Best Bike Lock with Alarm: Top 3 Alarmed Bicycle Locks in 2024

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Did you know that, in England and Wales, 88,300 bikes were stolen in 2019-20? That may be a drop of about 10,000 on the previous year, but it’s still an alarming figure which means you can’t be too careful in these situations.

Speaking of alarming – a bike lock with an alarm is an ideal way of boosting your bicycle’s security, not to mention your own peace of mind.

Here, we’ll look at why it could be worth your time and money investing in a bike lock with an alarm, as well as running through three contenders for the best bicycle alarm system on the market.

Best Bike Locks with Alarms: Top 3

  1. Long-lasting alarm

    ABUS 770A SmartX Bluetooth Bicycle Lock with Alarm

    Can be controlled by the ABUS SmartX application in Android and Apple mobiles.

  2. Folding alarm lock

    ABUS 6000a/90 Sh Bordo Alarmed Padlock

    Its 5mm hardened steel plates and ear-splitting 100dB alarm gives more reliability.

  3. Budget Bicycle Alarm

    Oxford Unisex D Duo Max Alarmed Shackle

    High-security shackle lock comes with an in-built waterproof 120dB alarm.

Is a Bicycle Alarm Lock Worth It?

If you have a cheap bike, then perhaps not, given you might be able to find just reliable deterrents to thieves for a lower price. 

But if you have a bike you love, and one which you especially leave unattended in urban areas frequently, it could prove a wise investment.

The best ones will deafen any thieves who make the misguided decision to approach your bike, with their loud alarm also grabbing the public’s attention. This, in turn, should boost the chances of the thief being caught if they don’t hurry off straight away.

Key Features of an Alarmed Bicycle Lock

  • Some will be linked to apps which can instantly alert you via a push notification when someone has triggered the alarm on your bike.
  • If there is an accidental triggering of the alarm, some will sound a ‘pre-alarm’ – this will then repeat if further collisions or attempts at theft occur.

Though, not many of them yet possess the Sold Secure rating (for Diamond-rated bike locks, click here).

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Best Bike Alarm Lock

1. ABUS 770A SmartX Bluetooth Bicycle Lock with Alarm

  • UK Flag £195
  • US Flag $197
  • EU Flag €170

Prices are approximate

  • 100 dB alarm
  • Three-month battery life

SmartX locking system with Bluetooth function – high-quality

Alarm function at least 100 dB for 15 seconds

Now, admittedly, this is an extremely expensive alarmed bike lock. But you’ll certainly get bang for your buck – especially if your bike is similarly valuable.

The 770A SmartX is slightly heavier than the average alarm D-lock at 3.7 lbs, with 13mm hardened steel shackle to boot, but you can forgive that for just how dependable it (and its booming 100dB alarm) is.

There’s loads of locking space thanks to its 23 x 10.8 cm dimensions, and perhaps most impressively, it can be controlled by the ABUS SmartX application, which Android or Apple phone users can download.

It runs on a battery which can last up to three months after receiving a full charge, and is a keyless lock – running instead on your phone’s Bluetooth function. What’s more, the app enables you to change the distance of your phone from the bike which is required to open the lock.

Best Folding Bike Lock with Alarm

2. ABUS 6000a/90 Sh Bordo Alarmed Padlock

  • UK Flag £122
  • US Flag $132
  • EU Flag €120

Prices are approximate

  • 100 dB alarm
  • Largest locking area

High protection alarm sound, 5 mm thick struts made of specially hardened steel

Intelligent 3D Position Detection senses suspicious vibrations and triggers a 20-second warning tone with 100 dB

The extra soft 2-component coating is visually convincing and reliably protects against damage to the paintwork

This bike lock alarm from ABUS offers an innovative folding system, meaning it is one of the more flexible models on the market, and is lighter and more compact, too.

But it also offers much in the way of diversity; it can be bought in either black or white, 35 inch black or 90cm, and can be closed in a number of different ways.

Thanks to its 5mm hardened steel plates and ear-splitting 100dB alarm, you could hardly ask for more reliability if thieves approach your bike, while its 35” locking area is one of the largest around.

Plus, the mount it comes with is incredibly useful and easy to use; simply pop open its two spring-loaded clips and remove the lock. It’s meant to attach to your bike’s water bottle mount but, handily, the lock comes with Velcro straps so you can attach the mount elsewhere on the frame if you wish.

If you want to scare off thieves, this Abus lock with a built-in bike alarm will do the trick.

3. Oxford Unisex D Duo Max Alarmed Shackle

  • UK Flag £84
  • US Flag $75
  • EU Flag €89

Prices are approximate

  • 120 dB alarm
  • 14mm hardened steel shackle

High Security shackle lock

Built in weatherproof 120dB alarm system

Long battery life. High tech pick-resistant locking system


The best bike alarm system going? It’s undoubtedly right up there. Available in either black or blue, and in several sizes including ‘midi’, ‘mini’, ‘maxi’ or ‘duo max’, this bicycle alarm lock is packed with useful features to leave you stress-free while on your travels.

Its high-security shackle lock comes with an in-built waterproof 120dB alarm, with a long battery life and a high-tech pick-resistant locking system, with three keys included.

Don’t underestimate this Oxford bike lock, either – it may look like a bog-standard D-lock with alarm attached, but its deafening tone will deter any thieves in no time.

It also boasts a 14mm hardened steel shackle, making it particularly hard for bolt cutters to break through. Plus, it’s weatherproof, has the ability to mute the alarm if you so wish, and is powered by a particularly long-lasting CR2 battery

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Bike Alarms – FAQs:

How to prevent bike theft?

Getting an alarmed bike lock would be a start, of course. Additionally, maybe personalise your bike so it’s easier to know it’s yours if a stolen bicycle is later identified. 

You should also always bring your bike indoors at night, and make a note of its serial number – that way, it will be much easier for the police to recover it if it goes missing.

What is the best type of bike lock?

The best bike lock security comes from whatever gives you the most peace of mind. That may sound like a cop-out, but different people feel more comfortable with different things.

A useful tip, then, may be to purchase a bike lock with a price that correlates with the cost of your bike itself. Whether that be a chain lock, a D-lock or U-lock alarm, a steel frame lock, or a cable lock alarm is up to you.

The best bike locks will be weatherproof, virtually impenetrable for the thief to break through, and easy for its owner to use. And of course, in the case of alarmed locks, ear-shatteringly loud.

How to lock your bike on a bike rack?

Attach a U-lock (with alarm or without) or a chain around your bike’s rear wheel, then push one end of the cable through the front wheel. One loop should then be passed through the other, which will then enable the first loop to be secured to the main lock.

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