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Best Bike GPS Trackers: Anti-Theft Tracking Devices [Top 9]

For pretty obvious reasons, making sure your bike is locked up properly after cycling is always essential.

Whether you’re training, commuting or just cycling for pleasure, the last thing you want is your bike falling into the wrong hands because you forgot to make sure it was left safely and securely.

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Because of this need to keep your bike safe and secure, it’s now common place on the market to see anti theft tracking divides advertised alongside new bikes.

These tracking devices come in many shapes and sizes but all serve one main purpose: preventing theft.

Anti Theft Bike Trackers

  • Lots of different sizes and shapes
  • One to suit every budget
  • Often an advised purchase when buying a new bike
  • Many have alarms (much like a house alarm)
  • Some can send notifications when the bike is moved
  • Frequently have GPS real-time tracking viewable via smartphone app
  • Great deterrent for potential bicycle thieves

Where to Put a Bike GPS Tracker?

As bicycles are very space efficient objects, they don’t leave a lot of room to hide objects. However, there are some smart places you can hide a GPS tracking device on your bike:

Most GPS bicycle trackers have been especially designed to fit in specific areas.

For example, you will find that some fit within the handlebars while others become incognito by doubling up as a bicycle light.

The key to any GPS bike tracker is that it can’t easily be identified and removed by a thief – otherwise they will be able to easily discard the tracker and keep your bike which is hardly a useful anti-theft device.

However, if a bike thief isn’t aware that there isn’t a GPS device on your bike, you will be able to see your bike’s exact location on a mobile app and send a report that the police can instant act upon.

In the rest of this article, we’ll run through nine of the best GPS bicycle tracking devices so you never need to worry about losing your bicycle for good.

Best GPS Bike Tracking Devices [Top 9]

  1. Sherlock GPS Bicycle Tracker [REVIEW]
  2. AlterLock [REVIEW]
  3. Winnes Road Bike GPS Tracker [REVIEW]
  4. See.Sense Knowhere [REVIEW]
  5. Boomerang Cyclotrac V2 [REVIEW]
  6. Invoxia Bike Tracker [REVIEW]
  7. Vodafone Curve Bike GPS Tracker [REVIEW]
  8. Apple AirTag [REVIEW]
  9. Samsung SmartTag Tracker [REVIEW]

Best Bicycle GPS Tracker

1. Sherlock GPS Tracker


✅ Invisible design to fit both straight and curved handlebars.

✅ Bike Passport and tracking always available with the app.

✅ It comes with 2 years of free Internet connection included in the price.

✅ GPS based, precise up to 5m.

Size: 2.5 x 12 x 1.85 cm

Weight: 50g


UK ✅£154.95£2.50
Europe ✅€183.56€3.00
USA ✅$209.73$3.50
Canada ✅N/AN/A
Australia ❌N/AN/A
*Monthly cost only applicable after two months. Estimated pricing.

How Does it Work?

This device works through an app on your smartphone which shows you, via GPS, where your bike is at any given time thanks to the hidden tracker placed in the bars.

This tracking unit also comes fitted with an embedded SIM card which provides the device with two years of internet connection to ensure the tracking can take place in the event of a theft.

Within the smartphone app itself there are 3 main features: park mode which alerts you if your bike is moved, theft mode that allows you to share your bikes location with the police as well as your bike passport which includes your bikes specifics.

Where to Put it On Your Bike

The Sherlock tracker is designed to fit specifically within your bicycles handlebars and is compatible with both flat and curved bars.

Sherlock GPS Tracker Pros + Cons

Very discreetExpensive to buy
Precise trackingIncur monthly costs
Easy to use app7 days off one charge

Created in Italy, the Sherlock GPS bike tracker is probably the best bike GPS tracker currently available.

The Sherlock GPS bicycle tracker is pushed inside one end of your bicycle handlebars (which must have an internal diameter of 19mm to 23mm). You can see a compatibility guide as to whether the Sherlock tracker will fit your bike here.

The tracker can also bend if needed, meaning it can fit in both flat handlebars and dropbars. It is also waterproof, robust and weighs in at just 50 grams.

It comes with two matching bars ends in order to completely disguise the fact that something may be hiding inside your handlebars! This is obviously very important as bike thieves will often rip off any additional bike accessories, although they’re less likely to tamper with the handlebars themselves.

The Sherlock GPS tracker needs to charged every two weeks on average and it comes with a micro USB cable to do this. Simply remove the device from your bike, take the cap off the end of device and you’ll be able to easily charge it up via any standard power source. It takes less than two hours to full charge. You’ll also be notified when the battery is fully charged via the app.

Indeed, the Sherlock app is excellent and refreshingly intuitive to use. You’ll receive an immediate notification if your bike is moved and you can check where your bike is. But you don’t need to be a hero. You can send the report to the police with details of your bike (include the serial number and picture which you enter when you sign up) who can then track down and reclaim your bike.

2. AlterLock


✅ App includes ability to register a photo of your bike together with its specs and serial number.

✅ Attached using anti-theft bolts only sold with this product.

✅ AlterLock uses both GPS and Wi-Fi to determine its location accurately.

✅ If AlterLock detects your bike is being moved, it sounds an alarm, deterring theft and interference.

Size: 15.9 mm × 3.8 mm × 0.9 cm 

Weight: 50g


UK ✅£95.99£3.49
Europe ✅€111.99€3.99
Canada ❌N/AN/A
Australia ❌N/AN/A
Estimated pricing.

How Does it Work?

The AlterLock tracking device works through an app on your smartphone which sends location through GPS and Wifi. Alerts are pop up on your phone when your bicycle is moved and an alarm also sounds to deter thief’s, much like a house alarm.

In the event of the alarm sounding, the app also allows you to deactivate the alarm. Other settings can also be managed such as how long the alarm sounds for and movement detection sensitivity within the app.

In addition to this, the AlterLock app also has a function to upload a photo of your bike as well as specification information, such as your bikes serial number, to help retrieve in the event of a theft.

Where to Put it On Your Bike

The tracking unit for the AlterLock fits underneath the bottle cages on your bike and is secured using specialist anti-theft bolts.

AlterLock Pros + Cons

Aerodynamic Expensive to buy
Includes alarmNo USB cable included
Up to 1.5 months battery lifeNot well hidden

3. Winnes Road Bike GPS Tracker


✅ Real-time tracking

✅ Playback history route

✅ SOS alarm for emergencies

✅ Can add multiple geo-fence alarms on APP

Size: 3.8 x 8.3 x 1.7 cm

Weight: 80g


UK ✅£42.99N/A
Europe ✅€50.93N/A
USA ✅$58.19N/A
Canada ❌N/AN/A
Australia ✅$81.12N/A
Estimated pricing.

How Does it Work?

This affordable and incognito tracker, which looks far more like a conventional bicycle light, sends real-time tracking information to your app on your smartphone though GPS.

The tracker also offers the function of playing back your route history so that you can see where you have been. There is also the feature to add geo-fence alarms to help protect your bike even further.

In the eventuality that your bike is stolen, the app for this device can track, through GPS, your bikes whereabouts with a 5-15m accuracy.

Where to Put it On Your Bike

The Winnes road bike GPS tracker is to be fitted to the seat post of your bicycle as it discreetly doubles up as a rear light.

Winnes Road Bike GPS Tracker Pros + Cons

AffordableNot as high tech
IncognitoShort battery life
Dual purposeRemove light to charge

4. See.Sense Knowhere


✅ Accurate GPS Location

✅ Discreet Design – tamper resistant & versatile

✅ Security Bolt

✅ IP67 Water Sealed

Size: Not available at this current time.

Weight: 80g


UK ✅£99.99£0.90
Europe ✅€118.61€1.07
Canada ❌N/AN/A
Australia ❌N/AN/A
*Roughly the average monthly cost . Estimated pricing.

How Does it Work?

This handy piece of equipment accurately tracks your bikes location through GPS and can be viewed through the smartphone app.

The battery life of the Knowhere is an impressive 3 months plus and is also rechargeable as well as water resistant.

In the event of a theft, this device will send you immediate alerts through the app as to where your bicycle is. It’s also tamper proof too so will make recovery more likely.

Where to Put it On Your Bike

This tracker comes with two mounts so that you can either have it mounted near your bottle cages or behind your saddle with security bolts.

See.Sense Air Pros + Cons

Fitted with security boltsExpensive to buy
Lower power trackerNot well hidden
3 months+ battery lifeOnly UK/Europe

5. Boomerang Cyclotrac V2


✅ Instantly track your bike with advanced GPS & cellular

✅ Tamper resistant mounting

✅ Loud alarm deters would-be thieves

✅ Panic button

Size: 13 cm x 3 cm

Weight: 85g


UK ✅£101.58£2.88
Europe ✅€120.81€3.41
USA ✅$125$3.90
Canada ✅$168.92$4.96
Australia ✅$185.68$5.46
Estimated pricing.

How Does it Work?

The Boomerang Cyclotrac V2 tracks your bicycles location through GPS and cellular which then sends update and real time location to your smartphone app.

While this device is a little bigger than others it is smash and tamper proof to help you keep tracking once stollen. Additionally, it also has a 2 months plus battery life, allowing for a prolonged time to recover your bicycle.

This device benefits from having a loud alarm which is a great thief deterrent as well as text and app alerts when you bicycle is in danger.

Where to Put it On Your Bike

The Boomerang is designed to be mounted to where your would find your bottle cages using tamper proof screws. Alternatively, if this location is not suited to your bike you can purchase either the Clamp or Rear Rack mounts.

Boomerang Cyclotrac V2 Pros + Cons

Worldwide accessibility Expensive to buy
2 months + battery lifeIncur monthly costs
Free 1 year warrantyNot discreet

Best GPS Bike Tracker for Mainland Europe

6. Invoxia Bike Tracker


✅ GPS Tracking & journey history

✅ Real-time anti-theft alerts

✅ 3-year subscription included

✅ Up to 3 months of battery life

Size: ‎6.2 x 5.5 x 5.5 cm

Weight: 50g


UK ✅*£199.11£0.70
Europe ✅€149€0.83
USA ✅*$269$0.95
Canada ❌N/AN/A
Australia ❌N/AN/A
*After the initial 3 year subscription is up to the LoRa or Sigfox low-power network. Bike tracker not currently available in UK or North America. Estimated pricing.

How Does it Work?

This tracker works by sending it’s whereabouts to the smartphone app through GPS signals which can also track your journey history.

Moreover this handy little tracker also sends real time anti-theft alerts to your phone as soon as your bicycle is in motion once in parked mode. The positioning of your bike is updated every 5 minutes.

In the unfortunate event of a theft, the tracker will work through GPS signals and its Sigfox low power network to send updates to your phone. This can then help the police locate and retrieve your bike with up to 3 months battery life on one full charge.

Unfortunately, their bike tracker product isn’t available to buy the UK or North America, although they do have other GPS trackers that you could try to creatively attach to your bike.

Where to Put it On Your Bike

The Invoxia tracker is to be fitted to the seat post of your bicycle as it discreetly doubles up as a rear reflector.

Invoxia Bike Tracker Pros + Cons

Very discreetExpensive to buy
Easy to install Not made from a robust material
Up to 3 months battery lifeOnly UK/Europe/USA

7. Vodafone Curve Bike GPS Tracker


✅ GPS tracking

✅ Intelligent brake light

✅ Impact detection and help alerts

✅ Security mode with movement alerts

Size: 4.7 mm x 12 cm

Weight: 256g


UK ✅£76.52£4
Europe ✅€90.65€4.75
USA ✅$103.57$5.42
Canada ✅$131.95$6.90
Australia ✅$144.38$7.58
Estimated pricing.

How Does it Work?

Vodafone’s own tracker and rear light device works by sending GPS signals to your smartphones app which has a built in Vodafone SIM card.

On top of GPS tracking, this device also has a special security mode which detects if your bike has been moved and in turn sends alerts on the app to inform you.

As well as that, the Curve also functions as a rear light and intelligent brake light which has a battery life of 7.5 hours.

Where to Put it On Your Bike

This light and GPS tracker is designed to be fitted to your seat post. Additionally, this tracker comes with 5 different sized rubber adaptors to ensure your device fits securely.

Vodafone Curve Bike GPS Tracker Pros + Cons

More affordableIncur monthly costs
Multi-purposeWon’t fit aero seat post
Works worldwideOnly 4 days battery life

8. Apple AirTag


✅ AirTag sends out a secure Bluetooth signal that can be detected by nearby devices in the Find My network

✅ The whole process is anonymous and encrypted to protect your privacy

✅ Over one year battery life

✅ Compatible with Apple products through the Find My app

Size: 8.3 x 1.2 x 10.4 cm

Weight: 11g


UK ✅£28N/A
Europe ✅€33.17N/A
USA ✅$37.90N/A
Canada ✅$39N/A
Australia ✅$52.83N/A
Estimated pricing.

How Does it Work?

The Apple AirTag works by connecting it’s whereabouts through bluetooth to the Find My app on Apple products.

Although affordable and not necessarily as high-tech as other trackers, this product cleverly works by using near by apple products bluetooth to send your bikes location to your app through iCloud if missing. This function is anonymous and encrypted for added security.

Moreover, this device can be hidden inside of frames which helps keep it discreet but can unfortunately only be used alongside Apple smartphones and devices.

Where to Put it On Your Bike

Although the AirTag is not cycling specific, there are several AirTag bike mounts available on the internet to house a device on your bike around the bottle cage mounts. Alternatively, you could also attach the AirTag to the inside of your frame.

Apple AirTag Pros + Cons

AffordableNot cycling specific
No monthly costsNot the most powerful
Multi-purposeHave to own Apple gadget to use app

9. Samsung SmartTag Tracker


✅ Uses bluetooth to find items locations

✅ Shows precise locations

✅ Used with SmartThings app

✅ Compatible with Galaxy devices (smartphones and tablets) with Android OS 8 (O OS) or higher.

Size: 3.9 x 3.9 x 1 cm

Weight: 13g


UK ✅£22.22N/A
Europe ✅€17.77N/A
USA ✅$20.30N/A
Canada ✅$32.06N/A
Australia ✅$28.30N/A
Estimated pricing.

How Does it Work?

This small tracker from Samsung works by using bluetooth connection which sends your SmartTags location to the SmartThings app on your Samsung device.

This device helps to find the precise location of your lost item and also protects your data through being encrypted.

Although this isn’t a bike specific tracker it is still a good option that is affordable and easy to use and will show you where your bike is if stolen.

Where to Put it On Your Bike

As the shape of the SmartTag is not cycling orientated, this device would be best used hidden within saddle bags, pannier bags or even in a handlebar bag.

Samsung SmartTag Tracker Pros + Cons

AffordableNot bike specific
No monthly costsNot very discreet
Multi-purposeHave to own Samsung gadget to use app

GPS Tracker for Bike Theft –  FAQ

Can I put a GPS tracker on my bike?

Yes. Attaching a GPS tracker to a device can be a great way to relocate your bike in case it is lost or stolen. GPS bike trackers can be hidden in the handlebars, the bike frame or in bike accessories.

Where to put a GPS tracker on bicycle?

Depending on the size of the GPS tracking device you can securely attach it to your bike. Some bike trackers can be hidden in the handelbars, the seat post or the bike frame, while other GPS trackers can be hidden inside bike lights or reflectors.

How can I track my stolen bike?

If you added a GPS bike tracker to your bicycle before it was stolen, you can track the bike’s location through your tracking app. If you don’t have a GPS device on your bicycle, your best option is to check places where second hand items are often sold, as well as asking in local bike shops if anybody has tried to sell them a bike of your description.

What is the best GPS bicycle tracker?

The Sherlock GPS bike tracker offers accurate tracking, a robust design and is very unlikely to be detected by bike thieves. The app is also excellent and allows you to easily forward a bike theft report to the police who will help return your bike. Therefore, we believe the Sherlock GPS tracker is the best GPS bicycle tracker.

Best Budget Anti-Theft Bike Tracker

Apple AirTag
  • Versatile Item Finder: keep track of the items that matter most, find your keys, wallet and more with the AirTag bluetooth item finder
  • Simple Set-up: a one-tap setup instantly connects AirTag with your iPhone or iPad. Enter a name for your AirTag, attach it to the item you want to track and you’re good to go
  • Ping it. Find it: Play a sound on the built-in speaker to help find your keys and other things, or just ask Siri for help

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