently wrap around your waist.

These locks are great because they are often heavy duty, and do their job as a lock to a very high standard, and yet can easily been worn around your waist instead of you having to mount them or put them in a bag.

In a Bag

Carrying your lock in a bag is a really useful method if you have other items you’d like to carry. This makes it a great option for those commuting to work or university.

The best types of bags to carry your lock in would be a backpack that has good back supports, or a pannier bag if you bike is fitted with a pannier rack.

On Your Bike

To attach a lock on your bike, you can get a lock holder that’s universal to most locks, such as the Huldit option we suggested above, which is cost effective and does the job.

Alternatively, you can buy a lock that comes with a mount. A lot of U locks come with a mount for your bike, therefore it’s worth checking if that comes with a specific holder.

Smaller combination locks or cable locks can easily be wound around your top tube, to make carrying the lock much easier.

if you don't have a bike lock mount, wrap the lock around your bike's top tube.

Where to Put a Bike Lock on a Bike?

If you don’t have a specific bike lock holder or mount then a great option is to wrap the lock around your bike, preferably your top tube. This option is only really feasible with cable locks and combination locks, but it is an efficient and effective way to transport your lock while still on your bike.

However, buying a specific holder to fit your exact lock would be the better option as the heavier duty, more secure locks often do come with a mount or have one available to buy separately.

If you do get one of these mounts, then a great place to put one would be on your top tube or seat post tube. Placing it here will keep it out of the way so it doesn’t get in the way of your pedalling.

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